Monday, 15 April 2013

Other Worldly Visitors 2

A professor and leading psychiatrist and psychoanalyst , Dr.John.E.Mack was once a staunch sceptic when considering UFOs and Aliens, then one day he sought to find out the truth on the matter himself. An American who achieved his qualifications at Harvard Medical School as well as being a Pulitzer prize winning biographer and then a investigator of UFOs and Alien Abductions. Did John.E.Mack die for his beliefs or was he the unfortunate casualty of a motoring incident ? by all accounts he was run over when crossing a street in London at the tender age of seventy four years old.
   Not wanting to add any illusions to the death of John.E.Mack I should state that the last statement is purely me thinking out loud, it merely comes to mind, anyone who comes close to revealing the truth about UFOs or Aliens visiting the Earth more often than not comes to an untimely death, there is no proof however that this is so.
   John.E.Mack investigated some two hundred cases of Alien abductions of both men and women, many of which were recurrent Alien experiences. Many academics gave short shrift to these abductees and only Professor John.E.Mack studied them as intensely to the point where he became enthralled and utterly convinced that here was an unexplainable phenomena.
   Many of the abductees had been considered mentally ill due the recurrent Alien contact, There were no apparent pathological reasons to suggest that this was true.After many interviews and further studies it transpired that most if not all of the people interviewed had a heightened sense of spirituality and a concern for the environment.
  Despite the results Professor John.E.Mack did not state categorically that Aliens did exist, rather he suggested that here was an unexplainable phenomena that transcended on the psychic side rather than materially or physically.
   It is rare that someone from the scientific community takes the time to study , let alone suggest that his results leaned toward the realities of Alien abductions or a unknown phenomena such as Alien abductions.
  Considering the earlier post of ( Other Worldly Visitors ) and the results posted by Professor John.E.Mack, I would suggest that the former post is without exception as close to the truth as could be considered true. Alien abductions and Alien contact do occur but not in the way that we would be able to conceptualise within our three dimensional world.
  The statement suggesting many claimed abductees had become more spiritually aware begs the question, is God an Alien ?