Tuesday, 31 December 2013

UFOs creating Crop Circles in Wiltshire

Crop circles seem to appear all over the place especially since modern technology and the onset of the Internet came about. Some crop circles are so intricate and have been considered to be messages from ET, yet no one has yet managed to decipher any of these, also for some reason places such as Wiltshire seem to have an abundance of such phenomena, what else could you call this ?
  We are led to believe that a number of UFOs descended and you can see something or a number of what appears to be types of craft descending toward the earth, question begs, is it really ET and is it really UFOs taking time out to make an intricate pattern on the land as a message for us mere humans to decode.

   As with all crop circles we have to err on the side of the doubters, meaning I don't believe this is genuine. If as I suspect, ET is here and has been for sometime, then they did not come here to create pretty patterns on the planet, as I consider they have a more important agenda and there are probably many other ways to communicate if they so wish. 
  The majority of crop circles have been proven by various other investigators to be the work of paid groups often thought to be sent out by the likes of MI5 and MI6 to fool us all, but why ? well as a diversion to take us away from thoughts of events that may be happening all over the world. Maybe they deliberately create these crop circles to keep us from seeing what is really going on, or just to distract us from seeing or believing the truth about the UFO agenda and even their associations with those who do know what is going on.
I'm inclined to think at this distance we are led to believe UFOs are involved, I think this is Chinese lanterns and yes, they do drop and suddenly appear as if from nowhere, that may be part of the plot.
See for yourself here :  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SzXXtVN2518&feature=player_detailpage
Have a happy and prosperous New Year..

Sunday, 29 December 2013

UFO reports around the World

I thought we would take a new direction, so I am including UFO reports from other sources from around the World. These reports will be random ie; not everyday and taken as a slice of the witnessed reports that do come forth. No analysis will be given when writing these reports up for Blogger and you make what you wish of them.
        Report 1 29/12/2013   

Date of event 28/12/2013 Time:18.25 hours.
Location : Hillsboro,OR,US
Summary :
  I was walking to the grocery store when I saw what looked like red and blue police lights in the sky.In my area we do not have police helicopters, so I thought it was kind of weird.The lights were flashing rapidly from red to blue to red to blue just like a police car.Then I saw it go straight upwards then straight back downwards, then left, then right,all at extremely rapid speeds. I have pilots in my family and I know the direction changes like that are impossible for any known aircraft.
The lights stopped flashing red and blue and changed to a smaller white light that just kind of hovered but also changed direction one time from right to left then right again, then it just descended behind a tree line and afterwards shot off very fast to the north;I could no longer see it after that.


Date of event : 26/12/2013 Time : 21.30 hours
Summary :
   I live in a soemwhat rural area not far from Little Rock, Arkansas. I was riding home with a friend when we noticed a starnge orange light in the distance. As we got closer to home, we realised we were getting closer to the light. As we approached it we noticed it wasn't moving and assumed it must be a helicopter.As we got nearer it was quite apparent this was no helicopter and at this point we knew we were looking at a black triangle with a blue light ( Rocket engine ) at each corner.which sequentially pulsed white to red lights in a stripe down the center.We became very close to it, it wasn't very high off the ground and it began to float away practically right overhead, very, very slowly.I had to stop the car and we rolled down the windows and the craft seemed completely silent.
I then noticed a very small flashing red light in the distance and in the crafts direct path which timed to match the sequential flashing light on the bottom of this craft.It continued floating off into the distance.
That's it for now but watch out for more of the same and from other parts of the World, soon !

UFOs within a conspiracy of lies.

       It's written all over the place, UFOs are real and yet they have been continually denied by successive governments. Governments of the World know nothing at all of UFOs or even anything about the Military Industrial Complex that lies behind the Organisation of Technologies that are being developed and back engineered.
  Technological advancements are making their way into machines used by the Military but little is released to the public domain. A tight grip has been kept on this and the need to know has been applied radically to restrain the truth from being made available to all.
   Major aeroplane technology companies are considered to have what is known about Alien craft and they are heavily suspected of using this technology to advance their understandings of flight and anti gravity. Much of the so called UFOs claimed to have been seen or witnessed by the public may well be something that has been built here on Earth.
   We have our doubts about who actually is in control of all of this, some suspect the major players might involve several major industrialists and big players in the the US government, names I cannot mention, yet I have my gut feelings about. Some of these people have passed on and others continue to try and use these technologies to their advantage in moulding the planet to their wants and needs and perhaps ultimate control.
  If it all continues without any major break through in perhaps someone actually making a statement to the effect that we do have these craft as well as EBEs (extraterrestrial biological beings ) here helping us understand, then it may only be time itself and our own achievements through modern science that will eventually lead us onto developing these technologies for ourselves. Time might not be on our side, as they may make the move to containment of the species and mass reduction of man himself.
   Proof of Aliens on the Moon scratches the surface about what may be out there, watch the video and make up your own mind.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Triangle craft and the Human perception of UFOs

Triangle craft came about in the late eighties to early nineties, before this period the shape of an UFO normally reported upon was that of a flying saucer, so when did the object get to evolve into this newer recognised form ? 
   Back a few years ago Belgium had a mass of sightings right across the country and many were seen by Belgian Police officers, was this paranoia or mass hysteria ? what I mean is did they all see the same thing triangle UFOs or had they heard about the sightings over their radios or back at their relative Police station before going out that night. If they were informed of several police officers having reported such craft then it might be assumed that hysteria was responsible, they then would go about their duties outside and look for UFOs, makes sense doesn't it ?
   Well I do like to throw the cat amongst the pigeons and cause a stir, I like to think that they all saw something that night and that they were all triangle craft. Since something that could travel quite quickly would easily be seen in different parts of Belgium all on the one evening. Trouble is it happened on more than one night, they were seen on more than a few occasions, so much that the Belgium Air force actually had planes on standby ready to take off and pursue these UFOs.
   It is at this time in Belgium history that the triangle probably made more people aware of these different types of UFO that were around, why hadn't they been seen before I wonder, was there a unannounced or secret test being conducted by the European Military for a given time span perhaps. Where did these UFOs come from or secret craft, had they been loaned to us for analysis and as a proven technology that had evolved from recovered UFOs.For what reason was Belgium seen as an area that they may consider using as a testbed for such craft ? or was it the case or ET being interested in something that was happening under cover in Belgium.
   Well the Military definitely hadn't been informed, nor too had the Belgium Government as planes were scrambled regularly in order to pursue these UFOs although the triangles were far too quick and could evade any pursuant easily. When the invasion of these craft finally diminished one wonders where did they go next, were they shipped back to the country from whence they came or was it really ET playing cat and mouse with the defences. It makes sense that any visiting Extraterrestrial Beings might want to first find out what they were dealing with, the best way to do that would be to appear over the skies over a nation and wait for something to happen.
     Once again it might have been the somewhat well announced TR3B that doesn't really exist 
( hmmn ! ) Aliens from another Planet may just have arrived and decided to try out their craft against ours to find out just what we are capable of before revealing themselves to World leaders with a view to take over.Whatever the reason it seems that triangle craft are seen more often that the earlier reported UFOs of the saucer variety.I could conjure up all manner of ideas as to why there has been a change in the perception of UFOs and their shapes that would have seemingly evolved in the Human conscious mind, yet whatever reason I do think of it still doesn't give us the answer as to why it did change more or less over night.
   Here is two videos of triangle UFOs that are being seen using a night time vision camera, hence the green flickering pictures,are these once again TR3Bs or visiting UFOs from another galaxy.. video one here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOXcxC25-H8&feature=player_detailpage

Video two here showing the Belgian Air force Officer explaining the whole scenario as it played out : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g3RQL63eQBY&feature=player_detailpage

Advanced technologies and War zones, is ET involved ?

