Sunday, 27 October 2013

Ufology or Hype

Ufology is widely read by many, whether they are interested in the subject matter or just happened to have been driven via another website or post doesn't really matter; what does is the fact that they continue to read and justifiably analyze the written form. As a consequence many may be transformed into a way of thinking and expression of an anomaly that might once have not even raised a glimmer of thought within ones mind.
  So how do they convert to this varied and much deliberated subject ? if not through a sighting that is personal to them or a friend then perhaps through the reading of a Blog or Website on Ufology. It is here that a writer holds or should hold a sense of responsibility to it's fold (readers) so in what manner should this take place ?
  There are any given  number of  websites that are well able to provide the avid reader with the information that they may require on this subject, most do just repeat what they have read elsewhere and have no first hand knowledge of Ufology or ever been a witness to an Event. No doubt much joy is held in the belief that they are providing a service to others by directing readers to the latest UFO reports from the likes of MUFON. Praise be to them !
   On the other hand there are a number of Blogs and Websites that go that extra mile by analyzing the information put before them and giving the reader a  much needed or better insight into what is actually taking place in the skies above. Deep thought can come into play when trying to analyze sightings and no doubt not everyone will come to the same conclusions but it makes life interesting.
 Some writers like to think they have an exclusive and make a major headline from the the report they are about to deliver to the public, is it really necessary I wonder. Do they need to be so sensationalist or is it that they need to gather more readers in order to gain some advertising revenue, which begs the question; are they just doing it for the money ?
   Through Blogging and creating a number of websites over the last few years, I have been able to make contact with some rather interesting individuals, some are deeply entrenched within the subject of Ufology and others are intelligent people who have helped me with some of my posts along the way, lending much needed and interesting scientific fact to the Blog. Others are witnesses of anomalies that have either occurred to them personally or they have seen an UFO close up or even claim to have been abducted, we can never be absolutely certain that any person or individual  is being one hundred percent truthful when making a statement of such and event.
   Many folk do live an altogether fanciful life where everything is reality and nothing is fiction ! really strange people they are, being able to divorce fiction from fact is a necessary evil when analyzing UFO reports or sightings. Some writers do and I have to forgive them , get carried away with their analogies and you could be forgiven for thinking that you had just put down a novel. Others just get a little carried away and start making up their own words for the subject, I suppose they might catch on if you say them often enough and some do unfortunately.
 Religion comes into play and there are Bloggers from certain countries that do overstate this when writing about UFOs, it is  true to say that religion probably has a role to play in the matter and much speculation revolves around the Vatican in Rome being the keeper of old UFO knowledge from the past, some scientists despite being known for only believing in factual matter or things that are proven have crossed the line over to becoming a  believer in Ufology also.
  What gets my back up is so called writers of Blogs who plagiarize other peoples material and then use it for their own Blog/website on a regular basis and really have no place in the world of Ufology. these very same people also have nothing to add to the subject and continue to use words to impress such as Phenomenolgy, so I ask where the hell did that come from ? these very same people continue to look for other bloggers who might be of the same mind and use them to shore up their ideas about UFOs and Alien Entities.
   Whilst on the subject of nonsensical writings to do with UFOs the vary same people lean toward what can only be termed Black magic ! yes, anyone who believes the words of a Shaman has got to be losing the plot, Shaman hallucinate through the use of drugs and anything that they say isn't to be believed.
   It is understandable to brighten up a subject in order to get your audience involved and this comes by way of creative writing, Some of what you read here is speculative and there is nothing wrong with that, it isn't after all a lie. Much of what is written here is also quite  true and often comes for other sources which helps to enrich the Blog.
   Finally UFOs don't occur everyday and they don't appear just because you have a pair of night sights or binoculars, so don't believe all the hype on You Tube.