Monday, 9 September 2013

Huge water born Earth like celestial body found.

Earth like planets seem to be coming forward at an astonishing rate since the Hubble telescope became operational some years back. Kepler 22b made the news as one of many Earth like planets that might be capable of sustaining life similar to Earth and having an abundance of water, now we have the latest find by a group of Japanese scientists at the SETI institute using the Subaru Telescope.

    Gliese 1214b  a celestial being is suspected of being purely a water born Planet, distance from our home is only a mere forty light years away, no problem if you happen to have an Electromagnetic plasma engined craft just hanging around.
                                Kepler 22b
  The obvious question arises in mind, could a water born planet outside of our solar system be capable not only of supporting life but an intelligent species that could travel amongst the stars. Just because we are terrestrial beings doesn't mean that other beings couldn't break free from their habitat and travel to other solar systems or galaxies far beyond, just a thought of course...
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