Monday, 11 November 2013

Nibiru and the Messiah isn't this just renewed Paranoia

Once again the famed Nibiru rises within the alternative media circles, does this have any substance I wonder, Comet ISON is reputed to be coming our way. Numerous stories abound about an oncoming comet that will once again bring devastation to the Earth, the finger is always pointed toward NASA and the western governments having something to hide from us and as usual bad weather fronts are often mentioned as a way of convincing us that this is due to Comet ISON or the renewed Nibiru coming.

   Isn't all this just Paranoia ? The second coming of Christ or an Alien invasion, whatever it just isn't true. Being sensationalist will always get you plenty of visitors to your You tube account when making outlandish and rash statements, won't they !
Link to a video that purportedly shows an image of the Messiah on his way..