Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Parallel Universes an introduction

It is with great anticipation that I bring you the first part of Chris Schweitzers Parallel Realities, this has been on my other website ufoworldcentral and since there is only a token translator on that site I have decided with Chris's permission that I would place it here for all to read.
   So what is Parallel Realities, it is all about alternative universes, yes, parallel Universes  to be correct. Have you ever considered that UFO incursion and sightings of them appearing and quickly disappearing could be something to do with them coming from another universe altogether.
   Chris has some interesting ideas that he has been working on and could be of interest to anyone who really wants to know about UFOs and Aliens visiting our planet. Chris is by the way an `Quantum Physics Researcher` and he also has written posts on my website ufoworldcentral on time travel.

Chris Schweitzers introduction to Parallel Realities.Part1

Is it plausible that our reality, our universe is the only one that exists? Because we do not see anything “out there”, other than our own cosmos, the response, “Ours is the only reality” remains valid and credible. Discoveries of modern science now point to another possibility; there may be other realities, parallel realities. Could there really be universes that we cannot see? Could there be parallel realities? When I say parallel realities I am also saying parallel universes. Parallel realities and parallel universes are, after all, the same thing. 
The idea of other parallel universes or parallel realities sounds like science fiction and fantasy but they are the subject of serious scientific investigation. 
The origin of the physical laws of nature and the source of the fundamental forces requires the concept of other parallel universes. 
A large number of theoretical physicists and cosmologists are convinced that there are billions or even an infinite number of other universes. A recent survey showed that more than half of the physicists polled stated that, “Other universes, other realities do exist.” Who are some of these physicists? The list of names would be too long to fit in space of this Topic but, here is the short list: Stephen W. Hawking: University of Cambridge, Max Tegmark: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Alan Guth: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Michio Kaku: City University of New York, Burt Ovrut: University of Pennsylvania, Paul Steinhardt: Princeton University, Michael Duff: University of Michigan, Lisa Randall: Harvard University, Neil Turok: Cambridge University, Brian Greene: Columbia University, Fred Alan Wolf: San Diego State University. 
So, what is a parallel reality? It is a region of space and time containing matter, galaxies, stars, planets and living beings. In other words, a parallel reality is similar and possibly even a near duplicate of our own universe. Not only in a parallel reality must there be other human beings, but these may be human beings who are near duplicates of ourselves and who are connected to ourselves through mechanisms explainable only by using the concepts of quantum physics-the physics that govern the behavior of atomic and subatomic matter. Parallel duplication of what already exists is an important feature of parallel universes according to the way some physicists view them. Accordingly, there are parallel yous and mes somehow existing in the same space and time that we live in but normally not seen or sensed by us. In these universes, choices and decisions are being made at the very instant you are choosing and deciding. Only the outcomes are different, leading to different but similar worlds. 
In part-2 we will find where these other parallel realities are located and learn how modern science knows they exist.