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American UFOs and the Big Foot connection

   If you have read my post on Alien species then you will know my feelings about this subject and what is and isn't true. Apart from the greys and perhaps and most likely the most prevalent alien is an Humanoid species, but what of the Big Foot creature itself ? is it just mythical or for real.
   I know of very few who have actually made the distinction and pointed toward a link with Aliens that visit the planet, I for one believe there is a strong connection and have sought to find out what exactly this might be.I have emailed a number of Big Foot investigators and as usual they don't respond or fail to reveal what they know.
   Personally I don't think many of these big foot investigators know anything at all or even if they did are too frightened to say what the connection is.Do they spend sufficient time investigating and analysing their exploits in the woods to come to a conclusion.Not one decent shred of evidence exists to prove the existence of Big Foot/Sasquatch and  if it does no one has come forth with any as yet.
   In making a connection to the Alien and UFO visits to this planet via my Blog I have been contacted via email from what shall be an unknown source. Information within the email gives us an insight into the strange world of Big Foot and Unusual craft seen in the very same areas out in the woods.It is also likely that anyone else who has made the connection has been silenced by threats from a higher source, men in black or other governmental departments and as a consequence few reveal what I am about to give you now.
    Those who have given this information will remain anonymous and it is without their permission that I open this email for all to read, least to say they sent it to me and many others in the hope that it would become available to many.One person in particular claims that they do get hassled on a regular basis due to what they have found and regularly find contacts no longer are available to them, through email or websites are taken down.I leave it to you to make what you will of this, do Big Foot and Aliens connect ? are they here now and living secretly on the planet ? why do the governments of the World hide this from us?
   The author of this email gives us an sight into the problem he has incurred whilst on this epic crusade to investigate Big Foot and the UFO relation. 

Last updated: 11/12/2011

Hello everyone this is the first in a series of emails that I will be sending out in regards to the upcoming Bigfoot (BF)/UFO expedition to be held in central Virginia on the last week of March 2012.  I will be sending out a new email (‘Project Beryllium’ Expedition Email #1, #2, #3 etc) each week.  If you haven’t received the new week’s email by Monday of each week, simply send me an email requesting what email number/s you are missing and I’ll send it/them to you.  If you have trouble contacting me (you might not be able to – read on), try to contact someone else within your group on the email.

I plan on sending out one email per week (if all goes as planned) between now and the commencement date of the March ‘Project Beryllium’ expedition.  All are welcome to attend the expedition, but we are primarily looking for highly skilled technical people that own or have access to electronic gear (night vision cameras and scopes and/or parabolic dishes and audio recording equipment).  We could also use some amateur astronomers/mathematicians on our team as well, more on that subject in later emails.  The expedition is not number dependent; I am planning on going ahead with the expedition whether we have a turnout of 2 or 200 investigators.

I know that some of you have been able to successfully correspond with me via emails, but most of you have not (those irksome “bad guys”)!  The “bad guys” filter and control my emails; “they” decide what emails I receive and which emails I don’t receive.  They determine whether or not the emails that I send off actually reach their final destinations or not.  So please, please, if you write to me and do not hear back from me, know that it is because the “bad guys” didn’t allow your email/s to get through to me.  Please try to contact 1 or 2 individuals within your group to see if they also received the email that reached you, because I do know that the “bad guys” are blocking many of these emails from reaching their destinations.

But you don’t necessarily have to be able to contact me to get involved in this potential movement.  And we don’t necessarily have to have a leader for a movement to be successful.  Just look at the “Tea Party” and the “Occupy Wall Street” movements, both of them have exploded!  Both movements have successfully organized and assembled without a ‘single’ individual figurehead person.  If I can’t receive your emails, send your emails to others!  If each person on the mailing list forwards the ‘Project Beryllium’ emails to 10 other people, and then in turn those 10 people forward the emails to 10 other people, it won’t take long before the word about the “bad guys” gets out all across this nation and even across the world!  Try contacting others that you believe might be interested in this material.  We need to mobilize to fight against this tyranny! 

If you know of others that might be interested in joining our email listing, please contact them and have them send me an email stating that they would like to be added to the email mailing list (I will add their names if and when I receive the request).  If you should desire to be removed from the mailing list, just send me an email ( stating so, and I will remove you from the listing.