Do you suppose that Aliens or other entities are repeatedly surveying war zones ? Might they have a vested interest in the outcome of such events or is it just purely through interest that they appear in such places.If there was collusion amongst the species, ie; Humans and Extraterrestrial beings, would they be deliberately helping such as the US and British governments wage war against other states. For what reason if any would they do so ? what would be their ultimate aim for the eventual outcome of such an offensive.

   As always there are and will continue to be much speculation regarding Extraterrestrials and their reason for being here on the planet, is it for the sake of Earth itself and do they mean to help us or is it for another altogether hidden reason; to take over here ! Perhaps they hope to farm human parts from these areas for use in their hybridisation program maybe, after all at the right time and in the right place many dead may be found in one area.

   Do I come across as hysterical ? is all this just a ruse to get your attention or does this really happen, who knows. One thing is for sure there appears to be some correlation between UFO sightings and world events, whether it be war, volcanoes erupting or some catastrophic event.Back in the history of England there are pictures woven as carpets and paintings that depict UFOs in their subject matter, stories abound of fire in the skies long before missiles or canons  had been invented, so are these pictures or representations in woven material just an added facet to ones imagination or did they really take place ?

Look at the picture above of what seems to be a being of whatever planet in control of a craft that can only be acknowledged as being an UFO. Once again extraterrestrial craft are seen here in the picture of the Madonna a religious picture from ancient history. What do you suppose that people from way back knew of such craft and as I suspect these craft and their occupants  have always been here. There are many such pictures to be found hanging in Art Galleries and museums around the World, so if different people painted these why did they put in UFOs ?

  Are Aliens now surveying Syria and other modern War zones and is it part of an ongoing program between advanced civilisations here on Earth and other races form afar, ET has the capability to move about the planet untouched and maybe even certain groups here on Earth as well. Are we looking here at an advanced craft that has been built with captured UFO technologies or is it an arrangement between ET and man, here we see what appear to be several TR3Bs that have been around for some time but are still denied as belonging to any known Human.
view the link here..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTScGehqc4Y&feature=player_detailpage

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Is this what you think it is ? a Grey maybe !

As I have always said and sorry If I appear to be repeating myself once again, events or UFO sightings Abductions or anything else extraterrestrial doesn't just happen because you are there looking ! Whether with a camera or mobile phone or video, it's kind of spontaneous.We all would like to see something, some positive proof of life elsewhere or at least life here on Earth from elsewhere, but we aren't all that fortunate.
   So you mind your own business and one night if like myself you are travelling a lonely road at two thirty am in the morning and suddenly a blueish sphere appears to be tracking you and then later a triangle craft possibly some seven hundred metres wide and long hovers above you and your vehicle, you know that you are privileged.
  Do these things happen with regularity or is it a one off thing ? by all accounts some would tell you they have had many experiences or visitations from Alien lifeforms or UFOs.Who am I to doubt their validity, I am just one of a few have been lucky enough to have seen something many would wish for and many wouldn't.
  Interestingly whilst on holiday recently in the Costa Brava , Spain, my wife and myself were having a swim in the enclosed pool as it became dark, early evening and after a short while my wife got out complaining of lack of light. I spoke to her and said it isn't that bad that you can't swim and see what you are doing, besides what else can we do when it is raining outside ?
  I continued to swim a while as she got dried and dressed then got out myself to dry off, it was then that I realised why she had quietly decided to stop swimming, outside there was something strange that disturbed her and as I looked at it, she spoke " can you see it as well ?"
Well have a look yourself and tell me what do you think it is..

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Incredible UFO seen from an Aeroplane over Asia

Not often is there something I wish to report , here we have an altogether different kind of sighting, an UFO sighted from an aeroplane by passengers. Rarely does any video show a clear view of what can only be termed an UFO, video from a moving object often makes for a blurred image.This is unusual, difficult to fake and clearly not your average weather balloon or chinese lantern.
   Watch carefully as the image comes into view, from a side angle and then increases it's angle upward with a curved flight path and accelerating,  not a plane for sure ! so what is it ? 
  I like this as it isn't the usual crap we have to sift through whilst trying to find proof of other Alien Civilisations or craft that are not from our skies or planet, this looks like a good one that has been filmed over Asia.

See the video link here.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=nlkTN3MdO8g

Saturday, 30 November 2013

UFOs and Portal gateways

Structures come in all sizes and shapes, So too do anomalies on the planet.Are there such anomalies here on Earth that correlate with those of another Planet ? Mars for instance,could there be something that is equally interesting and similar to what we have here perhaps.
    One strange anomaly on Earth is bore holes that have been appearing in some unusual places and causing much concern, do these also occur on the planet Mars and is it something we should be taking note of here on our home planet.Perhaps there is a portal gateway that links one planet with another ! Is this video  that is linked to here, showing us proof of this ?
  I doubt that there is a runway, as if this is for UFOs then a runway is not needed for such craft, then again it may just be a naturally occurring geographical fault.
  Time or travel portal would be an interesting theory and an answer to why UFOs disappear with regularity.

Link here to video...http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=DoJEv3DavNE

Monday, 25 November 2013

ET and Ufology as a Premise to make money

     The more I think about it , the more it makes sense, money making is a virtue beheld by many and some individuals will stoop to any level to make some more money, any way at all !  Perhaps and this is once again speculative although highly questionable, do certain groups deliberately set out to make considerable amounts of cash from Ufology ?
   I have in the past posted about so called Exo-politics members revealing ridiculous stories such as Jump room technologies, remember one Alfred Lambremont Webre who lives in Canada; he stated in an email sent to myself and no doubt many others that Andrew.D.Basaigo with Bernard Mendez and Barack Obama had been drawn into the jump room fiasco and actually jumped to the planet Mars.
see story..here..http://aliendescendant.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/alien-grey-teleportation-technologies.html

  There a number of heavy weight individuals with clout ie;lawyers and other such powerful people who have made Ufology their cause, the question begs, why ? Let me point out that I emailed one Alfred Lambremont Webre earlier in the year to try and provoke an answer to several questions about his YouTube account that showed him repeatedly telling us the same waffle time and again regarding the Jump Room Technologies he continues to make rash statements about, he didn't reply except to point me in the direction of his video which you had to pay to watch.
    My last post also suggest that one Dr.Steven Greer may not be the person we all hope him to be, read the last post..

