Thursday, 15 November 2012

Alien Ancestry Part 2

It seemed I rocked your boat with that last post judging by the amount of visits I have had this last few days, so why not write some more on the elusive beast otherwise known as Bigfoot.
   Consider carefully that the idea of Humans being a descendant of a wild  and hairy man known commonly as Bigfoot then where does that leave us on the ecological ladder ? are we a by product of the interference of Aliens from another Planet or something that has been calculatedly brought about by a Species that cared for the advancement of the life forms here on Earth.
   Undoubtedly if this was true then we have most certainly got something to thank someone or some Extraterrestrial being for, intelligence has to have increased dramatically through this alteration of our DNA.
  What matters more than anything else is the reason why another being from another place would want to do this, for our own good or theirs.There is a broad spectrum of UFO and Alien investigators who consider that man came about as a species to be used a slave race.The building of the Pyramids in Egypt and the Aztecs can't possibly have been brought about by man alone.
     Then we have to realise that even after all this time, Bigfoot is still claimed to have been regularly seen around the World, so why does this mythical beast still manage to evade us ? More so how come if the original had been interfered with by way of genetics is it still here ?
    Think on, I have suggested the unthinkable that of man being a by product of what is considered a large undomesticated beast that continues to roam parts of the America and the Himalayas. Can this really be so ? why if this beast was genetically modified is it still around.
  Let's get back to my original post on this subject, that EBEs took a number of Bigfoot to their craft and interfered with them and that this may have been by the way of genetic modification of the foetus or unborn child within a females womb. This then would account for a new race of beings and the continuance of Bigfoot itself; does this make sense.
   Another dilemma could be the two other descendants that some claim are mans descendants, Ape and Neanderthal man. Well Apes continue to this day but neanderthal man has been killed off thanks to the competition.The only way we could prove what I suggest is true or not would be to capture a Bigfoot live or dead and collect the DNA samples and this would conclude beyond all doubt if there was any relation to Homosapien today.
   Alternatively Big foot may have had no place in mans past and all that has been written here is pure fiction, the beast itself may just be a pet of some of our extraterrestrial visitors or even the last remnants of a missing link, then again perhaps there is some connection between the flashing lights that what we call UFOs and the arrival and disappearance of these evasive creatures. Do you know ?