Saturday, 28 July 2012

UFO with Plasma drive

Interesting video here from July 2012, an Plasma firing UFO ! good video and analysis by a fellow UFO investigator who honestly doesn't give an opinion on what this may be. Close up ananlysis reveals a missile launch takes place at the same time as the UFO appears, but is this really an UFO, well for all intensive purposes it isn't identifiable so it is an aerial phenomena.
   There is what appears to be some dark and slightly blurred out areas right in the middle of the video going across from left to right almost as if there was some power line in view, also notice that as in most videos of this type there is difficulty in actually distinguishing the type of aerial phenomena it may be. There is a possibility that there is a helicopter in the area watching and maybe is security that has been put in place whilst the missile is launched and it has a bright light attached to it's underneath.
   So let's have a look at what is appearing here, apparently plasma is being released from beneath the UFO darting outward or beneath the craft, so is this part of the propulsion system ? I think not ! why ? because this seems to me to be similar to what is seen when a Shibumi flare is fired into the sky.
   Shibumi flares have a parachute that enables it to hover for some time and float slowly back to earth whilst lighting up the sky around it and the ground below, Shibumis are for detecting the enemy in a field of war and this is what I think we have going on here.
   Now that part over, there is the fast darting craft or phenomena that leaps across our view at high speed and the orb shaped glowing lights that flicker across our view of the UFO itself, perhaps they are small amounts of the flare material that have flashed away from the shibumi flare. As for the fast moving object, well who knows maybe it is another craft or UFO.
see the video here..