Another heavyweight has to be Steven Basset who since he came on the scene has continually provoked the US government into revealing what they may know about ET and UFOs. Basset has been responsible for Exo-Politics starting in the USA and there are many other branches throughout the World, he is also responsible for the  Paradigm Research Group and the UFO Disclosure that took place back in 2001 as well as many other similar groups. Steven Basset has persisted in trying to get the government to reveal all but until now has been blocked in his devotions to the cause.
   There is no doubting his determination in trying to bring the truth to the surface with his End the truth embargo.I'm enthralled by the determination of one such individual and one wonders were he finds the time, I wish I could for sure.
   Like the last post I am sincere in my opinion and that is, why do these people become involved if they have never had any sighting themselves ? what is the motivating reason for ever getting involved in the first place and is there an alternative reason ie; money.
    Right across the World there are many small and determined UFO groups who do their best to try and find out the truth about UFOs and Alien abductions and cattle mutilations, they don't have the resources that some of these big groups that seem to be emerging in the USA.Don't get me wrong, but you must wonder why people like Webre, Basiagio, Mendez and Basset become involved at all, especially with their backgrounds.
   There is no doubting the expertise that comes from such a large group of organisations and they obviously need funds to continue their work, but is the funding being used legitimately for research into Ufology ?You can guess what is coming next, yes, isn't it just a little bit too regulated and controlled with much forward direction pretty much like a business.
   I have my reservations about these groups of individuals, the part that they play in the search for ET and what motivates them.I have no proof so can't shout out loud what I want to say, let's just say that they maybe doing a very good job on behalf of the civilisations of the planet Earth.Alternatively they could be the best disinformation group that has ever been gathered together on behalf of the western governments of the World or the people who are really in control of advanced technologies gained from ET. 
   Remember that whilst they are setting the stage the real agendas might be hidden away from us and as a truth movement ourselves we may be being mislead by the biggest farce ever concocted by those that don't want the rest of us to know that ET is here and has been for a long time.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Has Greer and the Disclosure Project lost credibility

Way back in May 9, 2001 the press conference of the Disclosure Project took place, hosted by one Dr. Steven Greer. Many US Airforce and Army personnel as well as civilian witnesses came forward to testify their knowledge of the UFO visitations that they personally claimed they had seen or was being covered up by US Government and NASA. The video of this meeting at the Press Rooms drew a large audience from the mainstream media and was considered to be an advance in Ufology for the times, as never before had so many newspaper and TV Media stations gathered to hear the witness testimonies of all these who were first hand witness to UFO events.
    The parade of gentleman and women who told their stories took several hours to listen to and absorb and the outcome hopefully would light the World on fire ! Unfortunately this didn't happen. 9/11 happened and the worlds attention was focused on the most disastrous event of the last fifty years that was labelled an act of terrorism, this is debatable but won't be considered here.The disclosure project had stumbled due to an event so horrible that it just wasn't considered important any more, sad really as this should have been major.
    Since this time Dr.Steven Greer has soldiered on and continued his quest into the strange and unaccountable sightings that take place here on the planet, his investigation into a small Alien creature that was found in Atacama continues and there is much going on within the disclosure group to this day.

    Greer has talked of free energy and supposedly held such a device in his hand whilst talking about the subject, but where is it now ? The claims were that a small device would overcome many problems now associated with modern ways of creating power, apparently the disclosure project put up some five million dollars for anyone who could deliver such a device, this begs the question; what was Greer holding in his hand ? Free energy is talked about everyday and there are a number of facilities that are trying to develop this technology, as well as certain individuals that can be found on You Tube with their claimed inventions on a regular basis. Stories emanate of inventors being assassinated or killed in somewhat rather unusual circumstances, this is quite possibly true.
    Dr.Steven Greer has a medical background having been a ER physician and one wonders how he made the transition to UFO investigator; Apparently he claims to have seen an UFO up close when a child which then sparked his interest in the subject, he also claimed he had an uncle that worked on the Lunar Module program and I wonder if this is how he came into contact with an UFO. What bothers me is if he had a promising career as an ER Physician in the USA which no doubt paid extremely well, why did he give it up in favour of following his interests in UFOs and other Alien activities; wouldn't you continue to make a buck and show an interest ? maybe there is more to be made following your interests, who knows.
  One of the strangest participants at the Disclosure Project had to be the Army Sergeant Clifford Stone,who claimed to have recovered EBES, extra-terrestrials bodies at UFO crash sites; he said they had catalogued fifty seven varieties of Alien whilst going about these investigation's. So many types of Aliens visiting Earth and not one single piece of valuable information has come forth to substantiate this, no tangible evidence is available to the public of course,so are the governments of the World so good at covering up everything that ever happens around the planet ?
  As with so many people who claim that they have seen an UFO or had contact with an Alien civilisation or EBE , there is no proof whatever of this being true. So why do I believe that the Disclosure project  has lost credibility ? Look at the individuals involved and consider their statements, how many people do you know when faced with a government or group of rich and powerful individuals stand forth and say , yes, I can tell you about unknown technologies and ET , UFOS and all manner of state secrets; not many I think.
   Why hasn't there been a follow up of the initial Press Room invitation to further the groups aims in bringing forth the truth related to ET and UFOs ? sure enough the disclosure continues it's investigations but hey ! what use is that without the testimonies of others who can hopefully bring forth tangible evidence, material, photographic or otherwise.
I do sincerely hope that I am wrong and wish Dr.Steven Greer the best when trying to bring to our and the Worlds attention what is considered one of the blackest and stealthiest stories out there to truthful reality, the problem I have is that anyone who ever gets anywhere near the truth, gets threatened or their endeavours are undermined by money and power.

Further reading on this subject with much more information can be found here..http://www.free-conversant.com/realtruth/989

The disclosure project link is here..http://disclosureproject.org/

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Whale carrying UFO !

Once again, I am sorely disappointed by the stupid minority out there who can't think past their next mealtime, Dumb ! Yet again we have another fantasy film maker who is out to fool those unfortunates that can't distinguish fact from fantasy, a video showing what looks like a plane to me.Other people seem to think it is a Whale of all things being transported to somewhere, why ? is it lunch time again ?
  Maybe it is Japanese fishermen catching whales for scientific research wink! wink ! or is it just another prankster wasting his valuable life making silly films just to prove how manipulative he can be with an audience and his graphics skills.

