Saturday, 30 July 2016

Varginha Documents

As promised, I have in my possession some four hundred plus documents relating to the Varginha Entities seen in Brazil in 1996, many are official signed documents showing those who officially attended the incident over the days following the arrival of ET. Unfortunately after downloading the said documents it turned out that they are solely PDF which I have been trying to copy and paste to translate without much luck.
I am including some here and various media/ newspaper cuttings, photographical material just so you can get the gist of what happened back in 1996 in Gerais Minas, Brazil.
If anyone can interpret and get back to me I would be grateful, I could type and paste all the material but time isn't on my side; it would take me weeks just to convert or translate a few documents alone.You can fortunately get a good understanding of the event and link together what is here and on the video to fully understand how ET arrived.

                Original Ministerial document relating to the                                                   Varginha incident.

Schedule of events over the coming days.

Listing of various offices within the Brazilian Ministerial departments that became involved in the UFO incident

Here above is one of the young women who first came into contact with the Entities, with an artist impression of ET.
Rather than waffle on endlessly, I have posted a few more photos. drawings with the printed media from the time, they say a picture paints a thousand words, so go back and view the video and make some sense of it all..

Army base from which a number of staff attened the scene of the Crashed UFO.

      Three young women who first came across the Alien entity.

  From what I understand one of the Entities was injured and taken to the local hospital, whilst being examined by medical staff it is said to the being communicated telepathically to one of the Doctors.

My thanks go to Weslem Andrade and his Blog ETS and ETC including his Youtube account that made this very interesting case come to light for me to highlight.
There aren't many publicised accounts of close encounters of  both UFO and Alien beings, so this for me is something special.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

The Varginha Case, Brazil

  A fellow Blogger contacted me recently requesting I help him publicise a well known entity case that took place in Varginha, Brazil some years back. I had read about this years ago and have even seen videos made about the case in question, Weslem Andrade has investigated it further and wishes as many people around the World to know of this case.
It certainly warrants some attention if only down to the number of witnesses that came forth at the event, Military involvement also gives credence to the Varginha Entities and the crashed UFO in Brazil.
To start I am including a link to the video given to me courtesy of Weslem Andrade and his Blog, Youtube account.

Further to the video I will be incuding more information about this in another post..