Sunday, 27 October 2013

Martian Anomalies

More interesting than the usual You Tube crap videos, here we have an honest appreciation and quite convincing analysis of Martian anomalies.Taken by visiting craft to the planet Mars but often hidden from the view of the public, it is with great determination and skill that these unusual shapes on the surface have become more familiar to us, yes ! Martian craft and replicated  human face on the red planet.
   Why should a group such as NASA hide such information from the public, what reason or agenda do they hide this from us ? as with all things on this planet Earth, knowledge is power ! So is it that knowing what others don't, give NASA and western governments the leverage that they need to control the inhabitants of mother Earth. It is unfortunate for most of us that we can only rely upon the work of a few who look for these anomalies and reveal them to the rest of humanity, it is even less likely that we would otherwise have been able to find, let alone see these fascinating structures on Mars.
                            The Face of Mars from above

  The Face of Mars is one such anomaly that contains the features of what appears to be an Humanoid, the structure is so large that one wonders who might have constructed this, it isn't a naturally occurring feature of the planet. Could the Face of Mars be a pyramid built many years ago and a last standing remnant of a long lost society? Or is it possible that there is still a civilisation living but beneath the surface or Mars ?

                 The Face of Mars side view

  The long and extending Glass like tubes that cling to the gaping crevice within the surface of the planet is also one of the most amazing structures that defies belief, is it a tunnel by which others had traversed the Mars and is it still usable for travelling from one destination to another.The mind boggles at what other sites of interest that may lie not only on the Red planet but on others planets too.
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