Link here to video :http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=u6z5RUvLYII

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Shapeshifters, Aliens or from a realm of fantasy

Do shape-shifting Aliens live here and if so where do they emanate from ? Could there be proof of such entities actually controlling or protecting higher placed members of society or government, elitist types with shape-shifting guards from another planet or parallel universe maybe.
Here we have a still image taken from a video of what some would claim is a shape-shifter, a plainly dressed, high security man protecting of all people,  the President of America, Barack Obama.Some individuals actually make an enormous amount of money claiming that these entities actually are on this planet and control much of the Earth and it's governments. So if this were true why would one of them be guarding a president ?Wouldn't the secret service do this ?
  Fantasy plays a huge part in the minds of some people within Ufology, being creative is acceptable when writing on the subject but this kind of speculation does no good and yes, I know a certain gentleman harps on about shape-shifters regularly within UFO circles and holds much debate on the matter. 
  Think on wouldn't an intelligent and advanced biological entity, be able to focus upon an individual or group of individuals and project an image that serves as it's  humanoid like features, to please those who are around it, one that it wanted to portray ?
   Aliens providing they are here, would have us do their bidding perhaps but remain in the background from prying eyes, not likely be performing security duties for what they might consider a lower form of life ! Get real out there and help us find the real answers, hey !

Monday, 11 November 2013

Comet ISON dispelling a myth

Further to my last post on the coming of the most spectacular comet yet to visit the Earth are some true revelations about this heavenly body. Comet Ison has never been to this Planet before, it is not Nibiru and anyone who says that it is , is lying; the truth be known about this comet is that it's mostly composed of ice and gas. The gas is in it's tail and the suspicion is that as this phenomena gets nearer to the Sun it will dissipate completely. The high temperature of the Sun should completely melt all of this meteor with little or no damage coming to the Earth.
There is what can only be called mass hysteria coming from the alternative media circus and I mean Circus with a capital C, paranoia on major scale is being deliberately put out into the mainstream to frighten people about all manner of catastrophes that could happen, this is not true.
Many writers and You tube video makers are telling you lies just to get you to watch their channels and videos, the truth is out there if you just look for it. Talk of FEMA body bags being transported in their millions to Peurto Rico or any where else is just nuts, for whatever reason the US Military might need all these body bags , it isn't because of an incoming Meteor.
   The Earth itself is passing through space and travels through many areas on it's voyage, it isn't fixed in one part of the Universe and as a consequence is now nearing an area that is full of space debris and many meteors and asteroids, this includes passing through an area that could cause major disruption to electrical fields and disrupt the internet and telecommunications.
Further more there is no Alien invasion or a second coming of the Annunaki, this is just a small Comet that will share the same space as the Earth at a once in a lifetime pass. Get out your telescopes or binoculars to see what could be the most spectacular light show ever.
Comet ISON is not the much famed Nibiru either, once again this is told to you to confuse and alarm the public and this sort of thing is put out by unregulated media, sure enough we need an alternative source of information but what is out there right now is pure disinformation. Here is a few sites that will give you what you need to know about Comet ISON..



Nibiru and the Messiah isn't this just renewed Paranoia

Once again the famed Nibiru rises within the alternative media circles, does this have any substance I wonder, Comet ISON is reputed to be coming our way. Numerous stories abound about an oncoming comet that will once again bring devastation to the Earth, the finger is always pointed toward NASA and the western governments having something to hide from us and as usual bad weather fronts are often mentioned as a way of convincing us that this is due to Comet ISON or the renewed Nibiru coming.

   Isn't all this just Paranoia ? The second coming of Christ or an Alien invasion, whatever it just isn't true. Being sensationalist will always get you plenty of visitors to your You tube account when making outlandish and rash statements, won't they !
Link to a video that purportedly shows an image of the Messiah on his way..http://beforeitsnews.com/prophecy/2013/11/nibiru-ison-the-messiah-visible-video-2455556.html

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Bulgarian Grey Alien Hoax perhaps

So there I was looking around for some ideas or perhaps even a gentle reminder of something I could put together for my Blog and lo and behold it fell before me !Yep ! there in a flash of insanity perhaps, I was reading these stupid posts that emanate all over the place about Alien invasions and all manner of other uninteresting hype.
   Alien Grey seen in Bulgarian woods, wow ! got to have a look at this hey ! so i did the usual and linked up to the video and there it was in all it's glory; an Alien grey trying to look like man at C&A standing between several trees and modelling for his crowd of photographers.
I suppose he was just wandering around with nothing else better to do and stopped to have a few pictures taken and take a leak up a tree maybe.
Here,s the link..http://beforeitsnews.com/beyond-science/2013/11/tall-grey-alien-photographed-by-hikers-in-bulgarian-forest-2444250.html

Thursday, 31 October 2013

UFOs and the Truth, will all be revealed ?

Spurious attempts have been made over the successive years to bring forth the truth about UFOs, governments of the west especially have been asked many times is there a presence ? Have we an Alien presence on the Planet ? Repeatedly the answer always comes back, NO ! an overly explicit NO !
   Despite numerous activities that defy an answer from an earth bound point of view, evidence appears to be that we are, without doubt being visited by another group or groups of Entities. The suspicion is that many of these sightings and abductions are known about by many western and even eastern block governments and are being hidden from members of the public.
   Do these Alien entities travel to us from distant stars amongst our own Galaxy or do they pervade from another Universe and if so is it a Parallel Universe ? There is and always will be an open debate on the subject, heaven and earth, we know much about earth but what happens in the heavens.
   Since our own attempts at space travel are limited to sending probes to other far of planets within our own solar system, then it would appear to all that if we can't master travel to the stars then why would any other civilisation be able to do so. Is it only that the limitations of space and it's void are what we are told is possible and that the attempts by NASA are just a stage set out to enthral us.Do we have the capabilities to travel much quicker and farther than they reveal ? and did that technology come from afar ?
   Much deliberation and speculation has evolved around the subject of UFOs and visitors from another or other regions of the galaxy, the problem is in getting the governments of the World to tell the truth about what we already suspect or know about already, confirmation is required to support the investigations that have taken place so far.
  The suspicions are that a number of underground bases exist both under the ground and under the sea, yet due to only a few having the ability to look into these areas we can still only hope that we have the truth about the existence of others.It is with the coming of the internet that we can be grateful for much more information being made available, through an exchange of video and pictures with a gathering of first hand accounts from those who have had sightings or claim to have been abducted.
   Strange and inexplicable events occur almost daily and an open mind prevails when trying to analyse these events, unfortunately many deceivers also deliberately try to steer us away from our devotion to finding out the truth.For there to be as many incursions by UFOs and Alien Entities as some would have us believe, there would have to be many Alien races here and now ! 
    What would be the goals of an Alien presence and why haven't they just taken over the planet ? Can we rely upon the idea that they are here to help us and stop the ruination of the Earth . It's some seventy one years since Roswell  and the first suspicion of another race of beings were trying to make contact, wouldn't it be right to say that they have had ample time to correct what we do wrong to this planet in this time.
   Is there an ulterior motive for Extraterrestrials being here ? do they harvest both human and animal tissue for food or are they really interested in helping the human species evolve  into something far more advanced than the present being we are now. Is there collusion amongst the species and what for ? do present governments know all of what happens here on the planet or is as suspected an all powerful Illuminati that is hell bent on diminishing the inhabitants of Earth to a paltry few hundred thousand to enslave.
   Will the USA and it's powerful government finally reveal to us all what is really going on, then again is this just a smoke screen whilst they enslave their countrymen first before taking over all of the Earth.If you follow the daily goings on of the US government and it's Military and Police with is ever present lack of courtesy to it's own and attacks against society as a whole , then you can't help but think that everything we ever hoped wouldn't happen; is happening now.The big question in my mind is, has this anything to do with the ongoing invasion of the planet.Do extraterrestrials own the Earth or will we finally get to know the truth.
  Stephen Basset known to many as with the Exopolitics group and Alfred Lambremount Webre and David Basagio have been putting out the story about the Mars jump room program. Stephen has now distanced himself from these two and disowns any thoughts that he may have to do with Jump Room Technology, he suggests here in a video that the American Government may be about to reveal all, is this true I wonder.
Link here..http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=7aU5pvnszFI

