Saturday, 17 November 2012

Inanimate UFO !

Now this is one strange looking UFO ! flight characteristics don't comply with any ordinary craft, so what is it ? Denver Colorado is the place that this extraordinary aerial phenomena has been captured on video, debris I doubt it, a plane for sure it isn't one of them.
   Unusually so we have two separate videos and on two separate days with two different camera crews and cameras but they are both taken in the same place, strange ! One camera crew was an individual who just happened to find this unusual craft showed up on his film later on. The second crew was from a TV station who also filmed from the same point and also when they slowed down the video could see the same phenomena.
   The suspect it is debris floating about is a definite misnomer, debris in a wind can't move that fast. A model craft perhaps, not likely due the speed and aerial acrobatics that you can see it perform. What strikes me strange is that the way that this thing flies, at one point it seems to be coming in at a predetermined trajectory and then at another it just moves all around the place like a fly buzzing around the proverbial (shit).
   Even more strange is that local radar captured nothing and NORAD too, seems like it can't be metallic so perhaps carbon fibre and if so where does it come from. If it isn't some controlled black project then it has to be from another place altogether, space, an alien planet or hidden some where else on our home the Earth.
   No wonder many UFOs don't get seen at this speed, I just wonder what the hell it is doing flitting around this area unless of course it is watching NORAD itself of course and testing the local defences.

Here is the link to the news story and video.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Alien Ancestry Part 2

It seemed I rocked your boat with that last post judging by the amount of visits I have had this last few days, so why not write some more on the elusive beast otherwise known as Bigfoot.
   Consider carefully that the idea of Humans being a descendant of a wild  and hairy man known commonly as Bigfoot then where does that leave us on the ecological ladder ? are we a by product of the interference of Aliens from another Planet or something that has been calculatedly brought about by a Species that cared for the advancement of the life forms here on Earth.
   Undoubtedly if this was true then we have most certainly got something to thank someone or some Extraterrestrial being for, intelligence has to have increased dramatically through this alteration of our DNA.
  What matters more than anything else is the reason why another being from another place would want to do this, for our own good or theirs.There is a broad spectrum of UFO and Alien investigators who consider that man came about as a species to be used a slave race.The building of the Pyramids in Egypt and the Aztecs can't possibly have been brought about by man alone.
     Then we have to realise that even after all this time, Bigfoot is still claimed to have been regularly seen around the World, so why does this mythical beast still manage to evade us ? More so how come if the original had been interfered with by way of genetics is it still here ?
    Think on, I have suggested the unthinkable that of man being a by product of what is considered a large undomesticated beast that continues to roam parts of the America and the Himalayas. Can this really be so ? why if this beast was genetically modified is it still around.
  Let's get back to my original post on this subject, that EBEs took a number of Bigfoot to their craft and interfered with them and that this may have been by the way of genetic modification of the foetus or unborn child within a females womb. This then would account for a new race of beings and the continuance of Bigfoot itself; does this make sense.
   Another dilemma could be the two other descendants that some claim are mans descendants, Ape and Neanderthal man. Well Apes continue to this day but neanderthal man has been killed off thanks to the competition.The only way we could prove what I suggest is true or not would be to capture a Bigfoot live or dead and collect the DNA samples and this would conclude beyond all doubt if there was any relation to Homosapien today.
   Alternatively Big foot may have had no place in mans past and all that has been written here is pure fiction, the beast itself may just be a pet of some of our extraterrestrial visitors or even the last remnants of a missing link, then again perhaps there is some connection between the flashing lights that what we call UFOs and the arrival and disappearance of these evasive creatures. Do you know ?

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Alien ancestry

Set yourself back in time and adjust your frame of mind,open up to the possibilities of your ancestry the creature or biological entity that was once your beginning. According to science and known history man departed from one of two beings that once lived on this Planet Earth, Neanderthal and Ape, Homosapien or Human being the species that we now are came about rapidly as a descendant , did we evolve or just suddenly appear ?
    Picture the scene some forty thousand BC , the Earth densely covered in forest and plant life with an abundance of wildlife all around. Strange yet understandably adapted animals grazing on the land or through the trees that no longer exist, live and feed and die with regularity. Technology is something that may come far into the future, for here speech is rarely heard or mutterings of sounds that might finally  become language occasionally are heard if only intermittently.
    Trees and caves are the only place to escape from the wilder and more stealthily adapted creatures of the land. Life is demanding purely through the need to forage continually for food and self preservation paramount if one is likely to continue to exist and hopefully evolve.
    Night slowly creeps in and the sounds of animals lessens, birds quietly settle down for the night and the sun slowly sets to reveal a bright full moon. Amidst the stars in their millions that brightly twinkle in huge Galaxies above comes a group of brightly coloured orange and blue glowing craft, descending quietly but with astonishing speed and nestles upon the ground, silence ensues.
   Only a hairy beast amongst several other of the same species rummages within the night, running from tree to tree without a care in the World. Some seven foot plus and covered in hair with a large brow and protruding nose that contains a strong sense of smell, scavenge from the fruit left that day by others.
   Fear erupts amidst these foragers and they retreat into the depth of the forest to escape, as the craft that was near by  opens slowly. Several small entities or beings almost stick like emerge from the craft with a number of humanoids both male and female follow and search through the dense line of trees for their intended prey.
  Another two craft appear hovering and then suddenly beams of light stream downwards and cries of fear and heavy groaning sounds fill the air. Within the evening mist a dark and large creature hovers momentarily before rising up to one of the craft several feet above the ground and disappears almost as if being consumed by the craft itself.
   Across the land many other such scenes of abduction are repeated and in many other countries around the World, the Aliens have landed. Inside the craft a dim light shines and one of the beasts captured struggles relentlessly although soon it becomes still. Small EBE's scurry about taking samples and drawing bodily fluids as other such small grey entities do tests before then discarding the beast via a beam of light back to the ground from where it came.
   Months pass by and autumn becomes winter, then spring and the beast forgetful of their surprised abductions become enthralled by their new offspring. Unlike all other of their types their new born display almost no body hair at all, the torso limbs and head are different altogether and the general height is also less than normal, the beasts  are looking somewhat dismayed.
   For years the new born of these beasts continue to display different mannerisms and proportions to their own and this is the beginning of a new age, that of Homosapien, humans walk the Earth. So what of the parents and how did such a striking change come about , was it natural or interference ? maybe it was the abductions and then maybe not ; since we don't have the genetic proof as yet we may never know.
   I know you are asking what of the parents what where they ? Bigfoot of course and most likely the missing link that many a scientist has been looking for years to find, don't believe or think this all a bit too far fetched. Well keep your eyes peeled on the Media should they dare to print such stories.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

