Thursday, 20 December 2012

The Worlds end, maybe

 So will the World end tomorrow and all kind of cataclysmic events take place ? Nibiru crash into the Earth or Elenin cause some great weather problem that turns us all upside down and earthquakes and volcanic eruptions take place everywhere.Then again maybe that great talked about giant brown dwarf Planet hits us and knocks us for six throughout the Milky Way.
   If your locked up under the earth hiding away from what you think is about to become the END then take the time out to read what NASA has to say about all this doom and gloom. Open up your pod or whatever and look outside and get a birds eye view of the World as it is now and tomorrow when you wake up , all will be the same, promise !
Want to see what NASA have to say about the scaremongers out there who tells us the end of the world is here..

Or you could watch a video on the reasons why it won't happen here..