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Martian Anomalies

More interesting than the usual You Tube crap videos, here we have an honest appreciation and quite convincing analysis of Martian anomalies.Taken by visiting craft to the planet Mars but often hidden from the view of the public, it is with great determination and skill that these unusual shapes on the surface have become more familiar to us, yes ! Martian craft and replicated  human face on the red planet.
   Why should a group such as NASA hide such information from the public, what reason or agenda do they hide this from us ? as with all things on this planet Earth, knowledge is power ! So is it that knowing what others don't, give NASA and western governments the leverage that they need to control the inhabitants of mother Earth. It is unfortunate for most of us that we can only rely upon the work of a few who look for these anomalies and reveal them to the rest of humanity, it is even less likely that we would otherwise have been able to find, let alone see these fascinating structures on Mars.
                            The Face of Mars from above

  The Face of Mars is one such anomaly that contains the features of what appears to be an Humanoid, the structure is so large that one wonders who might have constructed this, it isn't a naturally occurring feature of the planet. Could the Face of Mars be a pyramid built many years ago and a last standing remnant of a long lost society? Or is it possible that there is still a civilisation living but beneath the surface or Mars ?

                 The Face of Mars side view

  The long and extending Glass like tubes that cling to the gaping crevice within the surface of the planet is also one of the most amazing structures that defies belief, is it a tunnel by which others had traversed the Mars and is it still usable for travelling from one destination to another.The mind boggles at what other sites of interest that may lie not only on the Red planet but on others planets too.
Link here to a video ..http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=jRYTZEtTzls

Ufology or Hype

Ufology is widely read by many, whether they are interested in the subject matter or just happened to have been driven via another website or post doesn't really matter; what does is the fact that they continue to read and justifiably analyze the written form. As a consequence many may be transformed into a way of thinking and expression of an anomaly that might once have not even raised a glimmer of thought within ones mind.
  So how do they convert to this varied and much deliberated subject ? if not through a sighting that is personal to them or a friend then perhaps through the reading of a Blog or Website on Ufology. It is here that a writer holds or should hold a sense of responsibility to it's fold (readers) so in what manner should this take place ?
  There are any given  number of  websites that are well able to provide the avid reader with the information that they may require on this subject, most do just repeat what they have read elsewhere and have no first hand knowledge of Ufology or ever been a witness to an Event. No doubt much joy is held in the belief that they are providing a service to others by directing readers to the latest UFO reports from the likes of MUFON. Praise be to them !
   On the other hand there are a number of Blogs and Websites that go that extra mile by analyzing the information put before them and giving the reader a  much needed or better insight into what is actually taking place in the skies above. Deep thought can come into play when trying to analyze sightings and no doubt not everyone will come to the same conclusions but it makes life interesting.
 Some writers like to think they have an exclusive and make a major headline from the the report they are about to deliver to the public, is it really necessary I wonder. Do they need to be so sensationalist or is it that they need to gather more readers in order to gain some advertising revenue, which begs the question; are they just doing it for the money ?
   Through Blogging and creating a number of websites over the last few years, I have been able to make contact with some rather interesting individuals, some are deeply entrenched within the subject of Ufology and others are intelligent people who have helped me with some of my posts along the way, lending much needed and interesting scientific fact to the Blog. Others are witnesses of anomalies that have either occurred to them personally or they have seen an UFO close up or even claim to have been abducted, we can never be absolutely certain that any person or individual  is being one hundred percent truthful when making a statement of such and event.
   Many folk do live an altogether fanciful life where everything is reality and nothing is fiction ! really strange people they are, being able to divorce fiction from fact is a necessary evil when analyzing UFO reports or sightings. Some writers do and I have to forgive them , get carried away with their analogies and you could be forgiven for thinking that you had just put down a novel. Others just get a little carried away and start making up their own words for the subject, I suppose they might catch on if you say them often enough and some do unfortunately.
 Religion comes into play and there are Bloggers from certain countries that do overstate this when writing about UFOs, it is  true to say that religion probably has a role to play in the matter and much speculation revolves around the Vatican in Rome being the keeper of old UFO knowledge from the past, some scientists despite being known for only believing in factual matter or things that are proven have crossed the line over to becoming a  believer in Ufology also.
  What gets my back up is so called writers of Blogs who plagiarize other peoples material and then use it for their own Blog/website on a regular basis and really have no place in the world of Ufology. these very same people also have nothing to add to the subject and continue to use words to impress such as Phenomenolgy, so I ask where the hell did that come from ? these very same people continue to look for other bloggers who might be of the same mind and use them to shore up their ideas about UFOs and Alien Entities.
   Whilst on the subject of nonsensical writings to do with UFOs the vary same people lean toward what can only be termed Black magic ! yes, anyone who believes the words of a Shaman has got to be losing the plot, Shaman hallucinate through the use of drugs and anything that they say isn't to be believed.
   It is understandable to brighten up a subject in order to get your audience involved and this comes by way of creative writing, Some of what you read here is speculative and there is nothing wrong with that, it isn't after all a lie. Much of what is written here is also quite  true and often comes for other sources which helps to enrich the Blog.
   Finally UFOs don't occur everyday and they don't appear just because you have a pair of night sights or binoculars, so don't believe all the hype on You Tube.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Deep Space Travel and the Next Propulsion system

More on Propulsion systems with the release of news from NASA of the Next engine and Ion propulsion system that could travel at ninety thousand miles per hour, that's the moon in less than three hours, whoa !
 As I pointed out in a recent post about other propulsion systems that are on test there are a variety of engines that may just come online and this is one of them. I wonder if perhaps this might be used to send those who have volunteered to go to Mars one way ? This method of travel would certainly cut the journey time down tremendously.
Read the story here.. http://www.nasa.gov/content/next-provides-lasting-propulsion-and-high-speeds-for-deep-space-missions/index.html#.Ui-Ao3_Ai_0

Monday, 9 September 2013

UFO crossing the Sun perhaps !

