Saturday, 30 November 2013

UFOs and Portal gateways

Structures come in all sizes and shapes, So too do anomalies on the planet.Are there such anomalies here on Earth that correlate with those of another Planet ? Mars for instance,could there be something that is equally interesting and similar to what we have here perhaps.
    One strange anomaly on Earth is bore holes that have been appearing in some unusual places and causing much concern, do these also occur on the planet Mars and is it something we should be taking note of here on our home planet.Perhaps there is a portal gateway that links one planet with another ! Is this video  that is linked to here, showing us proof of this ?
  I doubt that there is a runway, as if this is for UFOs then a runway is not needed for such craft, then again it may just be a naturally occurring geographical fault.
  Time or travel portal would be an interesting theory and an answer to why UFOs disappear with regularity.

Link here to video...

Monday, 25 November 2013

ET and Ufology as a Premise to make money

     The more I think about it , the more it makes sense, money making is a virtue beheld by many and some individuals will stoop to any level to make some more money, any way at all !  Perhaps and this is once again speculative although highly questionable, do certain groups deliberately set out to make considerable amounts of cash from Ufology ?
   I have in the past posted about so called Exo-politics members revealing ridiculous stories such as Jump room technologies, remember one Alfred Lambremont Webre who lives in Canada; he stated in an email sent to myself and no doubt many others that Andrew.D.Basaigo with Bernard Mendez and Barack Obama had been drawn into the jump room fiasco and actually jumped to the planet Mars.

  There a number of heavy weight individuals with clout ie;lawyers and other such powerful people who have made Ufology their cause, the question begs, why ? Let me point out that I emailed one Alfred Lambremont Webre earlier in the year to try and provoke an answer to several questions about his YouTube account that showed him repeatedly telling us the same waffle time and again regarding the Jump Room Technologies he continues to make rash statements about, he didn't reply except to point me in the direction of his video which you had to pay to watch.
    My last post also suggest that one Dr.Steven Greer may not be the person we all hope him to be, read the last post..

Another heavyweight has to be Steven Basset who since he came on the scene has continually provoked the US government into revealing what they may know about ET and UFOs. Basset has been responsible for Exo-Politics starting in the USA and there are many other branches throughout the World, he is also responsible for the  Paradigm Research Group and the UFO Disclosure that took place back in 2001 as well as many other similar groups. Steven Basset has persisted in trying to get the government to reveal all but until now has been blocked in his devotions to the cause.
   There is no doubting his determination in trying to bring the truth to the surface with his End the truth embargo.I'm enthralled by the determination of one such individual and one wonders were he finds the time, I wish I could for sure.
   Like the last post I am sincere in my opinion and that is, why do these people become involved if they have never had any sighting themselves ? what is the motivating reason for ever getting involved in the first place and is there an alternative reason ie; money.
    Right across the World there are many small and determined UFO groups who do their best to try and find out the truth about UFOs and Alien abductions and cattle mutilations, they don't have the resources that some of these big groups that seem to be emerging in the USA.Don't get me wrong, but you must wonder why people like Webre, Basiagio, Mendez and Basset become involved at all, especially with their backgrounds.
   There is no doubting the expertise that comes from such a large group of organisations and they obviously need funds to continue their work, but is the funding being used legitimately for research into Ufology ?You can guess what is coming next, yes, isn't it just a little bit too regulated and controlled with much forward direction pretty much like a business.
   I have my reservations about these groups of individuals, the part that they play in the search for ET and what motivates them.I have no proof so can't shout out loud what I want to say, let's just say that they maybe doing a very good job on behalf of the civilisations of the planet Earth.Alternatively they could be the best disinformation group that has ever been gathered together on behalf of the western governments of the World or the people who are really in control of advanced technologies gained from ET. 
   Remember that whilst they are setting the stage the real agendas might be hidden away from us and as a truth movement ourselves we may be being mislead by the biggest farce ever concocted by those that don't want the rest of us to know that ET is here and has been for a long time.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Has Greer and the Disclosure Project lost credibility

