Sunday, 4 November 2012

UFO Directive or Disclosure Farce

   I know I haven't written anything here or reported any sightings recently, but has there been anything of any significance to report ? I consider my self justified in saying that when there is an outbreak of UFO sightings that are worthy of reporting, then I will get down to analyzing what is being said, written or made out as genuine video of such events.
   So the years end is coming closer and how do you feel about the end of the World ? will it really happen and is Nibiru about to descend from the heavens and throw the Planet into turmoil or will December the twelfth 2012 just pass like any other ordinary day with no more than a passing glance. I personally don't think so, if anything the Earth will still revolve around the Sun and life will carry on as it has always done so, excuse me did I say the Earth revolves around the Sun ? perhaps you should look that one up as apparently we haven't be told the truth about that either !
  What with all the lies and deceptive videos portrayed out there by wannabe film directors, who can actually discern what is real and that which is not for real, do you know ? If Nibiru should turn out to be for real and should it also happen to collide with our home Planet, then I reckon I have about five weeks left to live. Maybe we should all pack our bags and go for one last great holiday, I am going away in November and will come back just nine days before all hell is supposed to break loose, should you believe it of course.
    Approximately one week before the World is about to end a large number of well known and some maybe not so well known public speakers will meet in Brazil for what is billed as a Major event and the subject is close to all of our hearts UFOS and Disclosure of course. I have to admit there are one or two individuals who I have watched on You tube who just don't impress me one jot,they become far too excited which leads me to believe they are over enthusiastic about the subject of UFOs and Extraterrestrial contact. I wonder how many of these have actually seen something up close, had a close call with an UFO or seen something unusual and definitely out of this World. Don't get me wrong I am happy to see these people gather for what is billed as a gigantic gathering of like minded folk, I'm just not convinced they are all going there for the same reason.Unfortunately Money for some is a prime mover, wink, wink and say no more !
   Disclosure, this is one big hearty subject that comes up all manner of places and revolves around certain individuals who have come out with their findings or information gained whilst in the Military, either as serving officers or civilian posts. UFOs and the recovery of Extraterrestrial Biological Entities, some airmen and serving soldiers/officers and other civilians who have one way or another served the US Government came forth and gave evidence before cameras some ten years or so ago. These individuals were introduced to the World Press by Dr.Stephen Greer and he continues to investigate the unusual events surrounding our most favored subject.
   Ten years on nothing much seems to be happening , although it appears that a lot of people believe that Disclosure is right around the corner, it is even suspected that Barack Obama will be the first to release details of UFOs and Alien visitations here on our Planet, Get real ! any fool only has to look at the laws that this President of America has tried to pass in the last couple of years and realise that  he doesn't give a hoot about Ufology and is probably being led by the very people whom we wish to bring to the surface, Illuminati or the characters behind the Military Industrial Complex, yes, the black budget guys who know what we know but won't confirm it to us or the World.
    Think about it, do we really need all these conventions to prove to these Governments and Military officials, CIA and Mi5, Mi6 and the FBI as well as the MJ12 group (Majestic twelve) do we really need them to confirm to us that what we see with our own two eyes is for real ?
    There seems to be an awful lot of people involved in Ufology that have no place other than that it passes their time , they have had no event that they can recall where an UFO or Extraterrestrial has shown itself or made contact. On the other hand there are many individuals who have had a sighting close up, not twinkling stars at night; whom can give good accounts and yet no one listens to them, why ? Did you ever think that many of these people are in it for the money ! Why else would some one get your attention about some radical way of travelling to the stars and make such outrageous claims and then ask for money to see their videos other than for self gratuity.
    Disclosure will only come about when you stop looking for a Government , Military or other official body to confirm that what you have seen, and believe is true. When you open up and tell others that you believe there is life elsewhere other than here on this Planet, that you have had a reconnaissance with an UFO or close up visit from one or that you may have been abducted and not feel stupid or frightened of being ridiculed for your beliefs only then will Disclosure come about.