  I know how you all like the latest photos/videos of UFOs and can't wait to see them first, but how do you know when it isn't for real ? Can you tell for sure or will you like many others be fooled into thinking it is real ?
   I knew I had at least one photo that would wet your appetite and whilst looking through some holiday snaps I found another one,but is it for real ?

Have a look here at the two photos...

                                                                    PHOTO 1

                                                                PHOTO 2

So what do you think ? is it for real ? No I don't think so, you see too much light is reaching the camera lens and it can't possibly compensate for it so dark spots appear that look like something altogether different, an UFO for instance; so be more careful when scrutinizing video and photos on the internet.

Huge water born Earth like celestial body found.

Earth like planets seem to be coming forward at an astonishing rate since the Hubble telescope became operational some years back. Kepler 22b made the news as one of many Earth like planets that might be capable of sustaining life similar to Earth and having an abundance of water, now we have the latest find by a group of Japanese scientists at the SETI institute using the Subaru Telescope.

    Gliese 1214b  a celestial being is suspected of being purely a water born Planet, distance from our home is only a mere forty light years away, no problem if you happen to have an Electromagnetic plasma engined craft just hanging around.
                                Kepler 22b
  The obvious question arises in mind, could a water born planet outside of our solar system be capable not only of supporting life but an intelligent species that could travel amongst the stars. Just because we are terrestrial beings doesn't mean that other beings couldn't break free from their habitat and travel to other solar systems or galaxies far beyond, just a thought of course...
read more here ...http://www.forbes.com/sites/alexknapp/2013/09/05/scientists-find-a-water-rich-planet-outside-our-solar-system/?utm_source=buffer&utm_campaign=Buffer&utm_content=buffere93d6&utm_medium=twitter

A Plasma Aerial Phenomena

Ufology is deeply entrenched in a history of lies and deception, pretty much all of it comes from video channels and certain individuals who either don't believe in UFOs or visitors from afar or they are government stooges who are employed either individually or as a group to divert our attentions away from the subject. Shame on them, for there is plenty to talk about and plenty of evidence around, providing you analyse it properly.
   Last year plenty of noises were being made around the appearance of UFOs that had been witnessed on both sides of the Atlantic and in other countries such as Russia, these very same UFOs had not been witnessed before or such a configuration yet no one seemed to be wondering why. So what UFOs are we talking about ? Large craft with trailing tentacles seen generally at night time and these very same tentacles seemed to be coming downward toward the Earth itself.
   Have you thought about how these craft suddenly appeared and why this sort of UFO hadn't been witnessed before last year ? Is there perhaps a new visitor from a far off galaxy within our solar system or is it something else ?
   I for one never bothered to report on these unusual craft or happenings around the World as I was uncertain about their origins, doubts occurred within my mind about whether these were actually from another Planet or Universe/galaxy.I must also admit having analysed more than a few videos in my time as a Blogger , I had given them little thought and dismissed them as a hoax, nothing unusual here .
   Time has passed and with this comes fresh ideas, whilst reading various posts and scientific material, I came across something that triggered my mind back to these somewhat strange phenomena and a light sparked within me.There are undoubtedly many strange and unusual craft that go unaccounted for due to Black projects and these very same craft are no doubt being tested around the World and this is where my thoughts lie.
    Propulsion systems will vary due to testing and forms of vehicle and their needs, ie; earth bound or for use in deep space.It is also likely that none of these craft are being tested for  civilian use, so we need to divert our thoughts to the type and look at the technologies that may exist or could be in a state of construction/testing or even on their return to Earth orbit from a trip out to the stars.
   What could possibly be seen that creates such a sighting as the ones seen last year ? is there an alternative method of propulsion, that we haven't been told of that may be outstanding in it's ability to move faster than anything else before. Maybe, let's say that whilst stumbling around on the internet, I came across some interesting ideas and this may be just what we witnessed last year.
    Magnetoplasmadynamic (MPD) thruster... well that certainly is a mouthful isn't it ? This basically means a form of  electromagnetic propulsion system that creates plasma as a way of propelling a craft forward. Interestingly this source or engine is also capable of high ranking speeds, ie; 200,000 miles and hour plus.
   Plasma would appear as if tentacles falling downward and could account for the unusual UFOs that we saw last year, they may also be in use right now, which would be the reason we had seen some of these performing aerial maneuvers that didn't fit into the normal category of flight we take for granted every day.
Here you will find a link to information on the NASA website that confirms my story around what may have been seen last year.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Roswell, did they find a symbiotically controlled craft ?

Imagine an UFO that was controlled emotionally by it's occupant ! Intelligent material that could coerce with the pilot itself. Does this seem altogether far fetched ? what if it was real ? seriously. Surely this is the stuff that comes with major science fiction, doesn't it ? Maybe not !
    Given that genetics has taken off somewhat liberally over the last twenty years or so and now plant life itself is being genetically modified, then it could be possible to create a craft that might be able to be controlled by thought or emotions itself. So is there a life form perhaps that is also modified to fly or traverse the vast areas of space, then maybe it is a creation but by whom ?
    Rocket technology here on our planet is still within it's infancy yet we have travelled to the Moon and Venus with various devices making it as far as Mars and Saturn and Jupiter, we sent a message to the stars via a viking craft that is still travelling now outside of our solar system and beyond. Speeds in excess of twenty five thousand miles per hour have been achieved in order to break away from the pull of the Earths gravity and yet getting anywhere near to our closest star would take a long time, possibly longer than a lifetime.
    Might human genetics be assimilated with other materials such as metal or plant life  and if so, how would it remain in a stable condition and be capable of understanding the emotional responses of a pilot within a craft. Maybe an alloy composed of a plant and a metallic element could be created to evolve into a symbiotic craft that is withstanding the rigours of space and light travel, a heavily modified and genetically grown material.
 Yes, I know it all  would seem far fetched to think that such a thing could exist, then again maybe not, think on if I could talk to my grandfather who was born back in the year 1892 and told him of how we lived now, his response would probably be to laugh out loud and tell me to not be so ridiculous; talk of mobile phones and wireless technologies would have him baffled.
    Technology is advancing at a terrific rate and what appeared to be impossible yesterday is now acknowledged to be an everyday accepted norm.Much is hidden from us due to devious governments led by even more devious ministers, not to mention the black technologies that we won't get to know about for perhaps thirty years or so from now.
    There is also the possibility that human genetics could be harnessed to a metallic element as a kind of living tissue that could be moulded and intelligent. An incredibly supreme craft that could be harnessed via thought and emotion with the power of the sun and be able to travel at the speed of light, would get you anywhere in the Universe quite quickly. A lack of a need for controls to guide the craft as it's response would be lightening fast and instant.
  Consider a symbiotic craft that was controlled by it's pilot that was an extension of the pilot itself, his genetic twin or something made from his genetic blue print that would respond to his brain wave activity or actual body movement, maybe telepathically. Does such a craft exist and if so where can it be found, Area 51 perhaps.

