Monday, 18 March 2013

Was the Pope an Alien ? and if so was Christ also a Mutant Alien

Interesting literature being put out this week by two very different Bloggers with two radically different views and backgrounds.One is A Canadian Lawyer who writes the and other such material that is so way off base you have to be on mogadon or something similar to believe what is being reported; the other is by my friend a fellow blogger who has a great following amongst his own people (  Brazilians) and who's interests lie in the diversity of Ufology and Alien civilisations.
   Firstly let's analyse the idea of one Alfred Lambremont Webre a Canadian Blogger who spills all manner of sensationalistic shite about Barack Obama and several others apparently travelling to Mars way back in 1984 by way of Jump room technology (doesn't compute). There is no such reality as jump room technology ! 
   Now with an attempt to further create chaos amongst the UFO community and further mislead those who are foolish enough to believe him , he would have us believe there is a connection between the former Pope,who I might add recently resigned and the Phoenix lights UFO sighting that took place some years ago. He states and I quote " the last Pope was the Jesuitical , Extraterrestrial and also the false prophet of the book of revelation".
  Just because the Pope Francis was nominated on the anniversary of the Phoenix Lights sighting doesn't mean that there is one iota of  proof that there is any connection, nor that he is a false profit. Should you be interested in fairy stories then you can read the rest of his post
Just digest this then laugh out loudly at the most ridiculous story you have ever had the time to read, then never bother with such shite again.

     Want some more, then follow me to my Brazilian friends Blog that does try to do some justice to the word Ufology, admittedly he gets on the  religious  side but that is common with Brazilians. Filipe Servulo is an avant writer and seriously concerned with the visitation of other worldly manifestations, ie Aliens. 
  Filipe writes on the Subject of Christ and suggest he may have been a Mutant, possibly of Extraterrestrial origin no doubt, is he right or do you think he is way of the beaten track ? I'll let you make your mind up on this one as I don't generally do religion on account of losing faith a long time ago; here is the link to his blog which I may just follow up with my own version or suggestions on God and Jesus later on..