Saturday, 28 July 2012

UFO with Plasma drive

Interesting video here from July 2012, an Plasma firing UFO ! good video and analysis by a fellow UFO investigator who honestly doesn't give an opinion on what this may be. Close up ananlysis reveals a missile launch takes place at the same time as the UFO appears, but is this really an UFO, well for all intensive purposes it isn't identifiable so it is an aerial phenomena.
   There is what appears to be some dark and slightly blurred out areas right in the middle of the video going across from left to right almost as if there was some power line in view, also notice that as in most videos of this type there is difficulty in actually distinguishing the type of aerial phenomena it may be. There is a possibility that there is a helicopter in the area watching and maybe is security that has been put in place whilst the missile is launched and it has a bright light attached to it's underneath.
   So let's have a look at what is appearing here, apparently plasma is being released from beneath the UFO darting outward or beneath the craft, so is this part of the propulsion system ? I think not ! why ? because this seems to me to be similar to what is seen when a Shibumi flare is fired into the sky.
   Shibumi flares have a parachute that enables it to hover for some time and float slowly back to earth whilst lighting up the sky around it and the ground below, Shibumis are for detecting the enemy in a field of war and this is what I think we have going on here.
   Now that part over, there is the fast darting craft or phenomena that leaps across our view at high speed and the orb shaped glowing lights that flicker across our view of the UFO itself, perhaps they are small amounts of the flare material that have flashed away from the shibumi flare. As for the fast moving object, well who knows maybe it is another craft or UFO.
see the video here..

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Exopolitics and Propaganda

After posting the recent story on Alien Grey Teleportation Technologies I had my reservations about the material that had come my way by email from Exopolitics. Concerned with what more than likely is none other than Propaganda I contacted first another Blogger who writes another UFO Blog and his response was “Pure manure “. I then made contact with a friend of mine who is presently working on his theory of Parallel Universes and asked his opinion on what was being reported by Exopolitics via Alfred Lambremont Webre.

    My friends response was as follows :

Here is my opinion John
The CIA’s teleportation "jump room" program. This is not science fiction, you need at least a pinch of science for science fiction. Jump room technology doesn't make the grade for science fiction. Any claims of scientific validity is non-existent in this bogus report. This is pure fantasy that attempts to use certain scientific terms and language to dupe the reader.  Examples include: "Synthetic Quantum Environments (SQEs)", there is no such thing as artificial-smallest discrete quantity of energy- ecosystems. The SQEs are make-believe and simply don't make sense. A freestanding holographic creation in space is not possible. Holograms are produced with light and are not solid objects. A fold in the time-space continuum can only be best described as a black hole, not a great place to visit; a fold in the time-space continuum is a total fabrication.
I know that the misleading language in the so called jump room technology is a fabricated hoax, the question is why? Why would anyone make-up such an obvious fraud? First thought would be just for immature fun, like the early crop circle hoaxers. Maybe it is for money, selling seats at seminars and books sales.  But more likely it is what has been going on since the cold war, purposeful disinformation. The U.S. government used the flying saucer tales of the cold war to cover-up spy planes and experimental aircraft. It also used certain individuals to report bogus UFO sightings and to make it look as if people who saw UFOs were somewhat crazy.
In the vernacular of the street such persons are called shills. People who are planted to act as decoys and motivators for the purpose of deception. Think about it.  


I have no reason to doubt what my friend tells me as he knows more about Parallel Universes and Time Travel than most, so why is this material finding its way onto Exopolitics ? Let’s look at the whistle blowers, first the supposed CIA jump room participant Bernard Mendez, it was he who first came out with this startling revelation that both he and Andrew.D.Basiago with the present United States President of America Barack Obama and that they were participants in a program to teleport to the planet Mars.
    Bernard Mendez is or was an US Intelligent investigator that was deliberately dropped into the Teleportation program. Andrew.D.Basiago who also took part in the project is the founder and president of MARS and team leader of Project Pegasus. Despite his being a truth movement leader and a whistle blower, Basiago claims to have been used in the project from early childhood. A lawyer admitted to the Washington State Bar Association in 1996.
   Doesn’t it make you think ? two lawyers and a government or Military official come forward with one of the most astonishing stories that is so outrageous and part of a truth movement too !

