Saturday, 22 June 2013

Is this really an Antarctic crashed UFO ?

Interesting find as I was flitting through You Tube videos looking for the real evidence relating to UFOs,  titled  "New UFO Crash Video in Antartctic !! 2013 " I came across what appeared to be something new and continued to watch the video.
 So what caught my eye ? it was the close up of what is supposed to be possibly of course an UFO trapped or hidden under the surface of the Antarctic snow. The commentator gives us his analogy of what he thinks we are looking at, the first picture shows some strange and unusual tracks or a disrupting of the snow about a craft.
 Quote " I'm not sure what we are looking at here" and then the commentator moves on to the next picture.
  Hmmn ! Well, I have an excellent idea as to what he may have been looking at, it isn't a disturbance in the snow from the crash landing or other of an Alien craft. There are quite distinguishable features here that you can't mistake from the layout of the first picture.
   NAZCA lines, yes they are in Peru and are World renownedand possibly do have something to do with the relation of UFOs having been here in the past, this first picture is the one known as the Hummingbird. see picture here below..
File:Lignes de Nazca Décembre 2006 - Colibri 1.jpg

Under no circumstances can you argue that this isn't similar to the picture first shown on the You Tube video purporting to be of an UFO crash site in the Antarctic.
 I may be wrong of course and this could just be a flurry of snow that looks like something else, strange how it looks like the Hummingbird side on though don't you think ?
Here is the link to the video ..