Saturday, 7 September 2013

Roswell, did they find a symbiotically controlled craft ?

Imagine an UFO that was controlled emotionally by it's occupant ! Intelligent material that could coerce with the pilot itself. Does this seem altogether far fetched ? what if it was real ? seriously. Surely this is the stuff that comes with major science fiction, doesn't it ? Maybe not !
    Given that genetics has taken off somewhat liberally over the last twenty years or so and now plant life itself is being genetically modified, then it could be possible to create a craft that might be able to be controlled by thought or emotions itself. So is there a life form perhaps that is also modified to fly or traverse the vast areas of space, then maybe it is a creation but by whom ?
    Rocket technology here on our planet is still within it's infancy yet we have travelled to the Moon and Venus with various devices making it as far as Mars and Saturn and Jupiter, we sent a message to the stars via a viking craft that is still travelling now outside of our solar system and beyond. Speeds in excess of twenty five thousand miles per hour have been achieved in order to break away from the pull of the Earths gravity and yet getting anywhere near to our closest star would take a long time, possibly longer than a lifetime.
    Might human genetics be assimilated with other materials such as metal or plant life  and if so, how would it remain in a stable condition and be capable of understanding the emotional responses of a pilot within a craft. Maybe an alloy composed of a plant and a metallic element could be created to evolve into a symbiotic craft that is withstanding the rigours of space and light travel, a heavily modified and genetically grown material.
 Yes, I know it all  would seem far fetched to think that such a thing could exist, then again maybe not, think on if I could talk to my grandfather who was born back in the year 1892 and told him of how we lived now, his response would probably be to laugh out loud and tell me to not be so ridiculous; talk of mobile phones and wireless technologies would have him baffled.
    Technology is advancing at a terrific rate and what appeared to be impossible yesterday is now acknowledged to be an everyday accepted norm.Much is hidden from us due to devious governments led by even more devious ministers, not to mention the black technologies that we won't get to know about for perhaps thirty years or so from now.
    There is also the possibility that human genetics could be harnessed to a metallic element as a kind of living tissue that could be moulded and intelligent. An incredibly supreme craft that could be harnessed via thought and emotion with the power of the sun and be able to travel at the speed of light, would get you anywhere in the Universe quite quickly. A lack of a need for controls to guide the craft as it's response would be lightening fast and instant.
  Consider a symbiotic craft that was controlled by it's pilot that was an extension of the pilot itself, his genetic twin or something made from his genetic blue print that would respond to his brain wave activity or actual body movement, maybe telepathically. Does such a craft exist and if so where can it be found, Area 51 perhaps.

Want to watch a video that gives an insight into what might exist and may have come from the stars.
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