Saturday, 12 May 2012

Aliens as a Species Part 3 Reptilians

   More than any other species of Alien, these have to be one of the most daunting of them all, the reptilian . Rumoured to be on the planet perhaps living in underground bases and working alongside scientists and the military,especially in the USA and the UK. Everything from the construction of UFOs to mind control and hybridisation programs have been claimed by the investigating UFO fraternity.
Fiercely strong and silent apparently in charge of various programs around the world and claimed to be the ultimate controllers of our destiny and perhaps have been in control of our world for quite some time now.The Reptilian stands at least seven feet tall and is immensely powerful both in strength and stature,they reputedly hold  little regard for anything but themselves and consider the human race an inferior species.
  If you would believe some people, these reptilians are in control of the world and even are some of our most prominent politicians with a long list of who is and who isn't.Without doubt any species could become an intelligent and superior species given the luck of chance, just because humans here are in charge of our world doesn't mean other creatures couldn't become leaders of their worlds.
   So lets look at the reptilian and consider how would they go about creating and building craft that are capable of crossing the star system and travel immense distances, how would they do it ? Large claw like hands with extremely long nails or claws are not adept at building and manipulative skills would be poor. Strength alone isn't going to build you a craft capable of crossing the galaxies. 
  Communication has to be a strong point, so if their physical make up is similar to that of reptiles here on earth, they would not have the ability to talk to one another, so telepathy would have to be strong or else nothing would get done.Why then given that they consider themselves superior to us do they hide beneath the earth itself ? surely something that was as arrogant as this would not care about secrecy and would go about enslaving the human race to create whatever for it.
    Do they exist ? personally I say no, the very idea of a reptilian species becoming overly intelligent and holding our governments to ransom with advanced technically driven craft and other technologies is far fetched, I don't believe that they exist and neither should you. Remember anyone who writes books on such things will tell you what you wish to hear with the sole intent of fooling you into buying their manifest of lies.