Way back in May 9, 2001 the press conference of the Disclosure Project took place, hosted by one Dr. Steven Greer. Many US Airforce and Army personnel as well as civilian witnesses came forward to testify their knowledge of the UFO visitations that they personally claimed they had seen or was being covered up by US Government and NASA. The video of this meeting at the Press Rooms drew a large audience from the mainstream media and was considered to be an advance in Ufology for the times, as never before had so many newspaper and TV Media stations gathered to hear the witness testimonies of all these who were first hand witness to UFO events.
    The parade of gentleman and women who told their stories took several hours to listen to and absorb and the outcome hopefully would light the World on fire ! Unfortunately this didn't happen. 9/11 happened and the worlds attention was focused on the most disastrous event of the last fifty years that was labelled an act of terrorism, this is debatable but won't be considered here.The disclosure project had stumbled due to an event so horrible that it just wasn't considered important any more, sad really as this should have been major.
    Since this time Dr.Steven Greer has soldiered on and continued his quest into the strange and unaccountable sightings that take place here on the planet, his investigation into a small Alien creature that was found in Atacama continues and there is much going on within the disclosure group to this day.

    Greer has talked of free energy and supposedly held such a device in his hand whilst talking about the subject, but where is it now ? The claims were that a small device would overcome many problems now associated with modern ways of creating power, apparently the disclosure project put up some five million dollars for anyone who could deliver such a device, this begs the question; what was Greer holding in his hand ? Free energy is talked about everyday and there are a number of facilities that are trying to develop this technology, as well as certain individuals that can be found on You Tube with their claimed inventions on a regular basis. Stories emanate of inventors being assassinated or killed in somewhat rather unusual circumstances, this is quite possibly true.
    Dr.Steven Greer has a medical background having been a ER physician and one wonders how he made the transition to UFO investigator; Apparently he claims to have seen an UFO up close when a child which then sparked his interest in the subject, he also claimed he had an uncle that worked on the Lunar Module program and I wonder if this is how he came into contact with an UFO. What bothers me is if he had a promising career as an ER Physician in the USA which no doubt paid extremely well, why did he give it up in favour of following his interests in UFOs and other Alien activities; wouldn't you continue to make a buck and show an interest ? maybe there is more to be made following your interests, who knows.
  One of the strangest participants at the Disclosure Project had to be the Army Sergeant Clifford Stone,who claimed to have recovered EBES, extra-terrestrials bodies at UFO crash sites; he said they had catalogued fifty seven varieties of Alien whilst going about these investigation's. So many types of Aliens visiting Earth and not one single piece of valuable information has come forth to substantiate this, no tangible evidence is available to the public of course,so are the governments of the World so good at covering up everything that ever happens around the planet ?
  As with so many people who claim that they have seen an UFO or had contact with an Alien civilisation or EBE , there is no proof whatever of this being true. So why do I believe that the Disclosure project  has lost credibility ? Look at the individuals involved and consider their statements, how many people do you know when faced with a government or group of rich and powerful individuals stand forth and say , yes, I can tell you about unknown technologies and ET , UFOS and all manner of state secrets; not many I think.
   Why hasn't there been a follow up of the initial Press Room invitation to further the groups aims in bringing forth the truth related to ET and UFOs ? sure enough the disclosure continues it's investigations but hey ! what use is that without the testimonies of others who can hopefully bring forth tangible evidence, material, photographic or otherwise.
I do sincerely hope that I am wrong and wish Dr.Steven Greer the best when trying to bring to our and the Worlds attention what is considered one of the blackest and stealthiest stories out there to truthful reality, the problem I have is that anyone who ever gets anywhere near the truth, gets threatened or their endeavours are undermined by money and power.

Further reading on this subject with much more information can be found here..

The disclosure project link is here..

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Whale carrying UFO !

Once again, I am sorely disappointed by the stupid minority out there who can't think past their next mealtime, Dumb ! Yet again we have another fantasy film maker who is out to fool those unfortunates that can't distinguish fact from fantasy, a video showing what looks like a plane to me.Other people seem to think it is a Whale of all things being transported to somewhere, why ? is it lunch time again ?
  Maybe it is Japanese fishermen catching whales for scientific research wink! wink ! or is it just another prankster wasting his valuable life making silly films just to prove how manipulative he can be with an audience and his graphics skills.