I contacted Exopolitics and got a response from Alfred Lambremont Webre, he once again pointed me in the direction of his video on this subject, which interestingly you have to pay for . The question begs, are these government controlled agents who have been utilised because of their backgrounds and qualifications to misinform the rest of the UFO fraternity ? It would certainly seem so, how better to misdirect ufologist around the World than by using intelligent men with propaganda to cover up for the real goings on both in the US government the Military and the secret space program.
   If I didn’t know better I would say this has come at a time when we maybe be about to witness another false flag atrocity. I have sent another Email to Exopolitics but don’t expect to get the answer I really want to hear but should they respond with something more tangible, I may just post it here for all to read. Meanwhile be on your guard and don’t believe everything that is written about subjects such as this as I am sure these men are the US government Propaganda machine.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Annunaki and the Alien Hybridisation Program

I suppose that most avid readers of this Blog or any other blog or website on the subject of UFOs and Aliens has an insight into what is commonly referred to as the Hybridisation Program.
   Abductions are part and parcel of the program to infuse or change the Human genetic make up, is this true or mere conjecture on the behalf of excitable writers of websites and Blogs ?
   The most interesting information yet has come to me by way of yet another email from Exopolitics, Annunaki and their place in history and what is explained by leading geneticist about the ongoing genetic manipulation of man.
This is a lengthy video and can be heavy going for some but worth watching to get one of the most interesting and  valuable views on what may have been happening for tens of thousands of years.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Alien Grey Teleportation Technologies

I have read with some astonishment the speculations of some investigators around the supposed use of CIA operatives in the past to jump to other environments ie; Mars. Obama has been reported to have teleported to the Red Planet as far back as 1980 with other CIA operatives.

    Is this mere speculation or the truth about hidden technologies that the USA Military and other Government agencies have been hiding from us.All that I can say on the subject is that for some eight months or so this story about Obama and others has been doing the rounds and when read appears at first to have leapt right off the page of a comic book !

  So where does all this mass speculation come from ? Exopolitics !

Those people who claim to have first hand knowledge of all manner of information regarding UFOs and Alien visitation.There are some very well known names here that corroborate what is being told here and reveal some damning reports of the US and it's hidden technologies. 

   Jump room technology purports to be placed about the Earth in several places, America, England and Australia and objects have been reported to have been teleported about these places frequently.

Has the same technology been utilised to teleport humans to other environments ? Read the email I have received today from Exopolitics and make your own mind up.


Third whistle blower confirms Obama’s participation in CIA jump room program of early 1980’s

1980s CIA jump room program participants Bernard Mendez (left) and Andrew D. Basiago (right at microphone), with Alfred Lambremont Webre (center) moderating ExoUniversity seminar
Third whistle blower confirms Obama’s participation in CIA jump room program of early 1980’s

By Alfred Lambremont Webre

VANCOUVER, B.C. – A third whistle blower has confirmed that U.S. President Barack H. Obama was a participant in the CIA’s teleportation "jump room" program of the early 1980’s.

Bernard Mendez made this allegation during a seminar held in Vancouver, British Columbia on June 1st under the auspices of the B.C.-based 

During the seminar, Mr. Mendez stated that he, Mr. Obama, former DARPA director Regina E. Dugan, Andrew D. Basiago, and William B. Stillings attended a jump room training class taught by Maj. Ed Dames at College of the Siskiyous in Summer 1980.

Bernard Mendez also stated that he teleported with Mr. Obama and Mr. Basiago in jumps that took place from 1981 to 1983, when Obama and Basiago were college students.

At the time, Mr. Mendez, who once served as a special assistant to President Richard M. Nixon, was investigating the jump room program for the US intelligence community.

On November 8, 2011, 
this reporter was the first to report revelations made by Basiago and Stillings that Obama served with them in the jump room program of the early 1980’s.

The two chrononauts then appeared on late night talk radio’s 
Coast-to-Coast AM with Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, the great-granddaughter of US President Dwight D. Eisenhower, to discuss their involvement in the US secret space program. 

Maj. Dames called the show to deny his involvement in the jump room program.

Then, in January 2012, through 
National Security Council spokesperson Tommy Vietor, Mr. Obama also denied that he was part of the 1980-83 CIA jump room program.  

Mr. Mendez’ statements confirming the existence of the CIA’s jump room program and the roles played by Maj. Dames and Mr. Obama in it directly refute these denials.

Other jump room program participants identified by Mr. Mendez and Mr. Basiago, including Dugan [who is now an executive with Google], as well as a female program participant who is a member of a Presidential family, have neither confirmed nor denied their involvement in the CIA’s jump room program as of this writing.

Asked for comment on Obama’s silence in the face of confirmation of his participation by three jump room participants, Mr. Basiago stated, “President Obama campaigned for president pledging that his administration would be one of transparency.  He must now fulfill that promise and acknowledge that he served with us in the jump room program.”

