Sunday, 30 June 2013

An Alien Agenda perhaps ! Part 1

Ufology is in it's infancy in that we have virtually no proof whatever of the anomalous activities that are appearing in the skies almost daily, hmmn ! does that sound like a contradiction perhaps ? Given all the videos and photographic proof that comes to us regularly we still fail to understand what it is that maybe taking place here. Governments across the World, many of them though not all, hide what they seem to know about the subject, that is should they know anything at all. 
   Speculation is the name of the game, we speculate that they know all, they tell us differently, so what is the truth ? Is it likely that they do know what we aren't being told and are left to speculate about or do they really think we are so gullible that we will believe anything that they tell us on the subject.
  What is actually happening ? do we believe that there is a group of Military and Government people who have conspired to keep the Alien agenda a secret or is it more likely that even they don't know the whole story. Perhaps some of what is happening is true, maybe we do have underground Military and Alien bases where all manner of experimental craft are being tested and flown regularly, then again maybe the Extraterrestrials have bases, but we don't know where they are or why they are here.
       It is assumed by many who are involved in Ufology that much that has been written here is actually taking place with our governments approval, abductions and the incursions within our airspace being invaded being accepted as part of a deal with ET. Abduction theories abound, the stories suggest that ET is here making adjustments to the human race and or even manipulating human genes to assist with extraterrestrials own  DNA.       
Hybridisation is talked about regularly, so is this for real ? If so, then I want to know where did this information come from and is it just something that has evolved from the internet itself. The unfortunate problem with techno-logic advancement such as the internet is that it is open to abuse, we see it often on You Tube.
     Do you consider that other Extraterrestrial races come here to create an hybrid species to continue their own existence or is it for another agenda. A creation of a super sub species that would do their bidding rather than a species struggling with a genetic fault that it needed to correct using human DNA.
   As far as speculation goes on this subject, I have to admit, I can bring nothing to the table ! What if however there was an alternative agenda that has been overlooked by many in their need for knowledge.Imagine the planet with it's population growing exponentially to a point that it no longer is able to support the human race, nothing is really being done to curb the explosion of  man and the earth itself cannot and hasn't been able to support the inhabitants for a large number of years. Along stumbles another race of superior beings from a far galaxy, there intent is to find a planet suitable to sustain their needs and support their own race of people.
  The Alien agenda, to take over the Planet and reduce drastically the number of inhabitants on it to the point of a diminished number that can be utilised as slaves. Politicians having been fooled into agreeing a policy with Extraterrestrials some sixty years or so ago, now find themselves boxed in a corner with no alternative but to ignore the real goings on and UFOs fly all over the World virtually unchallenged.
  Abductions are reckoned to have taken place  for as long as people have reported, perhaps since Roswell and for what reason ? well, most think a hybridisation program to either fix ETs ailments or to improve the human species and it is considered that this has happened many times over thousands of years.
    Maybe there is an alternative, perhaps and remember that this is mere speculation; all the abductions possibly millions of them that have taken place are for one reason only. Possibly the incoming species have diminished in numbers and they need us, but they only want a few, abductions have been a way of harvesting humans to get them ready for the big take over of the Planet. All those who have been taken and abducted are sleepers ! what do I mean ? Hypnosis to switch on at a moments notice; we are ready and waiting to be switched on at the time of the big attack, the invasion plan to use humans as part of the removal of the human race.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

UFO or video graphics trickery

This video I found just recently claims to be of a group of UFOs seen through a camera in the daytime, one object becomes many. Watch carefully as to how these objects move as if harmony, sorry but I don't think this is right at all !
  It's almost as if , no it is the camera and perhaps a cellophane membrane with white objects painted on it being moved around or the objects are imprinted in front of the camera lens, shame on them.
  Oh by the way they claim there are other UFO videos after this but I wouldn't bother watching the rest after seeing this.

Video here..

Groom Lake Area 51 video of an UFO with fighter plane training

There is no doubt that there are a number of groups who seek to make money from the investigation of our favourite subject UFOs, why not ? so long as they tell the truth and help the cause, then I find it acceptable.
  This video shows for some nine minutes plus and there are several fighter planes training in the area at the time, be patient the UFO will show up although I doubt that they saw it whilst filming the action going on in the skies.
   Groom Lake, Area 51 is much fabled as the home of the Black operations and secret test craft facility, do we see one of these craft here or is it merely coincidence ?
  Our video crew show that they have the ability to manipulate video willingly so please do bear this in mind when trying to analyse this film, though I do believe they are sincere.  
Video link here ..

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Crop Circles and UFOs are these messages from Aliens ?

