Saturday, 17 November 2012

Inanimate UFO !

Now this is one strange looking UFO ! flight characteristics don't comply with any ordinary craft, so what is it ? Denver Colorado is the place that this extraordinary aerial phenomena has been captured on video, debris I doubt it, a plane for sure it isn't one of them.
   Unusually so we have two separate videos and on two separate days with two different camera crews and cameras but they are both taken in the same place, strange ! One camera crew was an individual who just happened to find this unusual craft showed up on his film later on. The second crew was from a TV station who also filmed from the same point and also when they slowed down the video could see the same phenomena.
   The suspect it is debris floating about is a definite misnomer, debris in a wind can't move that fast. A model craft perhaps, not likely due the speed and aerial acrobatics that you can see it perform. What strikes me strange is that the way that this thing flies, at one point it seems to be coming in at a predetermined trajectory and then at another it just moves all around the place like a fly buzzing around the proverbial (shit).
   Even more strange is that local radar captured nothing and NORAD too, seems like it can't be metallic so perhaps carbon fibre and if so where does it come from. If it isn't some controlled black project then it has to be from another place altogether, space, an alien planet or hidden some where else on our home the Earth.
   No wonder many UFOs don't get seen at this speed, I just wonder what the hell it is doing flitting around this area unless of course it is watching NORAD itself of course and testing the local defences.

Here is the link to the news story and video.