Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Universal life forms or Alien.

I've always erred on the side of life being prolific elsewhere in the Universe, the very idea of this being the only planet in the Milky way that is capable of supporting life is to be quite honest and in my opinion of course, ridiculous. Proof is always necessary to prove beyond all doubt, although there are enough Planets out there to be more than capable of having many nurseries spawning life as we know it here on Earth.
   Whether life started here or came from another world can only be speculated upon on, meteorites fall and land here on Earth with regularity so why not the start of a new life form ? Did life start here this way or was there a mix of intergalactic microbes that came together to create the life forms we now know about here and today.
   Have scientists found the proof at last of the deliverance of life to our Planet via the stars ? maybe this is just another case of contamination giving rise to speculation of the existence of life elsewhere.