My Story - How I arrived at this Current Juncture Today:

Are We (You and I) Biased?
How many of you guys would describe yourselves as being unbiased?  Well, if you answered yes, that you believe that you are unbiased, I would tell you that I would tend to disagree with you.  But you might ask, how I can say that, when I might not even know you?  Well, I believe that most of us are biased, in our world views and in any and all dogma that we hold near and dear to our hearts.  In my opinion, the question really shouldn’t be ‘are we biased’, but rather ‘if our particular biases are the correct or true biases’.  In other words, do the things that make up our belief systems consist of truth, or fallacies?  And maybe more importantly, if undisputable evidence is presented to us, what do we do with that information?  Are we open or close-minded to new information?  Are we willing to change our bias on various view points, if the evidence dictates change, or are we the type that will not change our viewpoints (we are dogmatic) no matter what evidence is presented to us …under the guise and title of being a so-called “skeptic”?  Are you one who is willing to step outside of the proverbial box, or are you one who will die living inside the box (the things that you were taught (from K through college)) of academia land?

Have You ever Heard or Seen?
Do you constantly have to cut up trees that have fallen across paths and 4-wheeler (ATV) trails and have you been wondering why the trees always seem to fall across these trails instead of away from the trails?  Are you curious to know why these trees “fell down” when there weren’t any storms in the area at the time, that that could have brought the trees down?

Do you find other trees that are snapped in half by something other than inclement weather conditions?  Do you find additional trees that are bent over in large arches or hook formations?  Do you find “X” and “Teepee” tree formations back in the woods?  Do you ever find small trees (3 or 4 inches in diameter) that have literally been twisted in half?  Do you find sticks that seem to have been implanted right in the middle of trails, in locations where people rarely venture?  Do you find “bleat” markings on trees from ground level to 10 or 15 feet high on those trees?  Do you find bamboo (if you are near a bamboo grove) that has been snapped in half, 10 or 20 feet off of the ground?  Have you wondered if all of this “trace evidence” might have been produced by the elusive cryptid known as Bigfoot?

Have you ever attempted to make a simple plaster of Paris casting of a recently discovered BF print, on an environmentally perfect day, only to come back a couple of hours later to collect your casting and find that it never set up …that it was still mushy?  And when you attempted to dig it up later, it broke apart into a million pieces?  Plaster of Paris is not rocket science material folks, why didn’t it set up?

Have you ever wondered why you can’t seem to get any Bigfoot pictures on your trail cameras, even though you have baited the area and something has been taking the bait?  Hmmm, why didn’t the creature that took the bait show up on the trail camera?  I wonder why?

Do you know of any BF researchers that have attempted to record possible BF vocals, only to review the audio clip later and find that the vocals on the actual recording seemed muffled or were completely muted out on the clip, even though your heard the vocals as clear as day with your own ears or with a headset while recording?  Your voice on the recording might have come in loud and clear, but the supposed background BF vocals were nowhere to be found.

Have you ever been trying to record possible BF vocals and all of sudden you heard extremely loud bug chatter sounds right in front of your recording device?

Have you ever been trying to record possible BF vocals and all of sudden you heard highway (cars, trucks and/or motorcycles) sounds right in front of your recording device?  Not knowing where those sounds came from?  Did these sounds become quieter and then louder, as if the so-called highway didn’t have a fixed position?

Have you ever experienced completely blank recordings on your digital recorder, even though you know that the record button was turned on and lit, while attempting to record some sounds?  Have you ever heard digital distortions or popping sounds (pop, pop, pop) on your recordings, for no apparent reason when you were in BF country?  Have you ever experienced digitally distorted, corrupted or blank files?  Have you ever tried to open up one of your files only to get an error message stating something like: cannot read that file format, or unrecognized file format?  If not, buy a parabolic dish and a digital recorder (hint, hint) and start recording sounds in bigfoot country at nighttime – you will get harassed in due time!

Have you ever experienced unknown battery drains on your electronic equipment, especially on your digital recorders, even during environmentally perfect warm summer nights?  Batteries that normally would last for hours, are dying in your equipment after only 10 or 15 minutes?  And when you replace those drained batteries with fresh batteries the replacement batteries also die 10 or 15 minutes later again?

