Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Shapeshifters, Aliens or from a realm of fantasy

Do shape-shifting Aliens live here and if so where do they emanate from ? Could there be proof of such entities actually controlling or protecting higher placed members of society or government, elitist types with shape-shifting guards from another planet or parallel universe maybe.
Here we have a still image taken from a video of what some would claim is a shape-shifter, a plainly dressed, high security man protecting of all people,  the President of America, Barack Obama.Some individuals actually make an enormous amount of money claiming that these entities actually are on this planet and control much of the Earth and it's governments. So if this were true why would one of them be guarding a president ?Wouldn't the secret service do this ?
  Fantasy plays a huge part in the minds of some people within Ufology, being creative is acceptable when writing on the subject but this kind of speculation does no good and yes, I know a certain gentleman harps on about shape-shifters regularly within UFO circles and holds much debate on the matter. 
  Think on wouldn't an intelligent and advanced biological entity, be able to focus upon an individual or group of individuals and project an image that serves as it's  humanoid like features, to please those who are around it, one that it wanted to portray ?
   Aliens providing they are here, would have us do their bidding perhaps but remain in the background from prying eyes, not likely be performing security duties for what they might consider a lower form of life ! Get real out there and help us find the real answers, hey !