Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Incredible UFO seen from an Aeroplane over Asia

Not often is there something I wish to report , here we have an altogether different kind of sighting, an UFO sighted from an aeroplane by passengers. Rarely does any video show a clear view of what can only be termed an UFO, video from a moving object often makes for a blurred image.This is unusual, difficult to fake and clearly not your average weather balloon or chinese lantern.
   Watch carefully as the image comes into view, from a side angle and then increases it's angle upward with a curved flight path and accelerating,  not a plane for sure ! so what is it ? 
  I like this as it isn't the usual crap we have to sift through whilst trying to find proof of other Alien Civilisations or craft that are not from our skies or planet, this looks like a good one that has been filmed over Asia.

See the video link here..