1980-83 CIA jump room program

During the seminar, Mr. Mendez explained that his mission to evaluate the CIA’s jump room program originated from discrepancies being reported by the jump rooms on the U.S. east and west coasts, respectively. The east coast jump room was located in New York City, the west coast jump room in El Segundo, CA.

According to Mendez, the jump room technology had been transferred from a species of Grey extraterrestrials to the U.S. government. The west coast and east coast jump rooms were reporting up to 40 incidents of participant injuries per month occurring during jump room “teleportation” to unknown environments in space. Yet, several days after each teleportation jump, the reported injuries to participants had disappeared.  

Both the east coast and west coast CIA jump rooms experienced losing power at times when their control room in Ohio was reporting normal operation of both jump rooms.  The speculation was that the source of the jump room technology – Grey extraterrestrials – may have been covertly interfering with the functioning of the jump room teleportation technology, unbeknownst to control room operators in Ohio.

The U.S. government deployed Mr. Mendez, along with an evaluation team that included several prominent U.S. astronauts, to determine the causes of these discrepancies and determine the true destinations of the jump rooms.

Mr. Basiago and Mr. Stillings have confirmed that Mr. Mendez was both one of their fellow chrononauts taking jumps with them and a federal investigator whose primary function was investigating questions like where the jump rooms were going. 

Synthetic Quantum Environments (SQEs)

Upon arriving at the jump room training class at College of the Siskiyous in 1980, Mr. Mendez debriefed Maj. Dames about his intelligence mission to evaluate the program.  

He then began a series of test jumps from the west coast jump room. On one such test jump he recalled teleporting with Mr. Obama and Mr. Basiago to a planetary environment in space that was initially thought might be the Mars they had been trained for.  Mr. Mendez recalls that when he had Mr. Obama shoot a flare at the sky, the flare bounced off a ceiling at about 62-foot in the sky, indicating that the three chrononauts had teleported to an artificial environment or domed enclosure of some kind.  The precise location of that enclosure was uncertain, and may have been either a dome on a celestial body, such as Mars, or a freestanding holographic creation in space.

Mr. Mendez determined after multiple jumps that the destination the jump rooms were reaching was not Mars.  Mars was out of position when most of the jumps took place. Its atmosphere was deficient in oxygen to sustain human life. Gravity on the surface was stronger than Mars’ gravity would have been. The temperature swings on Mars (from -175 F to +225 F) would have made surface visits not survivable. Mars' lack of an ionosphere would have led to the irradiation of the jumpers.

He concluded that the jump rooms were actually taking the program participants to a “synthetic quantum environment” or SQE, a term invented by Mr. Basiago to describe a fold in the time-space continuum in which the Grey extraterrestrials have established an “artificial holographic planetary domain.”

During the seminar, Mr. Basiago stated:

“According to Bernard Mendez, the jump rooms were not visiting Mars but "folds" in time-space created by the Grey extraterrestrials that the Apollo astronauts called “slots.”

“These ‘slots’ or niches in time-space contain synthetic quantum environments in which the Greys have stored event scenarios that have taken place at different times on different planets, including Earth and Mars.” 

The jump room program resulted, Mendez explained, from an ET-human liaison project involving the Greys and the US government, in which the young Americans involved were selected by the Greys and then trained by the CIA. 

“This astonishing revelation means that President Barack Obama is a contactee selected by the Grey extraterrestrials to participate in the secret space program,” Mr. Basiago commented. 

New land in time-space

According to Mr. Mendez, the US government has identified 153 “synthetic quantum environments” constructed by the Greys in the near Earth environment ranging 400 miles from Earth, on the surface of the Earth, and beneath the surface of the Earth.

Because they contained new land that might be territorially acquired, the US government was actively discovering and exploring these SQEs with a view to making them part of the United States.

Mr. Mendez was tasked to negotiate with the Greys as part of his evaluation mission. During the negotiations, the Greys indicated that the system of “synthetic quantum environments” had been built by them for purposes of conditioning and educating humanity to be able to sustain a future role among organized intelligent civilizations in space and in the inter-dimensional multi-verse.

A chrononaut’s contrary view

In a panel discussion sponsored by held on June 2nd that included all three whistle blowers – Mendez, Basiago, and Stillings, Mr. Stillings shared his view that the destination the jump rooms were reaching was, in fact, Mars. 

Mr. Stillings argued that the Martian moons Phobos and Demos could be seen in their proper locations and trajectories in the sky and that jumper Courtney M. Hunt once stated that the Viking 2 apparatus was about 20 miles away from the jump room infrastructure that the jumpers called “the Corkscrew” because of its spiral structure. These clues indicated that the jumpers were on the real Mars and not a simulation. 

