Monday, 24 June 2013

Cigar or pencil shaped UFO in the USA

It isn't often that we actually get a video of an UFO that we can almost see clearly, admittedly the picture clarity leaves something to be desired. Good stillness of picture thanks to a steady hand filming what appears to be a cylindrical UFO in the overcast sky, place is Appleton WI in the USA.
   Interestingly the UFO turns slowly before disappearing almost as if becoming invisible, you should note that the same happened on the night I saw huge triangle craft; it lifted up then appeared to dissolve almost into thin air. Whether the UFO disappears due to speed or some cloaking technology I can't say.
  It is unfortunate that we don't get a more clearer view ie; close picture as given the stillness of the craft and distance involved you would think this possible.
Here is the link to the video..


Another video here of an UFO flying close to the road and hovering in the daylight in Japan, if only we could all find UFOs this easily and in the daytime too !
I suspect budding film makers are involved here, still have a look for all it's worth.