Friday, 14 December 2012

Bigfoot DNA could this be proof of an Alien intervention

Bigfoot DNA is this finally proof of another species ? I wrote a sensational post recently on the supposed collecting of such a DNA sample and what evidence may come about of the testing of this sample. 
   One Laboratory has given a result and many others have done tests with this same DNA sample but the results are not conclusive ! It would appear that there is a Human relation to Bigfoot, a hybrid species perhaps.
  Suggestions are that a Bigfoot species may have had a sexual relation with a human type female some fifteen thousand years ago and this resulted in the Bigfoot that many try to find out in the woods today. I have my doubts about this idea or explanation, it would be more likely that something or other actually manipulated DNA from Bigfoot and this resulted in the two different species we now have living today, man and Bigfoot.
  One researcher has given her results and it needs others to support this claim that Bigfoot must be for real, what we need is proof that another Alien species actually created the separate lineage of Human and Bigfoot to prove what I have suspected for some time.

Read the results here..