Wednesday, 24 July 2013

NASA and the building of an Warp Drive engine

I'm somewhat intrigued by the story I am about to reveal to you today, apparently scientists have speculated that they consider it possible to create an engine that has the capability of Warp Drive. Suggestions are that it may be possible to travel at faster than the speed of light, this is merely speculative and they say could be entirely possible but not for at least one hundred years !
  Einstein produced the theory of light and relativity and stated that travel beyond the speed of light was not possible, so I might ask why do some scientists think otherwise now ? Consider the possibility of faster than the speed of light travel and then ask yourself where does light go if we can surpass it ? well, nowhere really because even at the speed of light , light itself will always be travelling away from us, won't it ?
   Dark matter that has been written about here, could possibly play a part in this calculated theory of faster than the speed of light travel, perhaps that elusive dark matter comes into it's own at these faster than Warp speeds; maybe Dark matter replaces normal light when travelling beyond the speed of light.
   You should also realise that the bending of space is also part of the theory which suggests that this story isn't all it is supposed to be.

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I like to think that this contemplation of the possibility of faster than light travel is perhaps the US government and NASA, NSA and other security sources maybe leaking information slowly leading up to an admission of such or similar technologies actually existing and ultimately leading to an admission that UFOs do exist !