UFO Directive or Disclosure Farce

   I know I haven't written anything here or reported any sightings recently, but has there been anything of any significance to report ? I consider my self justified in saying that when there is an outbreak of UFO sightings that are worthy of reporting, then I will get down to analyzing what is being said, written or made out as genuine video of such events.
   So the years end is coming closer and how do you feel about the end of the World ? will it really happen and is Nibiru about to descend from the heavens and throw the Planet into turmoil or will December the twelfth 2012 just pass like any other ordinary day with no more than a passing glance. I personally don't think so, if anything the Earth will still revolve around the Sun and life will carry on as it has always done so, excuse me did I say the Earth revolves around the Sun ? perhaps you should look that one up as apparently we haven't be told the truth about that either !
  What with all the lies and deceptive videos portrayed out there by wannabe film directors, who can actually discern what is real and that which is not for real, do you know ? If Nibiru should turn out to be for real and should it also happen to collide with our home Planet, then I reckon I have about five weeks left to live. Maybe we should all pack our bags and go for one last great holiday, I am going away in November and will come back just nine days before all hell is supposed to break loose, should you believe it of course.
    Approximately one week before the World is about to end a large number of well known and some maybe not so well known public speakers will meet in Brazil for what is billed as a Major event and the subject is close to all of our hearts UFOS and Disclosure of course. I have to admit there are one or two individuals who I have watched on You tube who just don't impress me one jot,they become far too excited which leads me to believe they are over enthusiastic about the subject of UFOs and Extraterrestrial contact. I wonder how many of these have actually seen something up close, had a close call with an UFO or seen something unusual and definitely out of this World. Don't get me wrong I am happy to see these people gather for what is billed as a gigantic gathering of like minded folk, I'm just not convinced they are all going there for the same reason.Unfortunately Money for some is a prime mover, wink, wink and say no more !
   Disclosure, this is one big hearty subject that comes up all manner of places and revolves around certain individuals who have come out with their findings or information gained whilst in the Military, either as serving officers or civilian posts. UFOs and the recovery of Extraterrestrial Biological Entities, some airmen and serving soldiers/officers and other civilians who have one way or another served the US Government came forth and gave evidence before cameras some ten years or so ago. These individuals were introduced to the World Press by Dr.Stephen Greer and he continues to investigate the unusual events surrounding our most favored subject.
   Ten years on nothing much seems to be happening , although it appears that a lot of people believe that Disclosure is right around the corner, it is even suspected that Barack Obama will be the first to release details of UFOs and Alien visitations here on our Planet, Get real ! any fool only has to look at the laws that this President of America has tried to pass in the last couple of years and realise that  he doesn't give a hoot about Ufology and is probably being led by the very people whom we wish to bring to the surface, Illuminati or the characters behind the Military Industrial Complex, yes, the black budget guys who know what we know but won't confirm it to us or the World.
    Think about it, do we really need all these conventions to prove to these Governments and Military officials, CIA and Mi5, Mi6 and the FBI as well as the MJ12 group (Majestic twelve) do we really need them to confirm to us that what we see with our own two eyes is for real ?
    There seems to be an awful lot of people involved in Ufology that have no place other than that it passes their time , they have had no event that they can recall where an UFO or Extraterrestrial has shown itself or made contact. On the other hand there are many individuals who have had a sighting close up, not twinkling stars at night; whom can give good accounts and yet no one listens to them, why ? Did you ever think that many of these people are in it for the money ! Why else would some one get your attention about some radical way of travelling to the stars and make such outrageous claims and then ask for money to see their videos other than for self gratuity.
    Disclosure will only come about when you stop looking for a Government , Military or other official body to confirm that what you have seen, and believe is true. When you open up and tell others that you believe there is life elsewhere other than here on this Planet, that you have had a reconnaissance with an UFO or close up visit from one or that you may have been abducted and not feel stupid or frightened of being ridiculed for your beliefs only then will Disclosure come about.