Thursday, 9 May 2013

What Alien Moon Bases ?

Here is a question, are you sincerely a believer ? do UFOs really exist ? how about other entities such as Alien life forms from another place/Planet or even a Parallel Universe can they be for real. If you are at all interested then continue to read here as this is where the truth shall always be seen, speculation is better than lies !
   It is speculated that there are a number of buildings on the Moon and perhaps even Mars, there are a number of videos that purport to show such bases and even craft that are  supposedly there on these planets. There are even so called Lawyers who have a website that claim that Barack Obama has with others visited these places via Jump room technology (BULLSHIT) .
  Many websites and even some alternative TV channels claim that UFOs do exist and then go on to show what can only be considered a possibility of such actually existing, proof in the World of Ufology is unfortunately about as rare as rocking horse shit !  then there are the Liars, Conmen and would be Film directors. Yes here we go again !
 Check out the link regarding supposed UFO and Alien bases on the moon by this latest film Buff..Then after viewing look a little closer and watch the birds fly across the screen just as they cross the moon, marvellous what you can pretend to see when blurring the camera lens !
Here is the link, please don't laugh !