Sunday, 30 June 2013

An Alien Agenda perhaps ! Part 1

Ufology is in it's infancy in that we have virtually no proof whatever of the anomalous activities that are appearing in the skies almost daily, hmmn ! does that sound like a contradiction perhaps ? Given all the videos and photographic proof that comes to us regularly we still fail to understand what it is that maybe taking place here. Governments across the World, many of them though not all, hide what they seem to know about the subject, that is should they know anything at all. 
   Speculation is the name of the game, we speculate that they know all, they tell us differently, so what is the truth ? Is it likely that they do know what we aren't being told and are left to speculate about or do they really think we are so gullible that we will believe anything that they tell us on the subject.
  What is actually happening ? do we believe that there is a group of Military and Government people who have conspired to keep the Alien agenda a secret or is it more likely that even they don't know the whole story. Perhaps some of what is happening is true, maybe we do have underground Military and Alien bases where all manner of experimental craft are being tested and flown regularly, then again maybe the Extraterrestrials have bases, but we don't know where they are or why they are here.
       It is assumed by many who are involved in Ufology that much that has been written here is actually taking place with our governments approval, abductions and the incursions within our airspace being invaded being accepted as part of a deal with ET. Abduction theories abound, the stories suggest that ET is here making adjustments to the human race and or even manipulating human genes to assist with extraterrestrials own  DNA.       
Hybridisation is talked about regularly, so is this for real ? If so, then I want to know where did this information come from and is it just something that has evolved from the internet itself. The unfortunate problem with techno-logic advancement such as the internet is that it is open to abuse, we see it often on You Tube.
     Do you consider that other Extraterrestrial races come here to create an hybrid species to continue their own existence or is it for another agenda. A creation of a super sub species that would do their bidding rather than a species struggling with a genetic fault that it needed to correct using human DNA.
   As far as speculation goes on this subject, I have to admit, I can bring nothing to the table ! What if however there was an alternative agenda that has been overlooked by many in their need for knowledge.Imagine the planet with it's population growing exponentially to a point that it no longer is able to support the human race, nothing is really being done to curb the explosion of  man and the earth itself cannot and hasn't been able to support the inhabitants for a large number of years. Along stumbles another race of superior beings from a far galaxy, there intent is to find a planet suitable to sustain their needs and support their own race of people.
  The Alien agenda, to take over the Planet and reduce drastically the number of inhabitants on it to the point of a diminished number that can be utilised as slaves. Politicians having been fooled into agreeing a policy with Extraterrestrials some sixty years or so ago, now find themselves boxed in a corner with no alternative but to ignore the real goings on and UFOs fly all over the World virtually unchallenged.
  Abductions are reckoned to have taken place  for as long as people have reported, perhaps since Roswell and for what reason ? well, most think a hybridisation program to either fix ETs ailments or to improve the human species and it is considered that this has happened many times over thousands of years.
    Maybe there is an alternative, perhaps and remember that this is mere speculation; all the abductions possibly millions of them that have taken place are for one reason only. Possibly the incoming species have diminished in numbers and they need us, but they only want a few, abductions have been a way of harvesting humans to get them ready for the big take over of the Planet. All those who have been taken and abducted are sleepers ! what do I mean ? Hypnosis to switch on at a moments notice; we are ready and waiting to be switched on at the time of the big attack, the invasion plan to use humans as part of the removal of the human race.