Did you know, that most (if not all) BF hotspots also double as UFO hotspots?

Have you ever parked your vehicle in one of these BF/UFO hotspots and then discovered when you tried to start it back up that it wouldn’t start?  Has your vehicle’s headlights turned off for no apparent reason while driving?  Has your vehicle ever stalled out while you were driving through one of these hotspots?  Has the vehicle’s interior light ever come on for no apparent reason and then wouldn’t shut off, while driving through one of these hotspots?  Have you repeatedly taken your vehicle to reputable auto mechanics, only to be told after diagnosing the vehicle, that they couldn’t find anything wrong?

Do you often see unusually acting craft flying over the skies of your BF hotspot areas, which are often located way out in the boonies?  Why are so many “airplanes” flying around at 3 am in the morning in no-man’s land?

Have you ever noticed craft with jet engine sounds (real or otherwise) flying directly over your stakeout areas, making tons of noise which has the affect of drowning out the supposed BF vocals that you are in the process of trying to record?

Have you ever heard loud and fast jet engine sounds that are coming from a plane that is travelling near or directly over you at low altitudes and at speeds no more than 50 mph?  Maybe something was wrong with their engine, ha, ha?

Do you see craft from time to time, that seem to have very unusual landing lights (headlights) that have the ability to rotate and blink and change intensities (conventional craft don’t come equipped with all of these neat features) from super intense (what I call “Ball Lightning” mode) to barely visible intensity?

Do these same craft seem to be flying in the fields and just over the tree lines, travelling at extremely slow speeds, in all different directions, as if they were searching for something?  Do you often see these craft silently moving across the sky, then hover in place, followed by a change of direction before flying off?

Have you ever seen a couple of these crafts sitting motionless in the sky, performing what appears to be light data transfers (at 186,000 miles per second)  between each other, via their blinking landing lights?

Have you noticed that often times when these craft are moving just above the tree line with their landing lights blazing away (“Ball Lightning” mode), that they dim or shut off their landing lights and turn their red and blue/green anti-collision lights on (what I call “Airplane” others call “Blinkie” mode) and fly away, as soon as you stare at them or especially when you point a camera at them?

Have you even seen these same craft drop down from the sky like a rock or shoot into the area like a blue falling star, just before they begin their search patrols?  Do you notice that within these BF hotspots that night after night after night you see these blue shooting stars (pseudo stars) darting through the skies, many times in ways or directions that go against the “known” laws of natural physics?

Have you ever gotten into your vehicle and drove on the back country roads around these craft at speeds of between 25 and 45 miles per hour, and discovered that you had circled around the craft and it was still in virtually the same place in the middle of the woods?  In other words the craft was moving much slower than the 25 to 45 miles per speed that you were traveling and yet it didn’t fall from the sky!

Have you ever seen these same craft (8-15 foot long triangular, manta ray-like or diamond shaped (manned/unmanned?)), that I refer to as “Dragonflies”, seemingly pivot in place, while hovering in the skies?

Have you ever put a telescope on one of these Dragonfly crafts, while it was in “airplane mode” (hint, hint), and were shocked to discover what appeared before your eyes?

Have you ever seen these craft seemingly hovering or slowly flying over some high voltage power lines, seemingly skimming the voltage right out of the lines?

Have you ever seen, or recorded on videos a boomerang-like craft or a B2 Stealth Bomber (like I have - I call them “Patrol Planes”) silently hovering or flying slowly over the tree line in these BF hotspots areas?
Do you believe (like I do) that there are a lot more than 20 of these B2 Stealth Bomber planes currently in operation?

Have you ever seen (like I have) red or white lights (like flashlights) floating around in the forest as if disassociated with everything else around them?

Have you ever seen (like I have) basketball to beach ball size yellow/orange or green plasma-like fire balls tumble down from the sky and then extinguish just before making contact with ground?

Have you ever been in the midst of a stake out in BF country and noticed that the sky in front of you was getting brighter and brighter as if the sky was somehow being artificially illuminated?  Have you also noticed this artificially illuminated sky begin to move?  I wonder if it was moving as the BF creatures were moving (hint, hint)?