NASA cannot be relied on to provide accurate data about Mars, Stillings stated, citing the space agency’s claim that atmospheric pressure on Mars is only eight millibars. Such an atmospheric pressure would not have been sufficient to sustain parachute deployment of the Mars Exploration Rovers Spirit and Opportunity to the surface.

A cosmic-level disclosure event

Mr. Basiago, who has spearheaded efforts to have America’s chrononauts come forward and share their experiences with the public, called Mr. Mendez’ account “a cosmic-level disclosure event.”

For his part, Mr. Basiago thinks that both Mr. Mendez and Mr. Stillings may both hold a key to the truth.  He thinks that since the origins and operation of the jump rooms were unknown, they might have sometimes been taking the jumpers to Mars, but at other times were being diverted by the Greys to synthetic quantum environments where human responses to the threshold of contact with the wider Universe were studied.

Mr. Basiago stated:  

“A third plausible explanation is that the CIA jump rooms, given to the United States by the Grey extraterrestrials, were devices that were sometimes being diverted by the Greys.  Sometimes we were visiting Mars, and other times the jump rooms were teleporting us to the kinds of micro-Universes that Bernard Mendez is describing.”

In support of this explanation, Mr. Basiago cited the fact that Grey observation of US activities in time-space was sometimes noted during time probes using US time travel technologies while he was serving on DARPA’s Project Pegasus as a child in the early 1970’s.  

He also cited the fact that power losses were being recorded during times when the jump rooms were ostensibly functioning normally.  This could be evidence that during operation, the Greys were diverting
the jump rooms from Mars to elsewhere.

Mr. Basiago stated that since NASA has been lying about natural conditions on Mars, determining whether Mendez’ “elsewhere” interpretation of the CIA jump room program or Stillings' “Mars” interpretation is the correct one will hinge on official declassification.

Mr. Basiago observed:

“What we have now is three fellow jump room participants sharing their experiences… We were trained for Mars in Summer 1980 and the domain that we were visiting from 1981 to 1983 was certainly understood to be Mars. What we are grappling with now is Bernard’s claim that as the U.S. government investigator tasked to study the project he discovered that we were not visiting Mars but a… simulation of Mars architected by the Greys in a bubble Universe… That's a highly provocative claim, but since Bernard Mendez and Brett Stillings and I were project participants together, in the interests of truth, I have facilitated all three of us coming forward publicly and sharing our understanding of what we were part of… Even if it was not Mars that we were visiting, all three of us agree that it was an off-planet location in time-space.”

Obama as a time travel pre-identified CIA asset

Whistleblower Bernard Mendez' detailed testimony that Mr. Mendez not only participated in the 1980-83 CIA jump room program with Barack Obama, but engaged Mr. Obama in jump room experiments such as a flare experiment to determine the location the jump room technology was teleporting to, further bolsters emerging evidence that Barack H. Obama was involved at the early age of 19 in a highly classified, top priority U.S. national security project, and went on to be a life-long CIA asset or operative. 

It is logical, then, that the Obama administration would use such a high-level asset as Tommy Vietor, official spokesperson of the National Security Council, to deny, on January 3, 2012, that Mr. Obama was a participant in the 1980s CIA jump room program. 
The CIA jump room program, and its origin with a species of Grey extraterrestrials with whom the U.S. government has had an ongoing secret human-extraterrestrial liaison program, is of the highest national security to the U.S. government.

The CIA and U.S. national security apparatus surrounding U.S. President Barack Obama will do everything in its power during the 2012 election year to suppress evidence that (1) Mr. Obama was part of a secret teleportation jump room program using Grey extraterrestrial technology to reach synthetic quantum environments (SQEs), destinations architected by Grey extraterrestrials.
The CIA apparatus has been suppressing evidence that (2) Mr. Obama has been since 1980 a full time covert CIA operative, deployed to infiltrate, perform surveillance on and report back on community activist, Leftist, African nationalist, and Islamic circles.
The CIA apparatus has been suppressing evidence that (3) Mr. Obama was pre-identified in 1971 via quantum access time travel as a future U.S. President and essentially briefed and groomed for the job by CIA since 1980.

The subject matter of Barack Obama's identity as (1) a life-long CIA operative/asset and (2) pre-identified as a future U.S. President in 1971 by the CIA using DARPA time travel technology will be explored in a Sunday Sept 9, 2012 Forum, entitled: “Who is Barack Obama?: The Time Travel/Teleportation Connection” with Andrew D. Basiago & Alfred Lambremont Webre.



