Thursday, 31 October 2013

UFOs and the Truth, will all be revealed ?

Spurious attempts have been made over the successive years to bring forth the truth about UFOs, governments of the west especially have been asked many times is there a presence ? Have we an Alien presence on the Planet ? Repeatedly the answer always comes back, NO ! an overly explicit NO !
   Despite numerous activities that defy an answer from an earth bound point of view, evidence appears to be that we are, without doubt being visited by another group or groups of Entities. The suspicion is that many of these sightings and abductions are known about by many western and even eastern block governments and are being hidden from members of the public.
   Do these Alien entities travel to us from distant stars amongst our own Galaxy or do they pervade from another Universe and if so is it a Parallel Universe ? There is and always will be an open debate on the subject, heaven and earth, we know much about earth but what happens in the heavens.
   Since our own attempts at space travel are limited to sending probes to other far of planets within our own solar system, then it would appear to all that if we can't master travel to the stars then why would any other civilisation be able to do so. Is it only that the limitations of space and it's void are what we are told is possible and that the attempts by NASA are just a stage set out to enthral us.Do we have the capabilities to travel much quicker and farther than they reveal ? and did that technology come from afar ?
   Much deliberation and speculation has evolved around the subject of UFOs and visitors from another or other regions of the galaxy, the problem is in getting the governments of the World to tell the truth about what we already suspect or know about already, confirmation is required to support the investigations that have taken place so far.
  The suspicions are that a number of underground bases exist both under the ground and under the sea, yet due to only a few having the ability to look into these areas we can still only hope that we have the truth about the existence of others.It is with the coming of the internet that we can be grateful for much more information being made available, through an exchange of video and pictures with a gathering of first hand accounts from those who have had sightings or claim to have been abducted.
   Strange and inexplicable events occur almost daily and an open mind prevails when trying to analyse these events, unfortunately many deceivers also deliberately try to steer us away from our devotion to finding out the truth.For there to be as many incursions by UFOs and Alien Entities as some would have us believe, there would have to be many Alien races here and now ! 
    What would be the goals of an Alien presence and why haven't they just taken over the planet ? Can we rely upon the idea that they are here to help us and stop the ruination of the Earth . It's some seventy one years since Roswell  and the first suspicion of another race of beings were trying to make contact, wouldn't it be right to say that they have had ample time to correct what we do wrong to this planet in this time.
   Is there an ulterior motive for Extraterrestrials being here ? do they harvest both human and animal tissue for food or are they really interested in helping the human species evolve  into something far more advanced than the present being we are now. Is there collusion amongst the species and what for ? do present governments know all of what happens here on the planet or is as suspected an all powerful Illuminati that is hell bent on diminishing the inhabitants of Earth to a paltry few hundred thousand to enslave.
   Will the USA and it's powerful government finally reveal to us all what is really going on, then again is this just a smoke screen whilst they enslave their countrymen first before taking over all of the Earth.If you follow the daily goings on of the US government and it's Military and Police with is ever present lack of courtesy to it's own and attacks against society as a whole , then you can't help but think that everything we ever hoped wouldn't happen; is happening now.The big question in my mind is, has this anything to do with the ongoing invasion of the planet.Do extraterrestrials own the Earth or will we finally get to know the truth.
  Stephen Basset known to many as with the Exopolitics group and Alfred Lambremount Webre and David Basagio have been putting out the story about the Mars jump room program. Stephen has now distanced himself from these two and disowns any thoughts that he may have to do with Jump Room Technology, he suggests here in a video that the American Government may be about to reveal all, is this true I wonder.
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