Link here to video :

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Shapeshifters, Aliens or from a realm of fantasy

Do shape-shifting Aliens live here and if so where do they emanate from ? Could there be proof of such entities actually controlling or protecting higher placed members of society or government, elitist types with shape-shifting guards from another planet or parallel universe maybe.
Here we have a still image taken from a video of what some would claim is a shape-shifter, a plainly dressed, high security man protecting of all people,  the President of America, Barack Obama.Some individuals actually make an enormous amount of money claiming that these entities actually are on this planet and control much of the Earth and it's governments. So if this were true why would one of them be guarding a president ?Wouldn't the secret service do this ?
  Fantasy plays a huge part in the minds of some people within Ufology, being creative is acceptable when writing on the subject but this kind of speculation does no good and yes, I know a certain gentleman harps on about shape-shifters regularly within UFO circles and holds much debate on the matter. 
  Think on wouldn't an intelligent and advanced biological entity, be able to focus upon an individual or group of individuals and project an image that serves as it's  humanoid like features, to please those who are around it, one that it wanted to portray ?
   Aliens providing they are here, would have us do their bidding perhaps but remain in the background from prying eyes, not likely be performing security duties for what they might consider a lower form of life ! Get real out there and help us find the real answers, hey !

Monday, 11 November 2013

Comet ISON dispelling a myth

Further to my last post on the coming of the most spectacular comet yet to visit the Earth are some true revelations about this heavenly body. Comet Ison has never been to this Planet before, it is not Nibiru and anyone who says that it is , is lying; the truth be known about this comet is that it's mostly composed of ice and gas. The gas is in it's tail and the suspicion is that as this phenomena gets nearer to the Sun it will dissipate completely. The high temperature of the Sun should completely melt all of this meteor with little or no damage coming to the Earth.
There is what can only be called mass hysteria coming from the alternative media circus and I mean Circus with a capital C, paranoia on major scale is being deliberately put out into the mainstream to frighten people about all manner of catastrophes that could happen, this is not true.
Many writers and You tube video makers are telling you lies just to get you to watch their channels and videos, the truth is out there if you just look for it. Talk of FEMA body bags being transported in their millions to Peurto Rico or any where else is just nuts, for whatever reason the US Military might need all these body bags , it isn't because of an incoming Meteor.
   The Earth itself is passing through space and travels through many areas on it's voyage, it isn't fixed in one part of the Universe and as a consequence is now nearing an area that is full of space debris and many meteors and asteroids, this includes passing through an area that could cause major disruption to electrical fields and disrupt the internet and telecommunications.
Further more there is no Alien invasion or a second coming of the Annunaki, this is just a small Comet that will share the same space as the Earth at a once in a lifetime pass. Get out your telescopes or binoculars to see what could be the most spectacular light show ever.
Comet ISON is not the much famed Nibiru either, once again this is told to you to confuse and alarm the public and this sort of thing is put out by unregulated media, sure enough we need an alternative source of information but what is out there right now is pure disinformation. Here is a few sites that will give you what you need to know about Comet ISON..

Nibiru and the Messiah isn't this just renewed Paranoia

Once again the famed Nibiru rises within the alternative media circles, does this have any substance I wonder, Comet ISON is reputed to be coming our way. Numerous stories abound about an oncoming comet that will once again bring devastation to the Earth, the finger is always pointed toward NASA and the western governments having something to hide from us and as usual bad weather fronts are often mentioned as a way of convincing us that this is due to Comet ISON or the renewed Nibiru coming.

   Isn't all this just Paranoia ? The second coming of Christ or an Alien invasion, whatever it just isn't true. Being sensationalist will always get you plenty of visitors to your You tube account when making outlandish and rash statements, won't they !
Link to a video that purportedly shows an image of the Messiah on his way..

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Bulgarian Grey Alien Hoax perhaps

So there I was looking around for some ideas or perhaps even a gentle reminder of something I could put together for my Blog and lo and behold it fell before me !Yep ! there in a flash of insanity perhaps, I was reading these stupid posts that emanate all over the place about Alien invasions and all manner of other uninteresting hype.
   Alien Grey seen in Bulgarian woods, wow ! got to have a look at this hey ! so i did the usual and linked up to the video and there it was in all it's glory; an Alien grey trying to look like man at C&A standing between several trees and modelling for his crowd of photographers.
I suppose he was just wandering around with nothing else better to do and stopped to have a few pictures taken and take a leak up a tree maybe.
Here,s the link..