Monday, 8 July 2013

UFOs and the alternative Alien reality

  More disturbing than any other thought I have had over the last few years, when reviewing my UFO experience and trying to come to terms with why or what happened back in 1999 is why me ? where from  and ultimately, what for ?
  I have just spent several hours watching a video that portrays everything that has been bandied around by many UFO and Alien investigators for years, I have had my doubts about some of what has been mentioned and even knowing some people who have been abducted or had abduction type scenarios wasn't altogether convinced of what I was hearing. 
   Reality here on this planet is a regular feature of everyday life, we all pretty much take it for granted, don't we ? We live in a three dimensional world and that for most people is enough, I mean many couldn't perceive let alone understand anything else. Much talk has been going around about other dimensions and I can hear my friend a Scientist in Florida screaming at the top of his voice " There is no such thing ", Okay I agree; what is generally meant by this terminology is, I think other worlds, parallel worlds or parallel universes.
   Inter parallel universe crossing might be a reality ! where one type of being or entity is able to slip through a gateway and cross over into our world almost as easily as if you or I where popping down to the local shop. Time too could also be a contributing factor when establishing a link to another universe, I know many of you may have read my posts on parallel universes and be pretty much conversed in the idea of such a way of traveling might just be for real.
   Getting back to the video about abductions and one Dr.Karla Turner who did research on abductions, after having a revealing memory with her husband and son of having suffered similar experiences themselves, she went on to give an audience her view points on the subject. Apparently Dr.Karla Turner died aged 48 of an advanced cancer, it is also suspected it was brought about after her revealing her thoughts on abductions and it is considered she was getting close to the truth, Dr.John.E.Mack also died after revealing that he considered abductions to be real.
   What struck me as interesting was what Dr.Karla Turner said about some of the abductees, females in particular as to the detailed investigations carried out by Alien Greys. She said and I quote " investigations of womens uterus and other sexual organs including that of a three year old child caused damage to many ".
Given that there is much speculation regarding that alien greys are supposed to be carrying out some sort of hybridisation program, it doesn't make sense that they should want to carry out detailed studies of womens sexual organs. DNA would be needed and some sort of genetic manipulation may be carried out to create an hybrid species.
   The Third World Order also came into the conversation and knowing what has been speculated about certain groups of people and their desire to abuse and sexually exploit some individuals here on the Earth, I wonder is there a connection ? Illuminati and Masonic groups are amongst many secret societies that are frowned upon by your average citizen, these same secret societies are considered to be above the law and are considered to get away with virtually anything.
  So where am I going with this I can hear you asking ? The answer is I am not sure, no one knows for sure where these Alien Greys come from, despite rumours that they do emanate from Zeta Reticula and short of going there I suppose we will never know. What if they where here on the planet, hidden in the depths of the Oceans and deep underground in huge bases such as Archuleta Mesa in New Mexico, yes, I have wrote about that before also. Then further speculate that these very same Alien Greys have formed a pact with certain individuals, who for pities sake are a secret society and have undesirable tendencies towards others in a sexually explicit way. 
   I sincerely hope you know where we are going with this now, these secret groups with advanced technology move around the Earth unchallenged by countries because of their power and speed with an agility that cannot be matched by any known terrestrial craft we have. With such ability at your means you could abduct and sexually abuse anyone you wished with impunity and also carry out black sexual or satanic rites, such as animal mutilation and hide behind the cover story of it all being unexplainable, after all no one has proven or will reveal the truth about UFOs.
 One last thing to note is, as I suspected Dr.Karla.Turner suggests as I have already wrote about in my posts that Alien Greys may just be our DNA that has been taken and used to create a subspecies as a foot soldier for the real Extraterrestrials or of course a secret society.