Have you noticed from time to time, especially within these artificially illuminated skies, that there will be occasional white light flashes, even though there are no thunderstorms anywhere in the area?  Hmmm, could these white light flashes have anything to do with controlling the movement of the BF creatures?  Hmmm, could the artificially lit skies be used to help drown out the white light flashes (hint, hint)?

Have you ever seen (like I have) pulse jet con trails over the skies of BF country?

Have you ever seen craft ejecting chem. trails across the skies that soon encompass the entire area in a milky fog?

Have you ever seen, videotaped or walked through (like I have) large areas of forest at night that take on a plasma-like milky white or milky pink/orange hue color?  Have you ever walked through one of these ionized fogs (like I have) and felt as though you were in the middle of the “Twilight Zone”?

Have you ever seen a star (especially as the star approaches or retreats from the horizon) up in the sky that appears to be pseudo or false star, because of its enormous size, brightness, multiple colors and wobble?

Have you noticed (like I have) from time to time, that some of your emails concerning subjects like, oh I don’t know, maybe conspiracies, UFOs, Bigfoot and other topics mentioned directly above, don’t reach the intended recipients?  Have your phone calls occasionally been cutoff as well, when discussing the aforementioned material?  If you are a Conspiracy, UFO or Bigfoot researcher, have you experienced “unexpected” problems (like it no longer works!) with your website YouTube account or home computer?

If your answer is yes to any or many of the above questions than please continue to read on!

A Little bit about My Background:
I’m semi-retired from a career in Electronics.  Subsequent to that I was a professional Horticulturist for several years, specializing in growing and selling subtropical plants for temperate climates.  I have been a codefinder/codebreaker for most of my adult life.  I am an amateur meteorologist, geologist and gemstone collector.  And I have been seriously dabbling in Cryptozoology and Ufology for the last several years.  I live in Spotsylvania County, near Fredericksburg, in central Virginia.

Four Years and Thousands of Hours of Bigfoot Hunting:
My claim to fame (unless proven otherwise) is that I have put in more Bigfoot (BF) investigating hours than any other BF investigator, even though I did it all over a 4-year period of time.  You might be asking how in the world that I could claim more BF hunting hours than anyone else, if I had only been doing this stuff for only 4 years?  Well, I am semi-retired and have spent an enormous amount of time (I also keep a detailed journal in a Word document of my hours and adventures) out in the field during this period, especially over the last two years.  And I basically dedicated the last year of my life (the 4th year) exclusively to this work, averaging somewhere in the neighborhood of 8 hours per night on about 250 nights of that 356 day year!  So in effect, I have done all of my work in 4 years vice the 20 or 30 or more years that others have done it in.

Have I been able to See any of the BF Creatures and What have I Learned?
I actually managed to see 5 of the creatures over the 4-year period of time and I viewed all but one of the creatures during daytime hours.  I have learned how to walk through the forests over a 5-county area around my home and find the BF trace evidence (tree formations, downed trees, bleat markings and prints).   I would follow this trace evidence to areas that were jam-packed full of trace evidence.  I refer to these areas as ‘true’ “Bigfoot hotspots”.  These BF hotspots usually encompass about a 5 to 10 acre area of real estate.  I liken these hotspots to BF playgrounds, because the creatures seem to visit these hotspots several times a week, if not nightly, for most of the year, climbing, hanging and swinging from trees and knocking many of them down. I currently know the locations of 6 of these BF hotspots.  Next, I would arrive at these hotspots before sundown, and complete all night stakeouts, hidden within these hotspots, until the creatures would arrive for me to collect audio recordings of their vocals. 

Is there More than What Meets the Eye or Ear?
I made a lot of mistakes in the early months and years of those 4 years, trying to discover these BF hotspots and trying to figure out how and when the creatures visited them.  But I was constantly learning things during this process as well.  As a result of these observations, I noticed some strange things that were beginning to happen to me that weren’t BF related.  I was beginning to see and hear things that didn’t quite make sense!  I began to see lights and phenomenon in the skies and I began to hear sounds through my headset that weren’t from the creatures!   Being the logical, analytical type of guy that I am (ha, ha – I don’t know if that is a good or bad thing), I tried to figure out and rationally reason through and process the things that I was hearing and seeing within these BF hotspots.  But I couldn't do it ...I just couldn't reason this stuff out, through the use of conventional knowledge and wisdom! 