I thought I would do a little investigation on crop circles as it is getting to that time of year here in England when they do start to appear in the farmers fields.You tube is full of video of crop circles and there is a plethora of investigators who scientifically analyse these phenomena.
   So are we looking at messages from Aliens and if so why don't they communicate in a more convenient method, directly with Humans.Maybe they do but not the right ones, perhaps they contact or have been in contact with our Governments and Military and have failed to contact all of us due to the Elitist groups who are considered to control the Earth.
   Are crop circles an attempt to bring to our attention that they are here and wish to communicate and if so what is stopping them doing so ? My theory is for thousands of years other beings from afar have been here and had good relations with Human kind, however now that we are technologically advanced and with the elitist few, contact isn't allowed.
    So what do I mean ? Put yourself in the place of the Black Military Operations or such as the Bilderbergs group who reputedly want to diminish the population of the Earth to a paltry five million or so, to use as slaves , wouldn't they try to hide the real facts about our history and the other civilisations that have been here for many years.
   Knowledge is power and we know that those who have both the Money and Military might do control the Earth. These individuals who hold contempt for the average person will not want to relinquish control to someone else, perhaps even another race of beings from another galaxy.
     I suspect that with the opportunity Extraterrestrial Beings from afar would actually work with us to overcome the many problems we now have with disease, wealth and it's distribution and pollution and power supplies right across the World. I also suspect that we are at war with certain groups of Extraterrestrials who wish to do us no harm.
  Crop circles have to be the answer as the messages in them are interesting and technologically enthralling. Many have interpreted these crop circles and come to some astonishing conclusions.     
    So why when the year comes to a winter don't the EBEs find another way perhaps to get our attention ? Why is it that we get all these intricate crop circles around the World during the summer and yet there does appear to be no other way of communication the rest of the year ?
    It has been more or less proven on by  that MI5 actually employed University graduates to go out and build crop circles themselves and they got paid for it. I suspect that in order to distract us from the real agenda this was carried out deliberately to confuse and put most of us off the trail to finding some real answers.
  Whilst looking for some crop circles and information, I came across this video showing would you believe it, not only complicated geometric crop circles but also what appears to be a number of UFOs in the area at the time that these crop circles appeared.
View the video here ..

Is this a Plasma burst UFO

This video you are about to view is from several months ago, taken in what looks like the early part of the evening. At first a light shining brightly would appear as if it was just sunlight reflecting from the hull of an aircraft, this however doesn't fly like a plane.The light is intense and boldly hovers in the bright sky near to some clouds yet makes no attempt to hide from view, is this real ? 
   Watch closely and you see four other lights or craft break from the UFO at speed in different directions, are they craft or is it a plasma burst from an unknown power source just before the UFO disappears from sight ? It may of course be something to do with the Military and Black operations, craft we don't yet know about and maybe never will.

Video here..

Monday, 24 June 2013

Night time UFOs over Silverstone, England maybe !

Look closely, be careful what you think ! in the darkness of the night sky mysterious lights appear and streak across our view at an incredible speed. Is it a bird or a plane, then again someone here would have us believe it is an UFO travelling at warp speed across the countryside in deepest Loughborough; Silverstone to be precise in England. 
Look too much Star Trek isn't good for anyone, get serious about the subject and the UFOs will find you. What I consider we are looking at here is a number of meteorites travelling quickly across the night sky as they enter our atmosphere, what else of course ?
Want to see the Movie ?

Cigar or pencil shaped UFO in the USA

It isn't often that we actually get a video of an UFO that we can almost see clearly, admittedly the picture clarity leaves something to be desired. Good stillness of picture thanks to a steady hand filming what appears to be a cylindrical UFO in the overcast sky, place is Appleton WI in the USA.
   Interestingly the UFO turns slowly before disappearing almost as if becoming invisible, you should note that the same happened on the night I saw huge triangle craft; it lifted up then appeared to dissolve almost into thin air. Whether the UFO disappears due to speed or some cloaking technology I can't say.
  It is unfortunate that we don't get a more clearer view ie; close picture as given the stillness of the craft and distance involved you would think this possible.
Here is the link to the video..


Another video here of an UFO flying close to the road and hovering in the daylight in Japan, if only we could all find UFOs this easily and in the daytime too !
I suspect budding film makers are involved here, still have a look for all it's worth.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Is this really an Antarctic crashed UFO ?

Interesting find as I was flitting through You Tube videos looking for the real evidence relating to UFOs,  titled  "New UFO Crash Video in Antartctic !! 2013 " I came across what appeared to be something new and continued to watch the video.
 So what caught my eye ? it was the close up of what is supposed to be possibly of course an UFO trapped or hidden under the surface of the Antarctic snow. The commentator gives us his analogy of what he thinks we are looking at, the first picture shows some strange and unusual tracks or a disrupting of the snow about a craft.
 Quote " I'm not sure what we are looking at here" and then the commentator moves on to the next picture.
  Hmmn ! Well, I have an excellent idea as to what he may have been looking at, it isn't a disturbance in the snow from the crash landing or other of an Alien craft. There are quite distinguishable features here that you can't mistake from the layout of the first picture.
   NAZCA lines, yes they are in Peru and are World renownedand possibly do have something to do with the relation of UFOs having been here in the past, this first picture is the one known as the Hummingbird. see picture here below..
File:Lignes de Nazca Décembre 2006 - Colibri 1.jpg

Under no circumstances can you argue that this isn't similar to the picture first shown on the You Tube video purporting to be of an UFO crash site in the Antarctic.
 I may be wrong of course and this could just be a flurry of snow that looks like something else, strange how it looks like the Hummingbird side on though don't you think ?
Here is the link to the video ..