Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Multiverse or Universe theory

The concept of anything that is more than the already accepted norm of dimensions is somewhat astonishing ! three dimensions we most definitely know about, four we aren't so sure yet scientist are beginning to believe in many dimensions. It is speculated and some even claim that there are eleven dimensions, a Multi-verse so to speak.
   Let's try and work this one out, up and down and forward and back as well as sideways are the three dimensions we all know of, so where does four and five and six and so on come from ? how about in and out, aren't they also what could be constituted to be other dimensions ? is there a parallel dimension where a similar world takes place that we aren't readily aware of, yet is sitting alongside us right now and lives pretty much as ours are being lived out all at the same time.
   Multi-verse theory suggests that there is many other universes outside of our own, so what might they be ? are they maybe a kind of bubble outside of our Universe and if so does this constitute another set of dimensions, who knows. Is this what is termed multiple universe or just a fantasy of someones imagination perhaps, could it be that there is a Parallel Universe that sits directly alongside or opposite to our own that is living and moving at a time and space that is just one millisecond out of sync with our own ?
  Is there an infinite number of Universes outside of our own like a set of bubbles in a bath tub, sitting alongside each other. Are we being invaded from another Universe from another time and place that is similar to our own but far into the future ? do UFOs and extraterrestrial beings cross over this divide from one universe to another and if so why would they need UFOs at all to come here.
  Time and space are relative, the faster you travel, the slower time passes, so if you travel to a far and distant planet way beyond our solar system at the speed of light and then come back, everyone you once knew would have passed away even if you had only aged by two earth years and been travelling that same two years. Light travels at the same speed around one hundred and eighty six thousand miles per hour, so whatever speed you travel, light will still be going away from you at this speed, you can't catch it !So why can't you catch light up ? well, probably because it isn't tangible, what I mean is, it isn't solid, you can't grasp light, so are multi-verses also not tangible.
  Particles are way across the Universe, so many they constitute everything, it is known that a small amount of information can travel from one particle to another across the great divide of space, billions of miles and in an instant. Might life and this Planet we live on be reflected right now in another time and space so far away yet be being lived out the same as here.
  Time is so strange when you try to think of it in this manner, consider a large ball and you are at the outside edge, as you move closer to the ball, time changes, it actually travels quicker. Satellites are in a different time zone to us and I don't mean in the way that one side of the world is to another, rather they are out of our time area and have to be adjusted to be in synchronicity with the Earth itself.
   There has been talk of Multi dimensional beings as being responsible for the incursions we see of UFOs in our skies, I suppose that the term Multi dimensional would have to refer to Alien Entities that have the ability to transfer themselves with craft across the void of time and space, wouldn't this make them Time Lords ?
   Do multi-verses really exist and why is it that we can't see them or find it difficult to understand such a concept ? A flight of fancy or reality beyond our intelligence to comprehend.Think on, if a particle on both sides of a Universe can transfer information more or less instantly, then all information could theoretically transfer within the universe at the same time, does this mean that the Universe or Multi-verse is a quantum computer that can calculate and transfer intelligent information all at one given moment and if so, does it happen within parallel universes also ?
 Can Aliens travel this way by means of a calculation using the quantum abilities of the Multiverse, transferring from one area of space to another almost at an instant. Is Zeta Reticula supposed home of the Greys, just a fraction of a second away from us by means of this Multi-verse as a quantum calculation, may be this is what we might call a time portal.
  Scientists speculate as to the theory of a Multi-verse actually existing...