Monday, 17 December 2012

UFO in Crete

I have to admit that I have had this picture for sometime, not too sure what to do with it, I put it on my desktop and have continued to look at it and wonder, what ? Is this a genuine UFO caught by a photographer on the Island of Crete in the daytime or not.
   I usually make my mind up about such photographic evidence right away but just can't come to a conclusion on this one although I must admit I do have my doubts about it's authentication. Is it an UFO, well, yes and no, given that it doesn't look like any usual earth bound craft. Then again it doesn't quite fulfil the norm if I can say that, when talking of UFOs saucer or triangle shaped craft.

             click on photo to enlarge

    It's daytime and the sun is shining on the Island of Crete and this thing just appears with it's occupant or occupants having a gander at some human beings, maybe ! Look this photo is creepy ! under no circumstances does an UFO come so close just so the person viewing it can get an incredible photo.
   This smacks of Professional photography, just look at the woman siting comfortably taking a snap whilst also getting herself in the picture as well just to give some credibility to it all, no doubt whilst the driver in the front controls his remote craft out of view, say no more eh !
Here is the same photo after trying to manipulate it using the Gimp, a similar type photographic program such as Adobe on either photo to enlarge..

What's that they say about men who stare at goats ?