Monday, 14 May 2012

Dragos and other species Part 4

Dragos, yes you heard they are supposed to be some highly intelligent species of Alien that control much of the US Military Black Projects.Large reptilian like and winged that stand as much as eight to twelve feet tall, they have no time for humans although they are claimed to work with scientists beneath the ground in secret bases on all manner of tasks such as UFO craft building, hybridisation and the creation of an alternative species to replace humans.
  They have a temper and lo and behold anyone that crosses them as they are hell bent on carrying out their tasks without interference from any entity other than their own.Superior species above and beyond all others and like other species arrived here in large craft and apparently direct governments around the World.
  I am open minded and can understand where all this comes from , you see as a child I read plenty of MARVEL Comics, Superman, Batman and Robin, Green lantern, the Hulk and the Fantastic Four as well as Captain America. Just what have these people been reading or smoking !
  Look it's as plain as the nose on your face that if you believe major bullshit like this then you belong with the fairies at the bottom of my garden.Like much of what is on You Tube about Aliens and UFOs it is pure fantasy, this stuff is marketable and if you don't believe me that take a look at Roswell ! Alieninn and all manner of stuff you can take home with you after a visit to the most remarkable place on Earth for a keepsake.
  Now don't get me wrong I do believe that there is something that happened at Roswell and it wasn't an air balloon either, you know if you follow this Blog that I have already wrote about the subject and investigated it through the reading of the MAJESTIC FILES and other background checks.
   The internet is full of crap about Aliens and UFOs and much of it is put there to mislead us and if you believe it then you need to stop smoking the weed ! put away the tablets and cleanse your brain. Here on this Blog and on my Website we believe in finding out the truth. Chupacabras and other so called Alien species are just mythical, created by clever people who are non believers and just want to kid you and me.It is likely that so called captured chupacabras are just another poor indigenous species that is getting the crap beat out of it because it looks unreal.
  Get real and get with us, stop believing what all these manic idiots are showing us and telling us is real, when you know deep in your hearts it isn't.