Friday, 26 July 2013

Alien Entities, UFOs and Anomolous activites

   Blogging is probably an introspective task brought about by a desire or need to find an answer to a problem, my problem is finding an answer to what I encountered back in 1999 ( read the first post of this blog to find out ).  I have with some willing, given of myself on the subject of Alien entities, UFOs and anomalous activities that purportedly happen around the globe, unfortunately I can't give you any true pictures of such craft or entities or even profess to admit or deny that such Alien entities actually exist.
  I have further speculated and analysed subject matter both written and in the form of video of UFO sightings and Alien visitations,despite all this there is no positive proof of either, I am sorely disappointed. I had hoped and have requested help along the way from readers of this Blog with the hope that some of my readers would both offer information and even dispute what I have to say, neither has happened.
  So I have to wonder do you all still go to school and are my readers only mostly children and if so, I must stop because I do not want to be accused of having influenced and corrupted young and imaginative minds.
Ufology is and I believe, real, there is far too much out there to prove otherwise, the unfortunate problem for me is trying to balance a working life with difficult hours and Blogging on my favourite subject.
   In the early days of blogging I obviously caught the attention of the American Government, one night I had eighteen visits from the Island of Guam, if you don't know then I will put you straight; Guam is a US Military installation and a listening  post, probably much like the NSA and I also got two visits from the United States Senate office all in one hour, must have been something I said !
  Many of the sightings that are portrayed on video channels such as You Tube are false and it is this that detracts from the real issues that all Ufologist are trying to find out their answers, the truth matters and that truth is that UFOs are real and have been coming here for a long time, perhaps tens of thousands of years.
   My recent offerings may not be all that you the readers have been expecting, however I believe there is a definite link in what I have speculated and since there is no alternative view on the subject that comes close to what I consider to be true then it has to be worth everyone's consideration. Anomalous activities derive from a need to see and believe both in UFOs and Alien Entities, I also believe that many people hallucinate or deceive themselves into believing that what they see in the skies is something other than an UFO, imagination in under developed minds whether juvenile or otherwise is a problem; intellect does play a part in the process of analysis of an anomalous event.
   Many of the so called UFOs seen and witnessed by many in the USA are more than likely drones, there are too many flying around the skies and they are remotely controlled. Then again some of the UFOs seen around the USA  are also Black project craft which the American Government and Military industrial complex don't wish us to know about and this is probably where all the missing US dollars have gone, to  finance the ultimate control of the US citizens and the incursions and attack on  decent human beings in far off countries in pursuit of Oil revenues and the wealth of a few obnoxious politicians, there I have said it; there is most definitely a link between UFOs and Alien Entities and black technologies.
  Unless there is some spectacular event on the horizon involving UFOs or disclosure finally comes about in a truthful manner, then I see no point in continuing to evoke my thoughts upon you and it is with this post that I say read no more. I may soon make some other offerings and you will be able to read about them here so keep a look out, they will most likely be linking to some science fiction material that I might just get around to writing purely for your enjoyment and you never know it may just be true !