Monday, 9 September 2013

UFO crossing the Sun perhaps !

  I know how you all like the latest photos/videos of UFOs and can't wait to see them first, but how do you know when it isn't for real ? Can you tell for sure or will you like many others be fooled into thinking it is real ?
   I knew I had at least one photo that would wet your appetite and whilst looking through some holiday snaps I found another one,but is it for real ?

Have a look here at the two photos...

                                                                    PHOTO 1

                                                                PHOTO 2

So what do you think ? is it for real ? No I don't think so, you see too much light is reaching the camera lens and it can't possibly compensate for it so dark spots appear that look like something altogether different, an UFO for instance; so be more careful when scrutinizing video and photos on the internet.