Sunday, 29 December 2013

UFOs within a conspiracy of lies.

       It's written all over the place, UFOs are real and yet they have been continually denied by successive governments. Governments of the World know nothing at all of UFOs or even anything about the Military Industrial Complex that lies behind the Organisation of Technologies that are being developed and back engineered.
  Technological advancements are making their way into machines used by the Military but little is released to the public domain. A tight grip has been kept on this and the need to know has been applied radically to restrain the truth from being made available to all.
   Major aeroplane technology companies are considered to have what is known about Alien craft and they are heavily suspected of using this technology to advance their understandings of flight and anti gravity. Much of the so called UFOs claimed to have been seen or witnessed by the public may well be something that has been built here on Earth.
   We have our doubts about who actually is in control of all of this, some suspect the major players might involve several major industrialists and big players in the the US government, names I cannot mention, yet I have my gut feelings about. Some of these people have passed on and others continue to try and use these technologies to their advantage in moulding the planet to their wants and needs and perhaps ultimate control.
  If it all continues without any major break through in perhaps someone actually making a statement to the effect that we do have these craft as well as EBEs (extraterrestrial biological beings ) here helping us understand, then it may only be time itself and our own achievements through modern science that will eventually lead us onto developing these technologies for ourselves. Time might not be on our side, as they may make the move to containment of the species and mass reduction of man himself.
   Proof of Aliens on the Moon scratches the surface about what may be out there, watch the video and make up your own mind.