Want to watch a video that gives an insight into what might exist and may have come from the stars.
link here....http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=M0wBXNAiOys

Thursday, 29 August 2013

The Martians had landed

Far be it from me to rock the boat as apparently scientists now reckon the Martians are us, let's say that again MARTIANSAREUS.Yep, reminds me of a certain toy shop !By all accounts they seem to have come to a conclusion that we emanated from the planet Mars quite sometime ago.
  So what is all this hype about ? discovery of course, after analyzing certain rock samples thought to have come from Mars or is it samples found here on Earth they think we are all Martians. Quick honey go get the ray gun !
   It often tickles me sometimes the way such absurd comments come from what are supposed to be intelligent people who, yes, you got it do research. Look Other races having been coming here for eons, so if you don't believe me, go and ask Uncle Sam.
Want the story go here..http://uk.news.yahoo.com/life-earth-started-mars-scientists-004319956.html#DU4c4OB

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Sonic booms and new US technologies

First off let me just say , yes !  I had no intention of writing anything else here on this Blog, I said so, well things can change.
   I'm going to chat about a subject that many websites and Blogs have covered endlessly over the last year or so and haven't come to any conclusions as to what it may be, Sonic booms. Apparently across the World and including the US, Canada and Russia and many other countries there have been strange booming sounds that no one can put their finger on.
   So what is it ? Rumbling earthquake movements perhaps,  seismic  tremors or even the creation of some new Bore holes, yes, many have  appeared  pretty much overnight and taken a few houses with them. Maybe it is some unusual and never before seen UFO with an advanced  technological force that powers it forth across the night skies.
Hmmn ! perhaps not, I do know several Bloggers who have pondered on what it may be, yet still don't know.
   Consider that it might just be an Earthbound craft that is responsible for all the malady. So now that I have you thinking you want me to elucidate ? then I shall. Scramjet ! yep, you heard me right isn't it highly likely that the drone or rumbling sound that has affected many countries around the World is the testing of an craft that is slightly on the fringe of a break through of technology. 
   A high powered craft searing across the night sky at speeds in excess of Mach 5 would make one hell of a noise when breaking the sound barrier, maybe this is what all the noise is about. 

Here is a link or two to stories relating to the testing program of the USairforce X-51A Hypersonic scramjet .

One last word, let's stick to the realties that are out there and leave the fantasy to You Tube fanatics and dreamers.

Friday, 26 July 2013

Alien Entities, UFOs and Anomolous activites

   Blogging is probably an introspective task brought about by a desire or need to find an answer to a problem, my problem is finding an answer to what I encountered back in 1999 ( read the first post of this blog to find out ).  I have with some willing, given of myself on the subject of Alien entities, UFOs and anomalous activities that purportedly happen around the globe, unfortunately I can't give you any true pictures of such craft or entities or even profess to admit or deny that such Alien entities actually exist.
  I have further speculated and analysed subject matter both written and in the form of video of UFO sightings and Alien visitations,despite all this there is no positive proof of either, I am sorely disappointed. I had hoped and have requested help along the way from readers of this Blog with the hope that some of my readers would both offer information and even dispute what I have to say, neither has happened.
  So I have to wonder do you all still go to school and are my readers only mostly children and if so, I must stop because I do not want to be accused of having influenced and corrupted young and imaginative minds.
Ufology is and I believe, real, there is far too much out there to prove otherwise, the unfortunate problem for me is trying to balance a working life with difficult hours and Blogging on my favourite subject.
   In the early days of blogging I obviously caught the attention of the American Government, one night I had eighteen visits from the Island of Guam, if you don't know then I will put you straight; Guam is a US Military installation and a listening  post, probably much like the NSA and I also got two visits from the United States Senate office all in one hour, must have been something I said !
  Many of the sightings that are portrayed on video channels such as You Tube are false and it is this that detracts from the real issues that all Ufologist are trying to find out their answers, the truth matters and that truth is that UFOs are real and have been coming here for a long time, perhaps tens of thousands of years.
   My recent offerings may not be all that you the readers have been expecting, however I believe there is a definite link in what I have speculated and since there is no alternative view on the subject that comes close to what I consider to be true then it has to be worth everyone's consideration. Anomalous activities derive from a need to see and believe both in UFOs and Alien Entities, I also believe that many people hallucinate or deceive themselves into believing that what they see in the skies is something other than an UFO, imagination in under developed minds whether juvenile or otherwise is a problem; intellect does play a part in the process of analysis of an anomalous event.
   Many of the so called UFOs seen and witnessed by many in the USA are more than likely drones, there are too many flying around the skies and they are remotely controlled. Then again some of the UFOs seen around the USA  are also Black project craft which the American Government and Military industrial complex don't wish us to know about and this is probably where all the missing US dollars have gone, to  finance the ultimate control of the US citizens and the incursions and attack on  decent human beings in far off countries in pursuit of Oil revenues and the wealth of a few obnoxious politicians, there I have said it; there is most definitely a link between UFOs and Alien Entities and black technologies.
  Unless there is some spectacular event on the horizon involving UFOs or disclosure finally comes about in a truthful manner, then I see no point in continuing to evoke my thoughts upon you and it is with this post that I say read no more. I may soon make some other offerings and you will be able to read about them here so keep a look out, they will most likely be linking to some science fiction material that I might just get around to writing purely for your enjoyment and you never know it may just be true !


Wednesday, 24 July 2013

NASA and the building of an Warp Drive engine

I'm somewhat intrigued by the story I am about to reveal to you today, apparently scientists have speculated that they consider it possible to create an engine that has the capability of Warp Drive. Suggestions are that it may be possible to travel at faster than the speed of light, this is merely speculative and they say could be entirely possible but not for at least one hundred years !
  Einstein produced the theory of light and relativity and stated that travel beyond the speed of light was not possible, so I might ask why do some scientists think otherwise now ? Consider the possibility of faster than the speed of light travel and then ask yourself where does light go if we can surpass it ? well, nowhere really because even at the speed of light , light itself will always be travelling away from us, won't it ?
   Dark matter that has been written about here, could possibly play a part in this calculated theory of faster than the speed of light travel, perhaps that elusive dark matter comes into it's own at these faster than Warp speeds; maybe Dark matter replaces normal light when travelling beyond the speed of light.
   You should also realise that the bending of space is also part of the theory which suggests that this story isn't all it is supposed to be.

view the story here.. rt.com/usa/nasa-warp-engine-light-488/

I like to think that this contemplation of the possibility of faster than light travel is perhaps the US government and NASA, NSA and other security sources maybe leaking information slowly leading up to an admission of such or similar technologies actually existing and ultimately leading to an admission that UFOs do exist !

