Monday, 11 November 2013

Comet ISON dispelling a myth

Further to my last post on the coming of the most spectacular comet yet to visit the Earth are some true revelations about this heavenly body. Comet Ison has never been to this Planet before, it is not Nibiru and anyone who says that it is , is lying; the truth be known about this comet is that it's mostly composed of ice and gas. The gas is in it's tail and the suspicion is that as this phenomena gets nearer to the Sun it will dissipate completely. The high temperature of the Sun should completely melt all of this meteor with little or no damage coming to the Earth.
There is what can only be called mass hysteria coming from the alternative media circus and I mean Circus with a capital C, paranoia on major scale is being deliberately put out into the mainstream to frighten people about all manner of catastrophes that could happen, this is not true.
Many writers and You tube video makers are telling you lies just to get you to watch their channels and videos, the truth is out there if you just look for it. Talk of FEMA body bags being transported in their millions to Peurto Rico or any where else is just nuts, for whatever reason the US Military might need all these body bags , it isn't because of an incoming Meteor.
   The Earth itself is passing through space and travels through many areas on it's voyage, it isn't fixed in one part of the Universe and as a consequence is now nearing an area that is full of space debris and many meteors and asteroids, this includes passing through an area that could cause major disruption to electrical fields and disrupt the internet and telecommunications.
Further more there is no Alien invasion or a second coming of the Annunaki, this is just a small Comet that will share the same space as the Earth at a once in a lifetime pass. Get out your telescopes or binoculars to see what could be the most spectacular light show ever.
Comet ISON is not the much famed Nibiru either, once again this is told to you to confuse and alarm the public and this sort of thing is put out by unregulated media, sure enough we need an alternative source of information but what is out there right now is pure disinformation. Here is a few sites that will give you what you need to know about Comet ISON..