Monday, 25 November 2013

ET and Ufology as a Premise to make money

     The more I think about it , the more it makes sense, money making is a virtue beheld by many and some individuals will stoop to any level to make some more money, any way at all !  Perhaps and this is once again speculative although highly questionable, do certain groups deliberately set out to make considerable amounts of cash from Ufology ?
   I have in the past posted about so called Exo-politics members revealing ridiculous stories such as Jump room technologies, remember one Alfred Lambremont Webre who lives in Canada; he stated in an email sent to myself and no doubt many others that Andrew.D.Basaigo with Bernard Mendez and Barack Obama had been drawn into the jump room fiasco and actually jumped to the planet Mars.

  There a number of heavy weight individuals with clout ie;lawyers and other such powerful people who have made Ufology their cause, the question begs, why ? Let me point out that I emailed one Alfred Lambremont Webre earlier in the year to try and provoke an answer to several questions about his YouTube account that showed him repeatedly telling us the same waffle time and again regarding the Jump Room Technologies he continues to make rash statements about, he didn't reply except to point me in the direction of his video which you had to pay to watch.
    My last post also suggest that one Dr.Steven Greer may not be the person we all hope him to be, read the last post..

Another heavyweight has to be Steven Basset who since he came on the scene has continually provoked the US government into revealing what they may know about ET and UFOs. Basset has been responsible for Exo-Politics starting in the USA and there are many other branches throughout the World, he is also responsible for the  Paradigm Research Group and the UFO Disclosure that took place back in 2001 as well as many other similar groups. Steven Basset has persisted in trying to get the government to reveal all but until now has been blocked in his devotions to the cause.
   There is no doubting his determination in trying to bring the truth to the surface with his End the truth embargo.I'm enthralled by the determination of one such individual and one wonders were he finds the time, I wish I could for sure.
   Like the last post I am sincere in my opinion and that is, why do these people become involved if they have never had any sighting themselves ? what is the motivating reason for ever getting involved in the first place and is there an alternative reason ie; money.
    Right across the World there are many small and determined UFO groups who do their best to try and find out the truth about UFOs and Alien abductions and cattle mutilations, they don't have the resources that some of these big groups that seem to be emerging in the USA.Don't get me wrong, but you must wonder why people like Webre, Basiagio, Mendez and Basset become involved at all, especially with their backgrounds.
   There is no doubting the expertise that comes from such a large group of organisations and they obviously need funds to continue their work, but is the funding being used legitimately for research into Ufology ?You can guess what is coming next, yes, isn't it just a little bit too regulated and controlled with much forward direction pretty much like a business.
   I have my reservations about these groups of individuals, the part that they play in the search for ET and what motivates them.I have no proof so can't shout out loud what I want to say, let's just say that they maybe doing a very good job on behalf of the civilisations of the planet Earth.Alternatively they could be the best disinformation group that has ever been gathered together on behalf of the western governments of the World or the people who are really in control of advanced technologies gained from ET. 
   Remember that whilst they are setting the stage the real agendas might be hidden away from us and as a truth movement ourselves we may be being mislead by the biggest farce ever concocted by those that don't want the rest of us to know that ET is here and has been for a long time.