Thursday, 29 August 2013

The Martians had landed

Far be it from me to rock the boat as apparently scientists now reckon the Martians are us, let's say that again MARTIANSAREUS.Yep, reminds me of a certain toy shop !By all accounts they seem to have come to a conclusion that we emanated from the planet Mars quite sometime ago.
  So what is all this hype about ? discovery of course, after analyzing certain rock samples thought to have come from Mars or is it samples found here on Earth they think we are all Martians. Quick honey go get the ray gun !
   It often tickles me sometimes the way such absurd comments come from what are supposed to be intelligent people who, yes, you got it do research. Look Other races having been coming here for eons, so if you don't believe me, go and ask Uncle Sam.
Want the story go here..

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Sonic booms and new US technologies

First off let me just say , yes !  I had no intention of writing anything else here on this Blog, I said so, well things can change.
   I'm going to chat about a subject that many websites and Blogs have covered endlessly over the last year or so and haven't come to any conclusions as to what it may be, Sonic booms. Apparently across the World and including the US, Canada and Russia and many other countries there have been strange booming sounds that no one can put their finger on.
   So what is it ? Rumbling earthquake movements perhaps,  seismic  tremors or even the creation of some new Bore holes, yes, many have  appeared  pretty much overnight and taken a few houses with them. Maybe it is some unusual and never before seen UFO with an advanced  technological force that powers it forth across the night skies.
Hmmn ! perhaps not, I do know several Bloggers who have pondered on what it may be, yet still don't know.
   Consider that it might just be an Earthbound craft that is responsible for all the malady. So now that I have you thinking you want me to elucidate ? then I shall. Scramjet ! yep, you heard me right isn't it highly likely that the drone or rumbling sound that has affected many countries around the World is the testing of an craft that is slightly on the fringe of a break through of technology. 
   A high powered craft searing across the night sky at speeds in excess of Mach 5 would make one hell of a noise when breaking the sound barrier, maybe this is what all the noise is about. 

Here is a link or two to stories relating to the testing program of the USairforce X-51A Hypersonic scramjet .

One last word, let's stick to the realties that are out there and leave the fantasy to You Tube fanatics and dreamers.