Well, this continued to unfold night after night, while I was recording with my video and audio gear.  But I wasn't just collecting audio clips of the creatures; I was also collecting audio and video clips of the alien technology crafts that were flying over the skies above the creatures!  And I was picking up tons of audio clips that were being beamed down from invisible craft (the Low Frequency Hum (LFH) UFO) that was right above my head.  I managed to capture many LFH UFO audio clip recordings during these days.  I can and hope to prove to you, all of my claims in time, in future emails!  But, I just wanted to whet your appetite at this time.

Why do I call these Craft UFOs and What is Their Mission?
What are the UFOs?  Are they alien crafts with little green men in them?  I am not prepared to say that, nor does one even have to necessarily believe in the existence of aliens to call these craft UFOs.  When I call the craft UFOs, I am simply using the traditional definition - “Unidentified Flying Objects”.  In other words, conventional or unconventional craft performing unconventional (anti-gravity and light and sound cloaking abilities, etc) maneuvers.  We’ll talk a lot more about this alien-like technology in future emails. 

One of the most common UFO crafts that I typically see out in the woods is a small 8-15 foot long triangular to diamond shaped craft that I refer to as “Dragonflies”.  They also fly over these BF areas with the B2 Stealth Bombers which I call the “Patrol Planes”.  One time I even saw the nuclear powered TR-3B.  Black unmarked helicopters fly over these regions in the daytime and at night.  I also see a lot of Cessna aircraft over these regions during the daytime that I refer to as “spy planes”.  These Cessna planes might also be equipment with nonconventional technical abilities, and I have seen them fly in the nighttime skies as well.  I hope to talk more about all of these craft and what I have seen and/or videotaped them doing over these BF hotspot areas in future emails.

Who Are the “Bad Guys” and What is Their Mission?
I would have continued doing BF research even today (beyond the 4 years) and wouldn’t have come forward, had I not been stopped dead in my tracks by what I refer to as the "bad guys".  Some might call “them” the Illuminati.  Others might call them the “Men in Black” (MIB).  Some might state that they are an Underground Government/s (government within a government/s) or an Underground Military controlled by an Underground Government/s.  Others might claim that they consist of high level (33rd degree or higher) Secret Society members.  Others might call them “Big Brother”, or that are they combination of many of the above entities? Who am I to say who they are, it has been hard enough over this time period, for me to be able to attempt to demonstrate and prove that “they” exist, and what some of “their” intentions are.  But in any event, I will refer to this organization within these emails as the “bad guys”.   Now I’m convinced that an underground organization like this, with seemingly limitless funds, resources and networking, is dabbling in a lot more things, than just preventing the scientific community and the general populous from discovering the truth about Bigfoot, but dabbling in BF squelching (squelching not squatching, ha, ha) they are!

Is there a BF/UFO Connection?
Now I began to prove (not speculate - prove) that this LFH UFO was beaming down bug chatter or highway sound audio clips in front of me while I was out in the middle of the woods trying to capture BF recordings, as a means of drowning out the BF vocals.  So I started to play little mind games with “these guys” on my recordings ...telling "them" that I knew what “they” were doing, that “they” were drowning out my BF vocals with “their” audio clips, and this only made "them" more mad and more determined!  So "they" began to distort my files (I have a ton of files, that when one tries to play them it states 'cannot read that file format' or unrecognizable format etc).  Other files have digital popping-like sounds, or they would completely blank out my entire recording, even though the record button was still lit while recording.  Other times "they" turned down my digital recorder’s input level, or shut off the record button on my recorder and even powered off my recorder!  And they did all of “their” electronic wizardry remotely from crafts in the sky!  Please visit “” website for additional information on the Bigfoot/UFO correlation.

It was becoming so frustrating out in the field for me that one night I told the "bad guys" that if "they" continued “their” antics that I would go forward with all of my evidence and with my story, and that I would organize a bunch of guys out in the BF “hotspots”, who were all equipped with parabolic dishes and recorders.  I told “them” that I would simultaneously and strategically place the team all around these hotspots, which I had spent so much time in.  Well, the “bad guys” totally left me alone for 2 or 3 days, but then, little by little “they” began to harass and frustrate me again.  It got worse and worse until I was basically just spinning my wheels out the woods!  It’s one thing to spend hours upon hours out in the woods in the cold, without family or sleep, but it’s quite another thing to continue to do it without being able to obtain any results!  I would go home with what I thought would be good Bigfoot vocals only to find that nothing was on the file, or that the vocals were so faint as to be almost non-existent!  I had a lot of recordings where you could hear me talking, but you couldn't hear anything at all in the background ...they totally wiped out the background BF vocals! 

