Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Alien ancestry

Set yourself back in time and adjust your frame of mind,open up to the possibilities of your ancestry the creature or biological entity that was once your beginning. According to science and known history man departed from one of two beings that once lived on this Planet Earth, Neanderthal and Ape, Homosapien or Human being the species that we now are came about rapidly as a descendant , did we evolve or just suddenly appear ?
    Picture the scene some forty thousand BC , the Earth densely covered in forest and plant life with an abundance of wildlife all around. Strange yet understandably adapted animals grazing on the land or through the trees that no longer exist, live and feed and die with regularity. Technology is something that may come far into the future, for here speech is rarely heard or mutterings of sounds that might finally  become language occasionally are heard if only intermittently.
    Trees and caves are the only place to escape from the wilder and more stealthily adapted creatures of the land. Life is demanding purely through the need to forage continually for food and self preservation paramount if one is likely to continue to exist and hopefully evolve.
    Night slowly creeps in and the sounds of animals lessens, birds quietly settle down for the night and the sun slowly sets to reveal a bright full moon. Amidst the stars in their millions that brightly twinkle in huge Galaxies above comes a group of brightly coloured orange and blue glowing craft, descending quietly but with astonishing speed and nestles upon the ground, silence ensues.
   Only a hairy beast amongst several other of the same species rummages within the night, running from tree to tree without a care in the World. Some seven foot plus and covered in hair with a large brow and protruding nose that contains a strong sense of smell, scavenge from the fruit left that day by others.
   Fear erupts amidst these foragers and they retreat into the depth of the forest to escape, as the craft that was near by  opens slowly. Several small entities or beings almost stick like emerge from the craft with a number of humanoids both male and female follow and search through the dense line of trees for their intended prey.
  Another two craft appear hovering and then suddenly beams of light stream downwards and cries of fear and heavy groaning sounds fill the air. Within the evening mist a dark and large creature hovers momentarily before rising up to one of the craft several feet above the ground and disappears almost as if being consumed by the craft itself.
   Across the land many other such scenes of abduction are repeated and in many other countries around the World, the Aliens have landed. Inside the craft a dim light shines and one of the beasts captured struggles relentlessly although soon it becomes still. Small EBE's scurry about taking samples and drawing bodily fluids as other such small grey entities do tests before then discarding the beast via a beam of light back to the ground from where it came.
   Months pass by and autumn becomes winter, then spring and the beast forgetful of their surprised abductions become enthralled by their new offspring. Unlike all other of their types their new born display almost no body hair at all, the torso limbs and head are different altogether and the general height is also less than normal, the beasts  are looking somewhat dismayed.
   For years the new born of these beasts continue to display different mannerisms and proportions to their own and this is the beginning of a new age, that of Homosapien, humans walk the Earth. So what of the parents and how did such a striking change come about , was it natural or interference ? maybe it was the abductions and then maybe not ; since we don't have the genetic proof as yet we may never know.
   I know you are asking what of the parents what where they ? Bigfoot of course and most likely the missing link that many a scientist has been looking for years to find, don't believe or think this all a bit too far fetched. Well keep your eyes peeled on the Media should they dare to print such stories.