Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Crop Circles and UFOs are these messages from Aliens ?

I thought I would do a little investigation on crop circles as it is getting to that time of year here in England when they do start to appear in the farmers fields.You tube is full of video of crop circles and there is a plethora of investigators who scientifically analyse these phenomena.
   So are we looking at messages from Aliens and if so why don't they communicate in a more convenient method, directly with Humans.Maybe they do but not the right ones, perhaps they contact or have been in contact with our Governments and Military and have failed to contact all of us due to the Elitist groups who are considered to control the Earth.
   Are crop circles an attempt to bring to our attention that they are here and wish to communicate and if so what is stopping them doing so ? My theory is for thousands of years other beings from afar have been here and had good relations with Human kind, however now that we are technologically advanced and with the elitist few, contact isn't allowed.
    So what do I mean ? Put yourself in the place of the Black Military Operations or such as the Bilderbergs group who reputedly want to diminish the population of the Earth to a paltry five million or so, to use as slaves , wouldn't they try to hide the real facts about our history and the other civilisations that have been here for many years.
   Knowledge is power and we know that those who have both the Money and Military might do control the Earth. These individuals who hold contempt for the average person will not want to relinquish control to someone else, perhaps even another race of beings from another galaxy.
     I suspect that with the opportunity Extraterrestrial Beings from afar would actually work with us to overcome the many problems we now have with disease, wealth and it's distribution and pollution and power supplies right across the World. I also suspect that we are at war with certain groups of Extraterrestrials who wish to do us no harm.
  Crop circles have to be the answer as the messages in them are interesting and technologically enthralling. Many have interpreted these crop circles and come to some astonishing conclusions.     
    So why when the year comes to a winter don't the EBEs find another way perhaps to get our attention ? Why is it that we get all these intricate crop circles around the World during the summer and yet there does appear to be no other way of communication the rest of the year ?
    It has been more or less proven on by http://www.richplanet.net/starship.php  that MI5 actually employed University graduates to go out and build crop circles themselves and they got paid for it. I suspect that in order to distract us from the real agenda this was carried out deliberately to confuse and put most of us off the trail to finding some real answers.
  Whilst looking for some crop circles and information, I came across this video showing would you believe it, not only complicated geometric crop circles but also what appears to be a number of UFOs in the area at the time that these crop circles appeared.
View the video here .. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=BndVb1ucKOA