And then it got even worse ...they started to drain my batteries!  My digital recorder batteries, which normally lasted about 4 to 6 hours (if batteries were fresh and there was decent environmental conditions) now only lasted 10 or 15 minutes.  After my batteries would go dead, I would replace them with fresh batteries, but once again they would drain in about 10 to 15 minutes!  On those nights that “they” drained my batteries, I would feel a tingling sensation (like early stages of frostbite) on the extremities of my fingers and face, and when I got home and looked in the mirror, I would discover that my face had broken out into a rash!  Whatever chemicals they were beaming down at me to drain my batteries was also affecting my skin!  My wife is my witness.  I have olive skin that easily tans without burning, but since those days of the "bad guys" draining my batteries, I am now somewhat allergic to the sun!

I’m Sirius Folks - Pseudo Stars!
The brightest star within the nighttime sky is a star called Sirius, which stays near the horizon and is part of the Canis Major (the greater dog) constellation.   Sirius is somewhat orientated to Orion’s belt (do you remember the movie “Men in Black”?).  Why do I call some stars pseudo stars?  I believe that I know that they aren't stars, but are UFOs superimposed in front of stars and are locked into the true star’s orbital position as viewed from the ground below.  Let me give you 5 points to support my position.  First off, these pseudo stars wobble (stars don't wobble), secondly they change colors from yellow, to orange, with flashes of red and green (stars do not consist of 4 or 5 colors).  Thirdly, they get brighter instead of dimmer as they rise or set along the horizon (stars don’t break the rules of star illumination near the horizon).  Stars are not normally visible when they are near the horizon due to the extra brightness of the sun's light wrapping around the earth near the horizon.  And fifthly, I am not able to take videos of any stars (only planets), including the brightest star (Sirius) in the nighttime sky, with my Sony limited IR night vision camcorder  ...they simply aren't bright enough for my camera optics to film them.   But yet, I can take videos of these pseudo stars with no problem (hint, hint). Does any of this make sense folks?  Do some testing for yourselves, the next time that you see a “star” that just doesn’t look right!

Invisible What?
One night, after completing an all-nighter, I was in the process of recording an audio file while reaching for my parabolic dish which was mounted on a tripod.  I had to lift the tripod and dish up over a bush to bring it to me and in the process of lifting it while sitting in my chair, I struck (with the dish and tripod) what felt like a brick wall in the sky about 8 or 10 feet above my head, and I simultaneously heard a definite ‘smack’ sound!  I looked up in the sky above me and all that I could view were the starry skies in the heavenlies!  So I either hit some invisible ancillary audio equipment hanging down from an invisible UFO or else I actually smacked right into an invisible UFO!  When I got back to my house to review the audio clip, I discovered that there was a definite ‘smack’ sound at the 13 second mark of that audio clip!

The Can, Can:
So anyway, in one last desperate attempt to beat the "bad guys" (I really didn't want to stop my BF/UFO investigating), I built myself a make-shift and somewhat crude RFI enclosure (metal box within a metal box) to house my digital recorder and hopefully provide some means of shielding from "their" remote, digital signaling invasions.  But "they" attacked me even more, constantly shutting off my recorder!  “They” bombarded my recorder with “their” signalling magic - laughing at my attempts at defeating “them”!  So much so, that I decided to call it quits that night more bigfoot hunting!!!  I would no longer waste my time spinning my wheels!

