Sunday, 24 November 2013

Has Greer and the Disclosure Project lost credibility

Way back in May 9, 2001 the press conference of the Disclosure Project took place, hosted by one Dr. Steven Greer. Many US Airforce and Army personnel as well as civilian witnesses came forward to testify their knowledge of the UFO visitations that they personally claimed they had seen or was being covered up by US Government and NASA. The video of this meeting at the Press Rooms drew a large audience from the mainstream media and was considered to be an advance in Ufology for the times, as never before had so many newspaper and TV Media stations gathered to hear the witness testimonies of all these who were first hand witness to UFO events.
    The parade of gentleman and women who told their stories took several hours to listen to and absorb and the outcome hopefully would light the World on fire ! Unfortunately this didn't happen. 9/11 happened and the worlds attention was focused on the most disastrous event of the last fifty years that was labelled an act of terrorism, this is debatable but won't be considered here.The disclosure project had stumbled due to an event so horrible that it just wasn't considered important any more, sad really as this should have been major.
    Since this time Dr.Steven Greer has soldiered on and continued his quest into the strange and unaccountable sightings that take place here on the planet, his investigation into a small Alien creature that was found in Atacama continues and there is much going on within the disclosure group to this day.

    Greer has talked of free energy and supposedly held such a device in his hand whilst talking about the subject, but where is it now ? The claims were that a small device would overcome many problems now associated with modern ways of creating power, apparently the disclosure project put up some five million dollars for anyone who could deliver such a device, this begs the question; what was Greer holding in his hand ? Free energy is talked about everyday and there are a number of facilities that are trying to develop this technology, as well as certain individuals that can be found on You Tube with their claimed inventions on a regular basis. Stories emanate of inventors being assassinated or killed in somewhat rather unusual circumstances, this is quite possibly true.
    Dr.Steven Greer has a medical background having been a ER physician and one wonders how he made the transition to UFO investigator; Apparently he claims to have seen an UFO up close when a child which then sparked his interest in the subject, he also claimed he had an uncle that worked on the Lunar Module program and I wonder if this is how he came into contact with an UFO. What bothers me is if he had a promising career as an ER Physician in the USA which no doubt paid extremely well, why did he give it up in favour of following his interests in UFOs and other Alien activities; wouldn't you continue to make a buck and show an interest ? maybe there is more to be made following your interests, who knows.
  One of the strangest participants at the Disclosure Project had to be the Army Sergeant Clifford Stone,who claimed to have recovered EBES, extra-terrestrials bodies at UFO crash sites; he said they had catalogued fifty seven varieties of Alien whilst going about these investigation's. So many types of Aliens visiting Earth and not one single piece of valuable information has come forth to substantiate this, no tangible evidence is available to the public of course,so are the governments of the World so good at covering up everything that ever happens around the planet ?
  As with so many people who claim that they have seen an UFO or had contact with an Alien civilisation or EBE , there is no proof whatever of this being true. So why do I believe that the Disclosure project  has lost credibility ? Look at the individuals involved and consider their statements, how many people do you know when faced with a government or group of rich and powerful individuals stand forth and say , yes, I can tell you about unknown technologies and ET , UFOS and all manner of state secrets; not many I think.
   Why hasn't there been a follow up of the initial Press Room invitation to further the groups aims in bringing forth the truth related to ET and UFOs ? sure enough the disclosure continues it's investigations but hey ! what use is that without the testimonies of others who can hopefully bring forth tangible evidence, material, photographic or otherwise.
I do sincerely hope that I am wrong and wish Dr.Steven Greer the best when trying to bring to our and the Worlds attention what is considered one of the blackest and stealthiest stories out there to truthful reality, the problem I have is that anyone who ever gets anywhere near the truth, gets threatened or their endeavours are undermined by money and power.

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