Sunday, 27 January 2013

Hidden Mars agenda or distraction and lies

If you follow the posts here on this blog regularly then no doubt you will remember the posts regarding one Alfred Lambremont Webre and his theories on Jump room technologies.
  I continue to receive emails with links to his subject matter regarding the ongoing reports that support his ideas and theories about this technology.   
   With the former posts I wrote earlier and in keeping with the belief that this is disinformation being put out by an intelligent group to thwart UFO and Extraterrestrial investigators out there, with the sole intent to distract those who genuinely believe that there is other intelligent life, both within our Universe and perhaps living on our Planet as well as other such extraterrestrial species visiting from beyond our own Milky Way. I am giving you the chance to analyse this information personally and perhaps allow you the opportunity to give us an insight as to whether you believe these stories.
 Let me first point out that despite my first assumptions that Alfred Lambremont Webre was employed with others to distract us and portray technologies that don't exist , I have to consider there may be some truths to these posts after all.
  Alfred reports from Vancouver Canada, this I over looked when making my first assumption. Despite my original thoughts on the matter he continues to forward more evidence albeit not altogether clear photographic evidence in support of his claims.
   One has to think that no one who hoped to divert the UFO followers of many websites and Blogs would have continued after all this time, so does he have some real evidence and if so why does he not give us more photogenic perspectives of this.
Here is the link to the supposed evidence and should you consider this good enough then let me know.