Thursday, 20 December 2012

The Worlds end, maybe

 So will the World end tomorrow and all kind of cataclysmic events take place ? Nibiru crash into the Earth or Elenin cause some great weather problem that turns us all upside down and earthquakes and volcanic eruptions take place everywhere.Then again maybe that great talked about giant brown dwarf Planet hits us and knocks us for six throughout the Milky Way.
   If your locked up under the earth hiding away from what you think is about to become the END then take the time out to read what NASA has to say about all this doom and gloom. Open up your pod or whatever and look outside and get a birds eye view of the World as it is now and tomorrow when you wake up , all will be the same, promise !
Want to see what NASA have to say about the scaremongers out there who tells us the end of the world is here..

Or you could watch a video on the reasons why it won't happen here..

Monday, 17 December 2012

UFO in Crete

I have to admit that I have had this picture for sometime, not too sure what to do with it, I put it on my desktop and have continued to look at it and wonder, what ? Is this a genuine UFO caught by a photographer on the Island of Crete in the daytime or not.
   I usually make my mind up about such photographic evidence right away but just can't come to a conclusion on this one although I must admit I do have my doubts about it's authentication. Is it an UFO, well, yes and no, given that it doesn't look like any usual earth bound craft. Then again it doesn't quite fulfil the norm if I can say that, when talking of UFOs saucer or triangle shaped craft.

             click on photo to enlarge

    It's daytime and the sun is shining on the Island of Crete and this thing just appears with it's occupant or occupants having a gander at some human beings, maybe ! Look this photo is creepy ! under no circumstances does an UFO come so close just so the person viewing it can get an incredible photo.
   This smacks of Professional photography, just look at the woman siting comfortably taking a snap whilst also getting herself in the picture as well just to give some credibility to it all, no doubt whilst the driver in the front controls his remote craft out of view, say no more eh !
Here is the same photo after trying to manipulate it using the Gimp, a similar type photographic program such as Adobe on either photo to enlarge..

What's that they say about men who stare at goats ?

Sunday, 16 December 2012

UFO and Alien realities, what if ?

  Your here and the reason is because you have either witnessed something unusual that you can't explain or know exactly what it was you did see. Then again maybe you aren't that lucky and would have liked to have witnessed something as inspiring as an UFO but you do believe that there is more to life than just us ! Whether you are one or the other doesn't really matter but it would be nice to be believed.
   Ridicule, yes if you have ever told anyone about having seen an UFO then it is likely that you have suffered the rebuke of your friends by coming out and expressing to them what you may believe in. Are you strong enough to ride out the ridicule of those around you and then stand up and state that there is more to life than just here and us ?
    The problem of belief stems purely from the myths that have evolved from both those who are narrow minded and lack intellect, government lies and deception that has been put about for the last seventy years or so, to cover up their own Black projects and hide the the truth that we are not alone.
   The Milky way consists of some one billion, trillion stars; more noughts or zeros than you could probably write on a blackboard. Anyone who claims that we are alone is a fool ! The answers are standing before us all, look around you at the abundance of life here on the planet. Creatures of all manner have evolved and hundreds of thousands of them, insects, mammals, fish and many invertebrates that live on both land and under the sea, if all these creatures can exist on just one small Planet, then consider how many other species may exist out there among the stars.
   There are creatures that use infrared vision to see in a spectrum that we don't, animals that can change colour at will or to defend themselves, Whales and Dolphins as well as others that use Sonar to find their way around  in a dark Ocean.Man has only developed the use of Sonar over the last century and we are supposed to be the leading creature on the Planet.
   Creatures of all kinds exist in every corner of the World, both in hot and freezing cold climates as well as in volcanic eruptions under the sea.So what is that many can't grasp about the possibility of life else where, other than on this Planet ? Look at the pictures below and ask yourself are these not an Alien life form ?

Whilst I haven't seen any Aliens personally only a very large triangle craft back in 1999 I can't confirm or deny that they do exist in the radical forms that some claim, Greys or Reptilians however I do believe that there may be other Humanoids that come from another Planet, perhaps many Planets and that they have visited this Earth many times and continue to do regularly.
   It is also possible that some lifeforms or Extraterrestrials that visit us appear extraordinary and evolved differently from Humans, much like life here on Earth.So the next time someone tries to humiliate you or ridicule your beliefs, ask them how many stars are there out there and when they can't answer, tell them one Billion, Trillion and someone else is out there for sure.
One last picture is this an Alien ?

Friday, 14 December 2012

Bigfoot DNA could this be proof of an Alien intervention

Bigfoot DNA is this finally proof of another species ? I wrote a sensational post recently on the supposed collecting of such a DNA sample and what evidence may come about of the testing of this sample. 
   One Laboratory has given a result and many others have done tests with this same DNA sample but the results are not conclusive ! It would appear that there is a Human relation to Bigfoot, a hybrid species perhaps.
  Suggestions are that a Bigfoot species may have had a sexual relation with a human type female some fifteen thousand years ago and this resulted in the Bigfoot that many try to find out in the woods today. I have my doubts about this idea or explanation, it would be more likely that something or other actually manipulated DNA from Bigfoot and this resulted in the two different species we now have living today, man and Bigfoot.
  One researcher has given her results and it needs others to support this claim that Bigfoot must be for real, what we need is proof that another Alien species actually created the separate lineage of Human and Bigfoot to prove what I have suspected for some time.

Read the results here..