Monday, 8 July 2013

Alien abduction videos and Alternative realities.

Further to the last post ( An alternative Alien reality ) I thought you may want to view some links to videos on the subject. I have also included the link to the video for Dr.Karla Turner and her abduction theories.



Sleep tight and hide beneath the bed clothes !

UFOs and the alternative Alien reality

  More disturbing than any other thought I have had over the last few years, when reviewing my UFO experience and trying to come to terms with why or what happened back in 1999 is why me ? where from  and ultimately, what for ?
  I have just spent several hours watching a video that portrays everything that has been bandied around by many UFO and Alien investigators for years, I have had my doubts about some of what has been mentioned and even knowing some people who have been abducted or had abduction type scenarios wasn't altogether convinced of what I was hearing. 
   Reality here on this planet is a regular feature of everyday life, we all pretty much take it for granted, don't we ? We live in a three dimensional world and that for most people is enough, I mean many couldn't perceive let alone understand anything else. Much talk has been going around about other dimensions and I can hear my friend a Scientist in Florida screaming at the top of his voice " There is no such thing ", Okay I agree; what is generally meant by this terminology is, I think other worlds, parallel worlds or parallel universes.
   Inter parallel universe crossing might be a reality ! where one type of being or entity is able to slip through a gateway and cross over into our world almost as easily as if you or I where popping down to the local shop. Time too could also be a contributing factor when establishing a link to another universe, I know many of you may have read my posts on parallel universes and be pretty much conversed in the idea of such a way of traveling might just be for real.
   Getting back to the video about abductions and one Dr.Karla Turner who did research on abductions, after having a revealing memory with her husband and son of having suffered similar experiences themselves, she went on to give an audience her view points on the subject. Apparently Dr.Karla Turner died aged 48 of an advanced cancer, it is also suspected it was brought about after her revealing her thoughts on abductions and it is considered she was getting close to the truth, Dr.John.E.Mack also died after revealing that he considered abductions to be real.
   What struck me as interesting was what Dr.Karla Turner said about some of the abductees, females in particular as to the detailed investigations carried out by Alien Greys. She said and I quote " investigations of womens uterus and other sexual organs including that of a three year old child caused damage to many ".
Given that there is much speculation regarding that alien greys are supposed to be carrying out some sort of hybridisation program, it doesn't make sense that they should want to carry out detailed studies of womens sexual organs. DNA would be needed and some sort of genetic manipulation may be carried out to create an hybrid species.
   The Third World Order also came into the conversation and knowing what has been speculated about certain groups of people and their desire to abuse and sexually exploit some individuals here on the Earth, I wonder is there a connection ? Illuminati and Masonic groups are amongst many secret societies that are frowned upon by your average citizen, these same secret societies are considered to be above the law and are considered to get away with virtually anything.
  So where am I going with this I can hear you asking ? The answer is I am not sure, no one knows for sure where these Alien Greys come from, despite rumours that they do emanate from Zeta Reticula and short of going there I suppose we will never know. What if they where here on the planet, hidden in the depths of the Oceans and deep underground in huge bases such as Archuleta Mesa in New Mexico, yes, I have wrote about that before also. Then further speculate that these very same Alien Greys have formed a pact with certain individuals, who for pities sake are a secret society and have undesirable tendencies towards others in a sexually explicit way. 
   I sincerely hope you know where we are going with this now, these secret groups with advanced technology move around the Earth unchallenged by countries because of their power and speed with an agility that cannot be matched by any known terrestrial craft we have. With such ability at your means you could abduct and sexually abuse anyone you wished with impunity and also carry out black sexual or satanic rites, such as animal mutilation and hide behind the cover story of it all being unexplainable, after all no one has proven or will reveal the truth about UFOs.
 One last thing to note is, as I suspected Dr.Karla.Turner suggests as I have already wrote about in my posts that Alien Greys may just be our DNA that has been taken and used to create a subspecies as a foot soldier for the real Extraterrestrials or of course a secret society.

Friday, 5 July 2013

An Alien Agenda perhaps part 2

It all seems way too far fetched don't you think ? Lot's of little green men ready for a take over of the planet ! Well, perhaps not ! Maybe they aren't little green men but extraterrestrials that look pretty much like us, that would of course account for the reason that they could get away with taking control of the Planet way back when.
  Then again this idea of hybridisation is it true ? is there really an agenda to create another race that is far more intelligent or maybe subservient, who knows. What is genuinely accepted is that they do manage to visit us often and for some reason the governments of the World mostly ( notice I say mostly) don't want to acknowledge this fact, yes, it most certainly is a fact.
  Talk of Grey's and Reptilians has risen of the last few years, so where did they suddenly rise from ? way back sixty or so years ago it was beautiful tall men and women that were described as landing here in their space craft and having conversations with the local people that they came into contact with. Some even claimed to have taken a ride in these crafts to far off planets.
  Look back in history and pictures  or paintings depict strange looking fire breathing craft up in the skies, so why is this so, perhaps because our ancestors knew more about such visitors than we are allowed to know about now. Beings from other places/planets have been coming here for a long time, maybe some of them have always been here. It is highly probable that past civilizations, ones that we have no recollection of or that we have no historical memory of, once ruled the planet and were far in advance of technology than we are at present.
   Doesn't this make sense ? that like other past civilizations that have died out,  they too once ruled but still continue to exist but aren't readily located even with all our modern technological advances. The Oceans are more than two thirds of the planet and we haven't even started to understand just how much might be beneath the water, so why shouldn't a much more advanced race of entities be living here even today on the Earth.
   What these beings do, abductions for instance isn't any different than we do already with animals here, containing them and fixing them with tags, so that we can follow their movements, understand their DNA and breeding habits and even give them drugs to alter their state. In their minds we may be no more than sheep upon the earth, or just a play thing that they created many years ago.
   Ultimately there may be more than one Alien race that visit us and are readying themselves to rid the planet of the worst parasite that has ever walked the Earth, man himself.
  There is of course one last big agenda that of certain Politicians/Military and the Black Military industrial complex of course in the west, maybe they are lead by Extraterrestrials in the pursuit of man to ruin him and control in a fashion that humors them.Why shouldn't Aliens look like man ? if they did create us then like the stories of God creating man in his own likeness could definitely be true !