Friday, 5 July 2013

An Alien Agenda perhaps part 2

It all seems way too far fetched don't you think ? Lot's of little green men ready for a take over of the planet ! Well, perhaps not ! Maybe they aren't little green men but extraterrestrials that look pretty much like us, that would of course account for the reason that they could get away with taking control of the Planet way back when.
  Then again this idea of hybridisation is it true ? is there really an agenda to create another race that is far more intelligent or maybe subservient, who knows. What is genuinely accepted is that they do manage to visit us often and for some reason the governments of the World mostly ( notice I say mostly) don't want to acknowledge this fact, yes, it most certainly is a fact.
  Talk of Grey's and Reptilians has risen of the last few years, so where did they suddenly rise from ? way back sixty or so years ago it was beautiful tall men and women that were described as landing here in their space craft and having conversations with the local people that they came into contact with. Some even claimed to have taken a ride in these crafts to far off planets.
  Look back in history and pictures  or paintings depict strange looking fire breathing craft up in the skies, so why is this so, perhaps because our ancestors knew more about such visitors than we are allowed to know about now. Beings from other places/planets have been coming here for a long time, maybe some of them have always been here. It is highly probable that past civilizations, ones that we have no recollection of or that we have no historical memory of, once ruled the planet and were far in advance of technology than we are at present.
   Doesn't this make sense ? that like other past civilizations that have died out,  they too once ruled but still continue to exist but aren't readily located even with all our modern technological advances. The Oceans are more than two thirds of the planet and we haven't even started to understand just how much might be beneath the water, so why shouldn't a much more advanced race of entities be living here even today on the Earth.
   What these beings do, abductions for instance isn't any different than we do already with animals here, containing them and fixing them with tags, so that we can follow their movements, understand their DNA and breeding habits and even give them drugs to alter their state. In their minds we may be no more than sheep upon the earth, or just a play thing that they created many years ago.
   Ultimately there may be more than one Alien race that visit us and are readying themselves to rid the planet of the worst parasite that has ever walked the Earth, man himself.
  There is of course one last big agenda that of certain Politicians/Military and the Black Military industrial complex of course in the west, maybe they are lead by Extraterrestrials in the pursuit of man to ruin him and control in a fashion that humors them.Why shouldn't Aliens look like man ? if they did create us then like the stories of God creating man in his own likeness could definitely be true !