Four Years are Past and the Fifth Year is Here:
Next, I decided to keep my promise, and go forward with my BF/UFO story and audio and video clip evidence!  I started a YouTube account (thekingdomkeys1) and it (what's left of it) is still on the Internet, if you want to check it out.  I started to upload some of my files to my account and the "bad guys" (other YouTube’rs referred to these guys as “trolls”) gave me fits!  They deleted my files, they corrupted my files, “they” changed my write-ups in my subject lines and description fields of my files.  They especially hated a lot of my BF vocals, where I claim that the creatures were imitating the sounds of other animals in the forest – (hint, hint) what does that tell you folks?  I spent quite a bit of time on my YouTube account, but it was always 1 step forward and 2 backwards!  So I eventually gave up on YouTube!  By and large, I did discover that those that posted videos of UFOs on YouTube and referred to the occupants of these crafts as visitors from Mars, Venus or the Orion Nebula were left alone.  But if a person (like me) stated that these UFOs were occupied and/or controlled by the “bad guys” to squelch the discovery of Bigfoot, those YouTube’rs had big time problems!

Emails and Phone Calls to BF and UFO Organizations and TV Shows:
I will try to leave out individual and organizational names below, for my intent is not to bring discord (the “bad guys” love it when we fight against each other) but unity to the UFO and BF communities.  After all, we might vary on our methodology by using different techniques, tactics and strategies, but we are supposedly after the same goal – the truth behind what is going on out there!  My desire is for all of us to jointly share the knowledge that we have individually acquired, in a united effort, to expose those that have been hindering us. Bigfoot and UFO organizations have been for the most part just spinning their wheels over the years, and I believe that it’s high time that we begin to move our (joint) agenda forward.  We have to begin changing the way we operate with each other!  United we will stand, divided we will fall – which will it be folks? 

So anyway, getting back to my story, my next strategy was to call and write to tons and tons of so-called BF and UFO experts (the ‘Big Wigs’ and such) to try to get help from them, but they, for the most part, all laughed me to scorn!  None of them were willing to visit me or come out on investigations with me, or even spend a day with me watching and listening to my hundreds of audio and video clips.  I also wrote to actual UFO and BF TV shows on the History, Discovery, Scifi and Animal Planet networks, but none of them showed much interest either.

So I decided to go forward with my story to BF forums.  I spent months (especially on one particular forum) telling my story, answering their questions and pleading for help.  But again no help was ever offered.  From there, I contacted a well known BF researcher and I was actually on his weekly radio show for about 2 months, hoping to get out my story out, but it never happened …we always seemed to talk about general meaningless stuff.  Next per my invitation, he and his team decided to visit me.  We made an agreement that he and his team would be under my command (for the first night), and that it would basically be an observation and listening night.

We were all supposed to set up out there before it got dark ...before the creatures would be in the area and in their elements, so that they couldn't hear us before we heard them.  But instead the team didn’t get out there until well after sunset, making quite a bit of noise and most of the rest of them were falling asleep.  Only a few of them stayed out there for any length of time, and those remaining few left at midnight. During the time they were out there, one of his team members was beating on a pine tree (BF creatures don't do woodknockings on pine trees!) with a log (another violation of our agreement!).  Another one of his team members told me that he was walking around out in the woods in front of me during that observation night (another violation of our agreement!).  So needless to say, it was a pretty eventless night.  If bigfoot was out there that night, I content that everybody scared them off and that the creatures were listening to and watching us from a distance, rather than vice a versa.  And if they weren't out there at that time, but came later, we would have never known it, since the few that stayed out there called it quits at a little past midnight.  This team states that they typically do their investigations from 11 pm to 2 am because that is basically the only time that the creatures are out.  But I am here to tell you folks that that simply isn't true!  So much for the help even when you supposedly get it!  But nonetheless, they did at least take the time to drive out and visit me and I did appreciate that.

Past and Present Harassment from the “Bad Guys”:
Since 1999 (I’m a codefinder and I dug up some dirt on the “bad guys” back then), but especially over these past 5 years, the "bad guys" repeatedly gave me computer viruses in spite of my passworded router and any and all of my firewalls and antivirus programs.  “They” tunneled right through my router and constantly shut off and/or disabled my antivirus programs and I have had to completely rebuild my computer hard drive on average of once or twice a year since 1999!  Several years ago, a few years before I was scheduled to retire, "they" successfully temporarily completed some identify fraud on me, by stealing my social security number.  I tried to claim my number at my local SS office and I was told that there was no record of that number being my social security number and that the number belonged to someone else!  I asked them who it belonged to and they told me that they couldn't reveal that information to me.  It took me 2 or 3 years of fighting to finally get my SSN identification back!  At one point in time, the “bad guys” got access to my credit card and made charges on it from more than one State and also from Canada!  Needless to say, I had to get a new credit card.

