Sunday, 8 July 2012

Exopolitics and Propaganda

After posting the recent story on Alien Grey Teleportation Technologies I had my reservations about the material that had come my way by email from Exopolitics. Concerned with what more than likely is none other than Propaganda I contacted first another Blogger who writes another UFO Blog and his response was “Pure manure “. I then made contact with a friend of mine who is presently working on his theory of Parallel Universes and asked his opinion on what was being reported by Exopolitics via Alfred Lambremont Webre.

    My friends response was as follows :

Here is my opinion John
The CIA’s teleportation "jump room" program. This is not science fiction, you need at least a pinch of science for science fiction. Jump room technology doesn't make the grade for science fiction. Any claims of scientific validity is non-existent in this bogus report. This is pure fantasy that attempts to use certain scientific terms and language to dupe the reader.  Examples include: "Synthetic Quantum Environments (SQEs)", there is no such thing as artificial-smallest discrete quantity of energy- ecosystems. The SQEs are make-believe and simply don't make sense. A freestanding holographic creation in space is not possible. Holograms are produced with light and are not solid objects. A fold in the time-space continuum can only be best described as a black hole, not a great place to visit; a fold in the time-space continuum is a total fabrication.
I know that the misleading language in the so called jump room technology is a fabricated hoax, the question is why? Why would anyone make-up such an obvious fraud? First thought would be just for immature fun, like the early crop circle hoaxers. Maybe it is for money, selling seats at seminars and books sales.  But more likely it is what has been going on since the cold war, purposeful disinformation. The U.S. government used the flying saucer tales of the cold war to cover-up spy planes and experimental aircraft. It also used certain individuals to report bogus UFO sightings and to make it look as if people who saw UFOs were somewhat crazy.
In the vernacular of the street such persons are called shills. People who are planted to act as decoys and motivators for the purpose of deception. Think about it.  


I have no reason to doubt what my friend tells me as he knows more about Parallel Universes and Time Travel than most, so why is this material finding its way onto Exopolitics ? Let’s look at the whistle blowers, first the supposed CIA jump room participant Bernard Mendez, it was he who first came out with this startling revelation that both he and Andrew.D.Basiago with the present United States President of America Barack Obama and that they were participants in a program to teleport to the planet Mars.
    Bernard Mendez is or was an US Intelligent investigator that was deliberately dropped into the Teleportation program. Andrew.D.Basiago who also took part in the project is the founder and president of MARS and team leader of Project Pegasus. Despite his being a truth movement leader and a whistle blower, Basiago claims to have been used in the project from early childhood. A lawyer admitted to the Washington State Bar Association in 1996.
   Doesn’t it make you think ? two lawyers and a government or Military official come forward with one of the most astonishing stories that is so outrageous and part of a truth movement too !

I contacted Exopolitics and got a response from Alfred Lambremont Webre, he once again pointed me in the direction of his video on this subject, which interestingly you have to pay for . The question begs, are these government controlled agents who have been utilised because of their backgrounds and qualifications to misinform the rest of the UFO fraternity ? It would certainly seem so, how better to misdirect ufologist around the World than by using intelligent men with propaganda to cover up for the real goings on both in the US government the Military and the secret space program.
   If I didn’t know better I would say this has come at a time when we maybe be about to witness another false flag atrocity. I have sent another Email to Exopolitics but don’t expect to get the answer I really want to hear but should they respond with something more tangible, I may just post it here for all to read. Meanwhile be on your guard and don’t believe everything that is written about subjects such as this as I am sure these men are the US government Propaganda machine.