Monday, 9 September 2013

A Plasma Aerial Phenomena

Ufology is deeply entrenched in a history of lies and deception, pretty much all of it comes from video channels and certain individuals who either don't believe in UFOs or visitors from afar or they are government stooges who are employed either individually or as a group to divert our attentions away from the subject. Shame on them, for there is plenty to talk about and plenty of evidence around, providing you analyse it properly.
   Last year plenty of noises were being made around the appearance of UFOs that had been witnessed on both sides of the Atlantic and in other countries such as Russia, these very same UFOs had not been witnessed before or such a configuration yet no one seemed to be wondering why. So what UFOs are we talking about ? Large craft with trailing tentacles seen generally at night time and these very same tentacles seemed to be coming downward toward the Earth itself.
   Have you thought about how these craft suddenly appeared and why this sort of UFO hadn't been witnessed before last year ? Is there perhaps a new visitor from a far off galaxy within our solar system or is it something else ?
   I for one never bothered to report on these unusual craft or happenings around the World as I was uncertain about their origins, doubts occurred within my mind about whether these were actually from another Planet or Universe/galaxy.I must also admit having analysed more than a few videos in my time as a Blogger , I had given them little thought and dismissed them as a hoax, nothing unusual here .
   Time has passed and with this comes fresh ideas, whilst reading various posts and scientific material, I came across something that triggered my mind back to these somewhat strange phenomena and a light sparked within me.There are undoubtedly many strange and unusual craft that go unaccounted for due to Black projects and these very same craft are no doubt being tested around the World and this is where my thoughts lie.
    Propulsion systems will vary due to testing and forms of vehicle and their needs, ie; earth bound or for use in deep space.It is also likely that none of these craft are being tested for  civilian use, so we need to divert our thoughts to the type and look at the technologies that may exist or could be in a state of construction/testing or even on their return to Earth orbit from a trip out to the stars.
   What could possibly be seen that creates such a sighting as the ones seen last year ? is there an alternative method of propulsion, that we haven't been told of that may be outstanding in it's ability to move faster than anything else before. Maybe, let's say that whilst stumbling around on the internet, I came across some interesting ideas and this may be just what we witnessed last year.
    Magnetoplasmadynamic (MPD) thruster... well that certainly is a mouthful isn't it ? This basically means a form of  electromagnetic propulsion system that creates plasma as a way of propelling a craft forward. Interestingly this source or engine is also capable of high ranking speeds, ie; 200,000 miles and hour plus.
   Plasma would appear as if tentacles falling downward and could account for the unusual UFOs that we saw last year, they may also be in use right now, which would be the reason we had seen some of these performing aerial maneuvers that didn't fit into the normal category of flight we take for granted every day.
Here you will find a link to information on the NASA website that confirms my story around what may have been seen last year.