"They" drive their cars through my front yard, peeling “their” tires in the middle of the night!  “They” sliced my garden hoses and knocked out a spindle rail in my deck railing while I was out of town.  "They" loosened the hardware on my backyard 6-foot tall gate just enough to get in and out of my yard from the backwoods, with the gate appearing to still be locked!  “They” read my email and choose which emails I can send and receive to which people.  “They” turned the volume up and down on my cable TV, while TV watching and even remotely changed the TV channels while watching a TV show!  “They” have opened and closed my automatic garage door opener (it is a new opener (not those old 8-bit designs with dip switches) with a single frequency, sophisticated coded algorithm, using a rolling code transmitter, random number generator design) whenever “they” see fit. “They” stole my owner’s manual from my truck and my titles from the glove compartments of my truck and my car.  And most recently, “they” attempted to kill me by running my truck off the road on the Interstate while I was travelling at 70 mph!  My truck was totaled but I survived!  Organizations don't try to hassle and/or eliminate someone for being delusional, “they” do it because “they” know that someone (me) is discovering the truth!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The UFO conspiracy. PART 1. JFK the Assassination

On the internet and via video on many media sites UFOs appear, Alien abductions have been  recorded as testimonies by those who claim to have been abducted; yet the governments of the World boldly refuse to acknowledge the Planet has been under the influence of outside and extraterrestrial forces. The earliest recorded and most talked about UFO sighting was that of Roswell and many other similar vehicles had been seen and others crashed within that vicinity of New Mexico.
   Many Presidents of America have requested information on UFOs and Aliens that have been visiting us and most have been refused access to bodies and craft supposedly recovered over the last seventy or so years. One of the most recent Presidents of America was Bill Clinton who stated categorically that if he should be made aware of  UFOs then he would share this information, unfortunately he was never allowed access to such information.
   One American President John Fitzgerald Kennedy did make such a request and was taken to an Air force base and shown Alien bodies and then went on to make a speech on the secret societies of America and the World and how he felt they were repugnant. JFK despised those who would hide behind these secret societies and use them to mould the World for themselves, consequently it is thought that he was about to reveal the truth behind UFOs and extraterrestrial biological entities that were both present on the Earth and made visits to our Planet.
   It is the time of the Assassination of JFK that became the milestone for the truth on UFOs and the Alien presence to become a closely guarded secret and one that would ultimately lead to a few controlling the Earth and it's people.Was John Fitzgerald Kennedy Assassinated because of this desire to bring the truth to the people.
    Ten days before the assassination of JFK it is known that the President made a formal request for information form the CIA on Aliens and UFOs, under the freedom of information act this information was given.At this time also JFK was preparing a book in which he may have been planning to commit the information of ET into for all to see.It is also common knowledge that the President JFK also wished to have joint cooperation with Russia on space travel and future missions.
   This is the ultimate conspiracy, the assassination of JFK and many have written on this subject, did he die for his beliefs and or because of what he knew or planned to do with the Soviets ? Maybe it was the revelation that he might tell the people about UFOs. Lets have a look at some of the video available.Here first is an analysis made by Bob Harris showing picture angles made at the time.

The unfortunate problem with the analysis is the angle from which Lee Harvey Oswald is claimed to have shot JFK, the shot never came from behind rather he was shot from the side and from the front at an approximate angle of thirty degrees, see the second video.Watch how he falls from the side at first then the second shot which is the only one visible that plainly explodes as it enters the front right temple of JFK, this shot came from a high velocity weapon such as a rifle. The first shot came from something much less powerful such as a handgun and could have been fired by someone in the car at the time.

JFK Assassination Digitally Remastered by suprafly

Several so called tramps were arrested on the grassy knoll close to where the second shot came from, from information available it has been stated in various literature that one of the so called tramps was a high ranking US Airforce Officer who had recently viewed the Alien bodies with JFK., these tramps were later released without charge.
    There is no doubt that given the information available it would appear that all hope of any disclosure died that day with a man of our times JFK would have revealed all and how we live today and travel could have been entirely different to the all Oil consuming nations that we have become. Those who committed this deed thankfully also now lie in their graves however their descendants continue to control this Planet.