Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The UFO conspiracy. PART 1. JFK the Assassination

On the internet and via video on many media sites UFOs appear, Alien abductions have been  recorded as testimonies by those who claim to have been abducted; yet the governments of the World boldly refuse to acknowledge the Planet has been under the influence of outside and extraterrestrial forces. The earliest recorded and most talked about UFO sighting was that of Roswell and many other similar vehicles had been seen and others crashed within that vicinity of New Mexico.
   Many Presidents of America have requested information on UFOs and Aliens that have been visiting us and most have been refused access to bodies and craft supposedly recovered over the last seventy or so years. One of the most recent Presidents of America was Bill Clinton who stated categorically that if he should be made aware of  UFOs then he would share this information, unfortunately he was never allowed access to such information.
   One American President John Fitzgerald Kennedy did make such a request and was taken to an Air force base and shown Alien bodies and then went on to make a speech on the secret societies of America and the World and how he felt they were repugnant. JFK despised those who would hide behind these secret societies and use them to mould the World for themselves, consequently it is thought that he was about to reveal the truth behind UFOs and extraterrestrial biological entities that were both present on the Earth and made visits to our Planet.
   It is the time of the Assassination of JFK that became the milestone for the truth on UFOs and the Alien presence to become a closely guarded secret and one that would ultimately lead to a few controlling the Earth and it's people.Was John Fitzgerald Kennedy Assassinated because of this desire to bring the truth to the people.
    Ten days before the assassination of JFK it is known that the President made a formal request for information form the CIA on Aliens and UFOs, under the freedom of information act this information was given.At this time also JFK was preparing a book in which he may have been planning to commit the information of ET into for all to see.It is also common knowledge that the President JFK also wished to have joint cooperation with Russia on space travel and future missions.
   This is the ultimate conspiracy, the assassination of JFK and many have written on this subject, did he die for his beliefs and or because of what he knew or planned to do with the Soviets ? Maybe it was the revelation that he might tell the people about UFOs. Lets have a look at some of the video available.Here first is an analysis made by Bob Harris showing picture angles made at the time.

The unfortunate problem with the analysis is the angle from which Lee Harvey Oswald is claimed to have shot JFK, the shot never came from behind rather he was shot from the side and from the front at an approximate angle of thirty degrees, see the second video.Watch how he falls from the side at first then the second shot which is the only one visible that plainly explodes as it enters the front right temple of JFK, this shot came from a high velocity weapon such as a rifle. The first shot came from something much less powerful such as a handgun and could have been fired by someone in the car at the time.

JFK Assassination Digitally Remastered by suprafly

Several so called tramps were arrested on the grassy knoll close to where the second shot came from, from information available it has been stated in various literature that one of the so called tramps was a high ranking US Airforce Officer who had recently viewed the Alien bodies with JFK., these tramps were later released without charge.
    There is no doubt that given the information available it would appear that all hope of any disclosure died that day with a man of our times JFK would have revealed all and how we live today and travel could have been entirely different to the all Oil consuming nations that we have become. Those who committed this deed thankfully also now lie in their graves however their descendants continue to control this Planet.