Preview version of Public Seminar: “Third whistleblower publicly confirms CIA jump room program, including Barack Obama’s participation (1980-83)” 



Credit version of Public Seminar: “Third whistleblower publicly confirms CIA jump room program, including Barack Obama’s participation (1980-83)”


Sunday Sept 9, 2012 - Forum, 
“Who is Barack Obama?: The Time Travel/Teleportation Connection” 
with Andrew D. Basiago & Alfred Lambremont Webre

Copyright 2012 - This article is copyrighted by Alfred Lambremont Webre, all rights reserved.  This article may be freely reproduced on other websites, so long as a link to the original article is included in any excerpt.  

URL of this article:

A response to this unsubstantiated claim by Exopolitics will be made later, at present I am in contact with Alfred Lambremont Webre and questioning the validity of this post and his organisation.please do not be fooled into paying for the rest of the video.

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Time Travel Part 2

I promised you more on time travel and here is the second instalment from Chris Schweitzer. Does time travel play an important part in the incursions we see in our skies ? do Extraterrestrials and  UFOs use this as a way to travel between parallel Universes ? Chris is concerned with the matter of Parallel Universes and his unfolding theory that he hopes to prove in time ! 

So the big question are there Parallel Universes beyond our own and if so how many might there be ?

Time Travel Part 2

posted Apr 13, 2012 by ChrisSchweitzer
avatarIn Time Travel Part 1, we learned that at the beginning of the 20th century, time was found to be dependent upon two causes, kinematic effects (motion) and gravitational force. Time does not progress at a fixed rate. Experiments have proven that the faster an object is moving the slower time passes. For an object moving at the speed of light, time actually stops. Why? The faster an object is moving, the greater the mass of that object. Mass is a measure of energy. Conversely, energy is a measure of mass. As the equation E=MC2 tells us, energy and mass are equivalent.
There are two types of energy, potential and kinetic. Here’s a simple example: A rock floating motionless and weightless in space has potential energy and a very low rest mass, its gravitational force is also very low. But, if the rock is moving through space its potential energy becomes kinetic and it’s mass, its measure of energy and thus its gravitational force, increases exponentially.
Albert Einstein gave us a new and more accurate understanding of the nature of time, to a greater degree than ever before. Einstein told us that time and space are woven together into the “fabric of spacetime”. All matter has mass and will bend the fabric of spacetime, this is called time dilation. The bend in spacetime is called “a gravity well”, a gravity well dilates time.
Time is moving at different rates at different places, depending on the force of gravity. Time is moving along faster on the moon than it is on earth because the force of gravity is less on the moon, the moon has less mass than the more massive earth.
In Part 1, there was the example of GPS satellites. Because the satellites are far from earth, the force of gravity is less so, the clocks aboard the satellites are moving at a faster rate. Technicians must compensate for the time difference. But, to complicate it further, the GPS satellites are traveling at thousands of miles per hour. The mass of the satellites is increased because they are moving so fast, so the onboard clocks are moving slower than those here on earth. In other words the clocks onboard the GPS satellites are moving at both a slower and a faster rate. Needless to say, the technicians have a tough job of harmonizing the onboard clocks to match the clocks on earth.
In our universe there are places where time has stopped. These places are called black holes. Black holes are the deepest gravity wells. The force of gravity in a black hole is so strong that even light cannot resist its pull. Black holes bend the fabric of spacetime to such a degree that the fabric of spacetime rips open.
What does all of this have to do with extraterrestrial visitations? Well, how is it possible that some people report UFOs simply disappearing and sometimes reporting a UFO disappearing and then reappearing somewhere else without traveling between?
By using either kinematic or gravitational force a UFO could appear, disappear and reappear somewhere else. How? By dilating time.
Consider this: If you could see an astronaut standing on the edge of a black hole, the astronaut would soon disappear. Not because the astronaut was pulled into the black hole but because the astronaut’s clock is moving at a very slow pace when compared to your clock, due to the gravitational force pulling on him/her. The astronaut has disappeared into the past. You have continued on into the future. If after a few moments of your time has past the astronaut stepped back and away from the black hole the astronaut will reappear. Since the earth and the black hole are moving relative to each other, the astronaut will appear in a different place from where he/she was just a moment earlier. This is not science fiction, it is science fact.
What does all of this have to do with Aliens and UFOs? We have thousands of first hand reports of UFOs suddenly disappearing. That is the "craft" was there one moment and gone the next. The skeptic will say that is impossible. To the contrary, if a UFO has the ability to increase it's mass at will, it can slow down the rate of time passing. In the same way that the astronaut at the edge of a black hole disappears into the past, so will the mass controlling UFO.
Now, how can a UFO or anything else control it's mass? We will learn that in Time Travel Part 3